Superman, Captain Marvel and Dr. Fate strike against Circe.

by Gorel
Storyline Wonder Woman; Mother of all monsters.
Characters Wonder Woman Black Canary Huntress Superman
Category DC Corruption Growth Mind Control M/F F/F Transformation pregnancy
Previous Chapter Huntress and Black Canary find a man for Wonder Woman, but is he willing?

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The glass roof of the penthouse suite shattered as the three heroes landed, standing at each other's backs to be ready for whatever came out to attack. Looking around with his X-ray vision Superman checked the room for anything out of place.

"Apart from some house keeping and a waiter in the hall the entire floor is empty."

Easing up from their stance the three heroes began to rummage around for any clue as to where the demi-goddess had escaped to. "Golly Dr. Fate, your usually right on the button on these things, you don't think we missed her do you?" Wondered Captain Marvel as he pulled a dress heel out from a pile of cloths near the king sized bed.

"The signs were not wrong Billy Batson, she has not left this room, and she will not escape."

Suddenly all of the windows and doors slammed shut, the smashed skylight reparing itself before the outside world grew dark and empty. The sound of laughter echoing out as if from far away.

"And neither will you three!"

"Where are you Circe?!" Called out the man of steel as the laughter grew. "Why I never left Son of Krypton, if anything YOUR the one not where you should be."

"You trapped us, but it shall not hold us for long witch!" Glowered Dr. Fate as he blasted the walls of the penthouse only to reveil a smooth polished sphere as their prison. Up above they could see Circe holding them up as if they were tiny to her pinched fingers.

"I knew the league would sent their most powerful to deal with me, so I dealt with you first."

Circe lounged on her couch at the very penthouse suite they thought they had crashed through, their prison a tiny marble dangling from a silver chain in her fingers. "I like to keep my prisoners close so that they can see the damage I mean to wrought on their friends." Laughing to herself as she placed her new neclace around her neck to dangle at her cleavage, calling for the servant to come back into her room. "It's so much more satisfying to see their faces turn to horror as their friends are doomed to the fate I granted them."

Picking up a nearby glass of wine she traced her fingers around the rim enchanting the surface of the liquid with the image of Wonder Woman. "Now... Let us see how the amazon princess is doing shall we?"


Dianna moaned out loud as Oliver pounded into her, the amazon turned snake woman laid on her back as her thrall continued to fuck her to his exhaustion. In the background Black Canary and Huntress tried to coax an unconcious Hawkman back to hardness by giving him a titty-fuck, licking his limp shaft to no effect.

"Yessss... More, don't ssstop until I sssay ssso!" Hissed Dianna as her mane of hair writhed and coiled around her, both her taloned hands rubbing circles around her dome of a belly. Green Arrow grunted in exhertion as he came hard into the skaley woman, his efforts making her laugh before she wrapped her legs tighter around her lover. Bringing one of her hefty tits to her lips she licked at the dripping milk and hummed in delight before squeezing her pussy around the man's shaft to coax him awake. "More! Again!"

It was for naught as the man collapsed in front of her, sliding down her belly before fainting completely. Standing up to her impressive height she peered at the mess her thralls had made pleasuring her, her talons scrapping the tiled floor as her lusts burned hotter in her loins. "I am clossse... You two, sssatisfy me!"

Unable to resist her command both heroines crawled up and began licking at their mistress's belly and breasts, their roaming hands making their way to her pussy as they pleasured her. Raising her hands up to give them room Dianna hummed to herself as she felt her belly jolt visibly, her brood minutes away from being born. Arching her back she felt her tailbone stretch and lengthened above her round buttox, a tail had sprouted above her plump cheeks and began to lengthen rapidly away from her body. The sensation was new and alluring to her, she rolled her hips with each flex and growth of her new tail as it exceeded 10, then 20 feet in length. By the time it coiled around her at 30 feet long from her back the tip sprouted a thin barb that rattled as it shook. Dripping a viscous toxin like a stinger.

Deep inside she felt... Complete, the curse had fully transformed her into a tall, powerful, voluptuous snake woman made all the more powerful by her amazonian heritage. Lolling her head back and forth she combed her talons through the hair of her two loyal thralls as they continued to suckle her milk and play with her pussy, wrapping her long tail around herself like a snake would she lifted herself up with her new tail and spread her legs to give the two access to her dripping pussy. Both women licked and nibbled at her nether lips until they backed away.

Dianna gasped as her water broke.

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