Jimmy adds Cheetag to his stable of super-sluts

by gothamalleyviper
Storyline Enter the Corrupter
Characters Absolutely Everyone
Category DC F/F Female Dom M/F M/M Male Dom Corruption Change of clothes
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The fact that the pent house was listed as belonging to one James Olsen didn't register anything with Cheetah, she only knew that her contact had told her there was fifteen million in conflict diamonds in the safe up there.  She tried to figure the best way to get in there and decided that the best was the service corridors. 

The fact that a cold spell had hit Metropolis meant that no one thought too much about it when the young woman in the maintenance overalls showed up for work with a cheetah print scarf and a leopard print beanie.  The ID and work order was in order so they let Miss. Joan D'arco (slap the idiot who made the fake ID) into the service elevator.  In spite of the assurances that no one was home whole place was lit by thousands of candles. 

"Welcome Miss. Minerva," a young man said.

He stepped out, he looked like an Irish teenager trying to be Hugh Heffner, complete with unlit pipe.

"At the end of this evening, you get to make a choice," he poured two glasses of champaigne,"take what ever you want from the safe or stay the night in my bed.  Either way the police will not be called."


Across town

Captain Williams got the report from the crime lab, the DNA was not a match from the sample taken from the home.  The DNA matched a recent missing persons for a young stripper that had disappeared from work.  In a corner was a small check mark with what looked like a tiny bat stamp.  So the Belfree was sure that this was the real information, time to call in Sergeant Disney, they needed to have a conversation with Mr. Kent.


Bruce, Dick and Tim had gone together to theater, Bruce had been at the wheel of the Bentley.  Patty and Helen had waited for the valet to park the car before they went to work.  They needed to put a time delay into the detonator, it would be the valets that started the car not Wayne, and he was their target.  Patty couldn't keep his eyes of his student and lover.  Helen was in a leather biker vest, painted on leather pants, a leather jacket and leather mechanics gloves.  Mustn't give away their finger prints now.


Lex was dressed in a rubber super boy outfit, he was bent over a desk while his daddy Ben fucked him in the ass.  It was the least Lex could do for Daddy Ben Superman for showing him how much better it was to be a mindless obedient gay rubber boy for a rubber Daddy.


Carol Ferris was about to go and take down the pig Hal Jordon when she saw her old friend from college Sally in the kitchen.  She had a preditory smile.

"Hay Sally," she tried to make her voice like honey, "Can you please come in here?"

Carol was awe struck by what her college friend.  Sally was a total feme, Pink silk marry widow, pink silk thong, thigh high black stalking's, stripper sandals.  She had an eager smile on her face at the sight of Carol in Star Sapphire outfit with the strap on hanging out.


Location undisclosed

Lady La La was in for tune up.  They had to make sure that her enhancements kept working at peak efficiency.  It didn't help that she insisted on using them to seduce ever female staff member that walked by.  Soon they would send their siren against Black Canary.  They need her hypnotic voice to be at peak efficiency.  Still Part of Lady La La's programing had made her intent of making all women kinky lipstick lesbians.  Next to her the chamber was being drained and out was coming the new Lois Lane, or as she would call herself now, Superwoman.  Already layed out was the rubber uniform for her and a selection of slaves for her pleasure.


Penthouse appartment, Metropolis

Babs couldn't believe that she was here for some silly diamonds.  Jimmy was just so charming and handsome.  He had her one the rug in front of the fire place swooning like a school girl.  Her concern when the witch Zatanna served them dinner in a rubber French maids outfit had already disappeared from her head.

"Please..." She purred, "Please take me here Jimmy!"

"I am afraid you are not dressed," Jimmy smiled, "Pam, bring the suit for your new sister."

The former Poison Ivy walked in clad in her erotic hazmat suit carrying a bundle of gold and black latex .  She held it out to show off it was a latex catsuit in leopard print with built in gloves and feet, but holes for her crotch and tits.

"It's already lubed, now do a little strip tease for me," Jimmy said as he got up and sat in a leather recliner.



HTTPS for where I got the Cheetah's new suit from

<a href="http://www.rubber-store.com/Rubbercatsuit-crotch-and-breast-open-CSD6.html">http://www.rubber-store.com/Rubbercatsuit-crotch-and-breast-open-CSD6.html</a>

<a href="http://www.rubber-store.com/Latexcatsuit-Leopard-Design-CSD-ANIMAL.html">http://www.rubber-store.com/Latexcatsuit-Leopard-Design-CSD-ANIMAL.html</a>


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There's always the charm of turning heroic ladies into baby factories
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