Bring bown Supergirl

by hairyballs
Storyline New U Salon
Characters Clark Kent Wonder Woman Supergirl
Category M/F M/M Masturbation Bimboization Body Modification Bondage Nudism Incest
Previous Chapter Steve is now a bad ass biker

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Di loved the way Steve’s tight leather pants moulded themselves to his hard –muscled glutes and massive thighs.  They sat on his pelvic bones and were stretched almost to bursting by his gigantic 20” cock and matching balls.  A wide studded belt with a silver death’s head buckle decorated the waistband of the jeans.  His furry hard-ridged eight-pack and dramatically V-shaped back rose out of the belt, and a heavy gold safety-pin pierced his belly-button, giving her lustful shivers.  He wore a black leather vest, open displaying his massive blond hairy chest and pierced brown nipples.  “Move it, cunt! We haven’t got all fucking day!” he snarled, jerking his thumb at the pillion behind him.  With a giggle Di rolled her leather skirt up to her waist, and sat bare-assed on the cushion, threw her arms around Steve’s torso, burying her face in his waist-long mane of blond locks, clutching at his naked chest (and tweaking his tits into hard nubs) and twining her long-nailed fingers into the jungle of hair blanketting his abs. As schrunched her creamy ass into the soft leather of the pillion of the chrome-plated Harley, she squeezed her hands under his belt and began to unzip his fly. Digging into the opening, she pulled out the mammoth log of flesh concealed inside, then delved deeper and  popped out his grape-fruit-like nuts as well.

“Where we going, Stevie?  Can’t we fuck first?” she whimpered tickling his hairy scrotum and pulling gently on the four gold rings that pierced it.

“Christ! Ya sure are one stoopid cunt aren’t ya?  I tol’ ya, first we bring down Supercunt to our level, then we can both fuck her! ‘Sides I bin fuckin’ ya silly for the last hour, or mebbe ya don’t remember! Don't fergit that real sensitive spot under the ballsack, and o'course the tip wants some attention too, Oh God, that's it, fuck ya sure know how ta turn me on babe!”

“Oh ya, I ‘member now, but why Stevie, why are we after that boring bitch?  She always acts so fucking superior, and uses such big words, she’s no fun!” she complained, wrapping both hands around his rapidly hardening cock and peeling back his foreskin.  “Yer dick wants ta fuck, why can’t we?  See it's drooling pre-cum already," as she flicked her nails over the his Prince Albert.

“Listen, ya dumb fuck! When Dee Dee is finished with Supercunt (Fuck, Yesss that's iiit!) yer gonna’ love her and she’s gonna love keepin’ ya happy too.” Steve stomped on the starter and the bike took off.  Di gripped his tool harder, pulled her titanic tits close against Steve’s broad leather-covered back and started to jerk him off as they rode.  “Holy fuck, that feels good babe,” he moaned, “nice and slow now ‘cuz I’m getting sooo close, …arrrgh!”  Cum jetting from his pulsating dick, he lost control, swerved across five lanes of traffic and plunged into the deep ditch, slamming into a tree and knocking both of them senseless.

Coming to, Steve looked up at the tall blonde in blue spandex tights with a red and yellow S on her well-developed chest,  “Su..Supergirl?” he stuttered, "Fuck, are those tits real? What I wouldn't give to tit-fuck them."

 “You’ve had a nasty crash sir, I’m afraid your bike is totalled and you and your companion may have concussions, so I’m flying you both to hospital for a check-up,” she said, trying not to stare at his exposed cum-covered dick and balls, as she lifted them both into the air, "And, Yes they are real, sir."

Later, after the doctor cleared them both for release, Steve sought out Supergirl.  “I’m real thankful,” he said, “lemme give ya this coupon fur a free make-over at our New U Salon. It’s good for anythin'  the salon offers, including a sauna and massage.” And he leered at her lustfully.

“Why, that’s very kind,” she replied blushing as she remembered the size of his cock , “I could use a little R & R right now.  I’ll head over there and try it out.” "And maybe even get lucky with some studly masseur," she thought, "My God where did that thought come from?"


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C.King - 5/16/2018 5:15 PM
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There's always the charm of turning heroic ladies into baby factories
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There's always the charm of turning heroic ladies into baby factories
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