Lex Luthor...

by muzikman12065
Storyline New U Salon
Characters Lex Luthor Absolutely Everyone Wonder Woman
Category Bimboization
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"Suzie, could you send in our client now? Di is very excited to meet him, if you know what I mean..."
"Yes, Dee Dee, " the receptionist replied over the intercom, "I'll send him in right away."
The former Wonder Woman was getting wetter with anticipation for this stud to come in.  Her nipples ached for his touch and her pussy throbbed, eager to be filled by his manly cock.  Gone were her Amazonian scruples and any heroic thoughts about saving the world.  Her mind was filled with thoughts of lust and desire, yearning to be fucked and sucked by her man.
And when she saw him come into the room, she couldn't believe just how handsome he was!  He was tall, and his bald head was incredibly HOT!
Di crawled over to him in as sultry and sexy a way as possible, wearing a bright shiny red tube top that matched her nails and piercings, her nipples hard as bullets poking though the shiny spandex material.  The only other thing she wore was a bright red latex thong that barely covered her pierced clit and even less of her ass.
"Impressive," Lex Luthor said to Dee Dee. "And how do I know that some do-gooder from the JLA won't find her and restore her to her former, heroic self?"
"Not to worry," Dee Dee said. "The nanites in her blood stream make the changes in her hair, her breasts and her clit permament.  Her voice patterns have been altered so much that no one would be able to identify her voice even by computer.  The smoking that she has begun to do will change her heart rate and patterns, and her I.Q. will never be higher than 90.  In less than a week, she will no longer even remember who she was and what she did before she met you. 
And... as an added bonus, she is so fertile now that you will impregnate her the first time you cum in her pussy.  The nanites in her system will act to bond her completely and only to you, Mr. Luthor, and she will be yours completely once you have cum in her mouth, her ass and in her cunt."
The evil mastermind slid a briefcase across the floor to Dee Dee and said, "Here you are.  Half of the twenty million dollars now, and then I will pay you the rest when I am completely "satisfied" by the new "Dirty Di" model as advertised..."
"Done and done, Mr. Luthor," Dee Dee said. "Di, You are a HOT, BIMBO SLUT!"
At the sound of all three trigger words, Dirty Di hungrily leapt up and started kissing Lex Luthor on the mouth as she began tearing off his clothes and hers.  Dee Dee quietly shut the door and left the room, and a bed came up out of the floor next to the couple. 
"Fuck Di!" Dirty Di said, "Fill all of Di's holes with your yummy sperm!"
She undid Lex's pants and gasped at the sight of his 12" cock as it sprang out of his underpants hard and thick.  She kneeled down and  began to suck on his cock with her bee stung lips, licking up and down the length of his shaft while stroking it at the base with her manicured hands.  The nanites had also done something to her throat, so that she had no gag reflex as she swallowed down the length of him.  Finally Lex could take it no longer as he came with ropes of sperm in her mouth as she swallowed it all greedily down.
As they fell on the bed, she began to stroke his cock again, bringing it back to life as she wrapped her funbags around his hardness and he titty-fucked her enormous hooters.
As Lex got ready to cum a second time, Dirty Di licked the tip of his penis and said, "Please, master, pluck your bimbo slut's ass!"  Lex complied as he turned Di over and rammed his cock and plucked her anal cherry.  It hurt, but Di came explosively as he came in her second hole.
Finally, Di licked his cock clean and worked on getting it hard a third time, and said, "Please, master, put your baby juice in my pussy!  Knock up your bimbo slut and make Di preggers with your big, manly cock!"
Lex was certainly eager to comply, as he began to slowly enter into her pussy with the full length of his cock.  They began to build up a rythm as their groans and screams of delight began to echo in the room (good thing it was soundproof).  Dirty Di wrapped her legs around Lex as she screamed, "Fuck me, master!  Make me your whore!  Fill me with your spunk and I'll be your cum dumpster forever!"  With that, Lex came powerfully inside the former Wonder Woman's womb, impregnating her and making her permantly bonded to him as his sex slave...

Dee Dee was sitting in her office, when she recieved a phone call.  "New You Salon..." Dee Dee answered, "How may I be of service to you?"  "Yes, Mr. Luthor, I received the final payment today.  It was wonderful doing business with you...  What's that?  You want me to do a similar treatment to Lois Lane?" She smiled as she answered him, "I'm sure we can accomodate you, for about twice the price..."

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gothamalleyviper - 8/20/2017 9:54 PM
So had a thought, What if Robin 2 (Jason Todd) was Jennifer Todd but was still a Robin and not a Batgirl?
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