Alter her mentally AND physically

by Wilder
Storyline Master PC 2.9
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Kitty smirked as she fiddled with the dials on the fake computer program. If only this were real! She'd be able to fix that scheming witch Emma Frost once and for all. With a smirk, she clicked on the mental attitudes.

"Hmm, where to start? Oh, I know! Emma Frost is utterly subservient to Cyclops. She will never betray him and can't even imagine a life without him."


Emma smiled in haughty triumph as she slipped on her tight white costume. She certainly loved all the attention it got her and the way it showed off her lush curves. Scott was a sweetheart and all but sometimes a girl just had to tease- had to-

Emma blinked in confusion. What was she thinking? Her body was on display for one reason only - to please her Master. She pursed her lips in thought. Perhaps he might like it if she went back to her smaller, sexier costume? She began to strip, happy in her thoughts of how she could best please her Master, Scott Summers. It made her so happy to please him with her body - she wondered how she'd ever lived life without Master. How could she have been so stupid as to not realize how much she needed a strong, powerful man like Scott Summers to make her into his love slave? SHe bit her lip, suddenly and desperately horny. Where was Master?

Everything that seemed so important just minutes before now seemed hollow and meaningless without him. She reached out tentatively with her psychic powers to locate her beloved Master.


Kitty snickered as she typed in more commands.

"Why stop there? Heh. Emma Frost knows that Kitty Pryde, Storm and all the other X-Women are superior to her in every way. She knows 100% that she doesn't deserve Scott Summers one bit."

"Master?" came a voice in Scott's head, feminine and cool but oddly tentative and meek. Was that Emma?

"Emma?" he thought back. "What's the matter?"

"Nothing! Your unworthy slave is sorry for intruding on your thoughts, Master. I'm so sorry, please don't punish me!"

Scott raised an eyebrow. Emma was obviously being sarcastic but her voice - so sincere, so meek, so unlike her. Strangely hot.

"I'm almost done training these new students, Emma. If you're really scared of me "punishing you", I want to see you on your knees and ready to suck me off when I get back." he thought at her, assuming she was just roleplaying. She was amazing in bed but Emma rarely gave him blowjobs, saying her gag reflex was too delicate to deep throat him properly. "Do you have a problem with that, Slave?"

"Oh, no, Master! Thank you! This unworthy slut doesn't deserve the gift of your manhood in her mouth! Would you like me to swallow all of your cum or do you wish to mark me with your wonderful seed?"

Scott laughed and felt himself getting hard. Emma was REALLY into this who slave thing and, while it usually wasn't his kink, it was getting tough to not be semi-erect in front of the students just thinking about Emma like that.

"I'll surprise you. Now get naked and on your knees - I don't want you to waste a second when I walk through that door. Understood, Slave Girl?"

Emma's voice was frantic in her eagerness to please and excitement.

"Oh, yes, Master! Right away, Master!" she thought at him before breaking contact.

Scott smiled and dismissed the class, walking toward their shared quarters with a grin on his face. It sure sounded like Emma was about to show him a side of herself he'd never seen before.


Kitty giggled. This was hilarious! She nodded happily at the mental changes. "That should make that evil skeezy tramp the perfect little plaything for Scott - not that she deserves him. I wish everyone realized just what a slut she really is- hmm. That gives me an idea . . ."

Kitty grinned and moved her fingers on over to the "Physical Changes" bars.


Emma glanced at herself nervously in the mirror - naked and on her knees, legs slightly spread to show off her pussy, firm ass resting on her smooth calves, hands up and cupping her big, firm tits and her tongue nervously darting out to lick her pouty pink lips. She whimpered in frustration. Why did she have to be so ugly and plain compared to all the other X-Women that Master worked with? She was truly blessed that he even considered her worthy of his magnificent cock. If only she was more attractive like Storm or Psylocke! Wait, was that right? Hadn't she thought herself better than them just a few minutes ago?

"What? NO! That doesn't even make sense! I must have been crazy! I'm so undeserving and ugly, I can't believe I landed Master! I deserve the Toad or The Blob - not Scott Summers!" she said, biting back tears. "Oh, I wish I was prettier and sexier . . ."

That exact moment was when something wonderful happened - her tits grew!

They'd always been a surgically achieved set of big, beautiful and perfectly natural-looking DD's but now they were much, MUCH bigger. They jutted out like a set of overripe watermelons from her chest, now obviously fake but still impressively pert and full. They stood out almost a full foot in front of her with her aureolas and nipples seemingly having grown to match. Her long, hard nipples thrust out like rifle bullets from sweet, feminine aureoles the size of dish plates. With a moan, she tried to cup them, only to nearly lose her balance as her fingers brushed against them. The sensation was amazing!

"Oh, my! This is WONDERFUL!" Emma said delightedly. "I hope Master likes these new breasts! Perhaps he will play with my massive new tits! Master always DID like them so much before - he should love them even more now!" she giggled with excitement. She was hesitant to explore them more fully without Master's permission, which was good, because her hands didn't obscure the tattoos that suddenly appeared across the top slope of each huge, tanned tit.

Across the fullness of her right tit, right at the start of their pendulous slope near her collarbone, the words "Property Of" flowed in white cursive while across her left tit read "Scott Summers" in the same loopy calligraphy.

She was too stunned with joy to speak! And even better, she saw another tattoo magically appear on her body - the word "SLUT!" tattooed in huge, blocky white letters across her forehead. Emma raised her fingers wonderingly at the words, tracing the letters with her fingers. What on Earth was happening to her?

Kitty cackled as she finished up the physical changes.

"Oh, yeah, almost forgot!" she said with a chuckle as she typed. "No one but Emma Frost, Cyclops and myself will notice anything as being out of the ordinary. Oh, and Cyclops will not object to any of these changes."

With a belly laugh, she hit enter. Too bad this wasn't real - she'd KILL to see the look on Scott's face when he saw his new White Slut!

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The Legends of Belial is a universe created by Demon-man. They've got a forum that will have all the info you need it's an 18 plus forum so you need to register. https://legendsofbelial.no-ip.info/index.php?login=1
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There's always the charm of turning heroic ladies into baby factories
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There's always the charm of turning heroic ladies into baby factories

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