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by hairyballs
Storyline New U Salon
Characters Captain America Wonder Woman
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“New U Salon,” Lt. Col. Steve Trevor murmured to himself, “This is the place Wonder Woman said she was going to for a free treatment, I wonder if she’s through yet, and if she’d like to go out to celebrate.”  He pushed the door open and stepped into the salon’s cool interior

“Hi, can I help you?” the perky receptionist queried.  “Um, I’m looking for Wonder Woman.” Steve replied.

"I’m afraid she’s not ready yet, can I offer you a cool lemonade while you wait?”

“That would be very nice,” Steve said, “It is uncomfortably hot today.”  And, loosening his tie, he sat down in an armchair and began to sip the drink.  Oddly he soon found he was growing hotter and felt quite tense.

“We are a unisex salon you know, we offer treatments for both sexes” the cute redhead remarked, “You’re looking really tense.  Why don’t you try a free massage, shave and trim? It’s part of our grand opening special.”

“That sounds pretty good,” Steve mused, “You say it’s free?  Well, why not?”

He rose and followed the receptionist into a pleasant room equipped with a sink, barber chair and a massage table.  Handing him a robe, she instructed him to undress completely, put on the robe and take a seat in the chair while she went to get the stylist.

Undressing, Steve pulled on the robe and belted it.  Tossing back the dregs of the lemonade, he noticed that the robe didn’t completely close over his chest and barely covered his ass, on the other hand he was hot, and it was really pleasant to feel the air on his chest and his sweaty balls and dick.  “Man I could use another glass of this stuff,” he thought.

Just then the door opened and burly man in white scrubs walked in:  “Did that stupid bitch give you the wrong information?” he said, “You’re getting the massage first, not the shave and trim. Please, take off the robe and lie face down on the table.”  Mildly astonished at his own obedience(“I must be tenser and more tired than I thought” he thought), Steve dropped the robe to the floor, strode over to the table (secretly enjoying the feeling of his 10” cock and plum-sized balls swinging against his meaty thighs), climbed up on it and stretched out face down. “I’m Rocky; you did want a deep tissue massage didn’t you? Man are you one tense bugger! Let me work some of this peppermint oil into your skin and we’ll start with your shoulders”.  He began to spread an oil from a bottle labelled ‘Tissue enhancement Oil’ over Steve’s back and ass, kneading and pummelling his body like rising bread dough. As Steve relaxed and began to enjoy the treatment, Rocky continued to chat confidingly with him.  “Man, I bet a guy with a body like yours has no trouble getting laid huh?”  “Well,” Steve chuckled drowsily, “I guess I could get more than my share, but I try to keep myself pure for Wonder Woman.  Not that that cock-teasing bitch ever seems to notice! Christ, but I’d love to fuck her silly and then turn her over to a platoon of randy Marines who’ve been at sea for six months and watch.”  It felt so good to be able to express his long repressed thoughts to Rocky’s sympathetic ear.  He babbled on about his long-supressed lustful urges as Rocky worked over his arms and down his legs to his feet.

"So you’ve never actually fucked Wonder Woman?  Please roll over onto your back.  Man that’s a real piss-off ain’t it?  Everyone thinks you’re getting into her pants regularly, I’m surprized a he-man like you puts up with a cock-teaser like her.” Rocky began to work Steve’s chest and abs, “I mean it’s not as if you’re underdeveloped, this sausage of yours must be at least 18” long, and I bet these balls produce a hell of a lot of cum, don’t they?” he said gently lifting Steve’s orange-sized cum-factories to one side as he massaged more oil into his thighs.  “If I had a body like this,” he continued, digging deep into the curly blond thatch to manipulate Steve’s suddenly sensitive nipples and mounded pecs, “that Amazon slut would be begging me to use her.  Well it’s been great chatting to you, now it’s time for your make-over.  Step over here to the chair, take a seat and Dee-Dee will be in to finish you off.”

Steve rolled off the table and stood up, waddling over to the chair, he admired his seven-foot heavily-muscled frame in the full-length mirror as was his habit.  His broad shoulders, narrowed down to a 28” waist and his massive thighs combined with his huge package to force him to walk somewhat bow-legged.  He grinned at his reflection as he absently ran his hand through the heavy blond mat blanketing his chest, abs, and groin.  Settling himself into the deep upholstery of the chair, he relaxed, firmly gripping his stiffening dick and sliding the pierced foreskin down from the ripe purple glans, he began to pleasure himself as he impatiently waited for the next exciting phase of his  exhilarating  make-over.

"Well, I see Rocky has prepared you well,” Dee-Dee commented as she grinned at the naked   blond giant masturbating in the chair, "that’s an impressive cock you’re sporting, let’s see if we can give you a look to suit it.”  She tilted the chair backward until his head was in the sink and began to work a pleasant smelling shampoo into his hair, “You look like a mullet man to me,” she said as the hair grew longer and curlier, or maybe a long pony-tail.  What’s your preference?”   “Well, you know, I’ve always had to have these military cuts, but I’ve secretly wished I had hair like Fabio’s,” Steve admitted with a sigh.

“You must be one of those masterful men women love to serve I guess,” she remarked as she massaged into his scalp a conditioner that sapped away his intelligence and moral code.  “Hell, yes!” Steve barked,  pounding his already impressive dick as it lengthenened to a solid 20” pole, “Wanna, try me my control stick slut?”  “Later stud, after we finish your make-over, I’ve got just the bimbo for you.  Now let me fix your beard.  This lotion will make it thick and luxurious. It will complement that ass-length mane of yours too. Now let's touch up your tats. Something to accentuate these nipple rings and those four gold rings in your ballsack, don't you think?”

Ten minutes later she told the heavily-bearded, still masturbating thug, “Come with me and meet your new bimbo.”

Steve, who was now barely smarter than a bag of hammers, leered up at her.  Then slowly absorbing the meaning of her words, realized that she was offering him a warm pussy to fuck.  Having lost all moral scruples to the conditioner he saw no obstacle to taking her up on her offer and lept out of the chair and charged through the door after her.

"Fuck, this's just what this airman needs!" he roared as he  grabbed the giggling platinum blond former Wonder Woman, tore off her tube top and skirt and buried his raging hard-on deep in her  wet shaved pussy.

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There's always the charm of turning heroic ladies into baby factories
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