Wonder Whore is having the time of her life

by CorruptionCentral
Storyline Wonder woman's hooker adventure
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This is for the Lady Obsession Thread of Wonder Woman's Hooker Adventure...

Jake groused to himself as he waited for his old pal Stan to return.  He thought 'What the hell was she thinkin? How the hell could I process 2500+ Amazon whores?  That is, even if the Khunds gave me something that could hypnotize a whole city of super bitches, which they sure as fuck didn't, it would flood the hooker market in Hoochie Hollow so bad he'd be lucky if his bitches could get a quarter per blowjob!"  Of course, if he had time to think about it... He could sell them off to pimps all over North America.  That would make millions.  Better yet, if he worked his hypno mojo on a few at a time, he could build a stable in every major city in North America and they would be the most sought after sluts the world had ever seen!  The pimp smiled evilly as he thought 'Oh, FUCK yeah!  That would be sweet.  All that money and *all* under my control!"  Still, the key here was timing and preparations. It would take months, maybe even a year or too to pull it off, but as long as they kept a low enough profile he might be ready to start in a week or two.

Jake's thoughts were interrupted by Stan Wilson, Dean of Discipline for Metropolis University and Faculty Adviser for  Kappa Alpha Delta fraternity.  It was in their shared history with this frat that the two knew each other.  In college both had been brothers of this frat.  Jake had been expelled from Met U for various trouble he had gotten in and then frat president Stan had, in secret, used Jake's services in getting 'enthusiastic entertainment' for frat functions. It had been a relationship that had blossomed over the years.  Today would mark a new milestone in that business relationship as the Dean of Discipline marched five gorgeous coeds into the room.

The girls were varied in type.  Janice was a very butch punk bitch who had been reported to the dean for sneaking into the cheerleader's locker room and harassing the hotties.  Brittany was the stuck up head cheerleader who had been reported as pulling cruel and sometimes damaging 'pranks' on girls that rivaled her beauty.  Laurie and Mindi were simply hot chicks that didn't give the Kappa Alpha Delta guys the time of day.  Finally, Linda was a very reserved and studious bookworm that, much to her dismay, gave off that hot librarian look that had all the studs constantly hitting on her.  Her only 'offense' was that while trying to tutor some of the KAD boys, reporting their constant attempts to manhandle her.

The girls complained bitterly at being herded here. Janice growled "Look, Dean, if you're gonna toss my ass get to it.  I don't need this shit!"  Mindi complained "What have we done?  Don't you have to tell us what we've been accused of?"  Linda stuttered "This must be a mistake sir.  I haven't done anything wrong!"  Brittany joined the chorus "Yeah!  Right... Like I'm completely innocent and if you don't release me right now, my Daddy will hear about this!"

While the young women voiced their complaints, Jake readied a device his tech friend described as inspired by their favorite movie.  Both Stan and Jake put on mirror shades as Jake growled "Thats ENOUGH!  Shut the hell up and when I talk, you give me your FULL attention!"  As the girls turned to face him, he pressed a button on the cylindrical device in his hand and the room was filled with a blue glow.  The girls eyes reflected the blue light as their faces took on an awestruck stare at the device.  Jake smiled as he continued "You bitches have wanted to be hookers since the very second you found out what one was.  That desire has burned and grown within you ever since.  Only fear of what other people in your life would think has held you back, but those days are over!  You are now whores and I am your pimp!  You belong to me, body and soul, and wouldn't have it any other way.  For that reason, today is the happiest day of your lives!  Now, you have been entered in the streetwalker training program right here and Met U!  For the next 3 months, you will become Little Sisters at Kappa Alpha Delta... At least that is what you will tell everyone.  The truth is you will be their live in whores for the next 3 months.  There you will learn how to be a complete and utter slut for hire.  You will gladly accept any sexual act as a new training exercise.  When you successfully complete your training, you will tell all your friends and family that you are taking a trip to Las Vegas together but in fact you will secretly moving to Hoochie Hollow where you will be working the streets as hookers for me from then on.  Understand?"  The smiling vixens all purred their whole hearted agreement to their mew pimp and master.


Diana had all the boys worked up to a fever pitch as she shamelessly flirted and teased them with her whorish perfection.  Jake had told her he was 10 minutes behind and had a surprise gift for the frat.  True to his word, the evil pimp arrived with a shout "Hey, boys, long time no see!  I see that you met my new top bitch.  What do you think of her?"  The whole frat erupted into wild whoops and hollers and Jake let it all settle down as he smiled evilly and replied "Yeah, Lady Obsession is one hot peice of fuckmeat, that's for sure... But I have another surprise for you.  Here they are; chosen from your votes as the most stuck up bitches on campus that you wanted to nail... Your new little sisters!"

Right on cue, Linda, Brittany, Janice, Laurie, and Mindi strutted into the room.  They all maintained their own basic style from before, but each was made up more seductively.  Even their clothes were fetish versions of their old ensambles.  As the sexy bitches marched up to Diana, the formed a semi circle about the former heroine and struck hot sultry poses. Jake roared at the crowd "Your new little sisters will now be your 24/7 devoted sex toys until the end of semester at which time they will find more gainful employment with me.  Until then, please use them to your hearts desire and keep voting for the next batch of little sisters.  We can't have you boys starving for attention, now can we?  Now for their first act as KAD slutty sisters, our girls will work their hearts out as fluffers for the divine Lady Obsession as she pulls a KAD train into gangbang station.  All aboard!!!"

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There's always the charm of turning heroic ladies into baby factories
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