"HAVE TO HAVE THOSE HOOTERS" (another contestant will do *anything* to honk them) and "PRISONER OF PASSION" (being held captive makes her horny)-

by kingofthefarmyard1
Storyline Tonight on MojoTV
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".....Oh my, things are picking up now" The Riddler grinned as he stopped to catch his breath "HAVE TO HAVE THOSE HOOTERS"  and "PRISONER OF PASSION." The crowd went into uproar but the Riddler continued onwards “two for the price of one. Tie her up Spiral!” 

Power Girl gasped as she felt her mind practically reboot itself. The magic of the punishment box was erasing her old memories and was replacing them with new memories. 

Nearby Spiral was approaching the spellbound kryptonian with a large rope in her hands. As quick as a fox the strange silver woman used her six hands to tie the long rope around Power Girl's curvy frame, each brush of the rough rope causing the blonde to moan and thrash. Karen was in both agony and euphoria. How had Riddler found out about her secret? How did he know being bound was her both her biggest weakness and her deepest darkest fetish? 

When Spiral had finished, Power girl was a hot sweaty mess, she was wiggling on her pedestal, desperately trying to free herself but each wiggle sending her deeper into erotic bliss. The riddler spoke once more “There that should stop Power-tits from interfering anymore, onwards with the game! Batwoman I believe you are next!” The crowd began cheering again before being silenced once more. “Now Batwoman, What’s the name for excessive bodily hair growth in women?” 

Kate Kane the flamed haired Batwoman barely cracked a smile as she spoke “This game is sick Riddler, even by your standards” 

“It may be but whats you’re answer?”

Batwoman looked around as if to simultaneously offer and receive support from her fellow heroines. Only Huntress returned the look. Raven was just stood bouncing and giggling her perky breasts threatening to escape with every bounce the goth turned school girl took. To her right, Black Canary was stood with her head turned to the side her blue eyes locked on the restrained and panting Power Girl. “I refuse to answer Riddler” “Wrong. Its Hirutism.” The Riddler motioned towards Spiral who was stood next to the wheel of perversion again. With a slight chuckle the silver woman gave the wheel another spin. She had given it some force so it took a while for it to finally slow but even so Batwoman’s eyes never left the Riddler’s. Eventually the wheel stopped.

“Kissy Kissy” Spiral spoke aloud breaking Batwoman’s concentration. It was already too late by that point. Kate felt her lips tingle and wishing seconds Spiral approached the redhead, a small makeup mirror raised upwards in one of her many hands. That’s when Kate saw it. Her lips had plumped outwards into a near permanent pout that already looked ridiculous but was made so much worse by the now deep ruby red colour they had become. “Red lips to match you’re lovely hair Batwoman” The riddler joked causing the crowd to laugh “Huntress you’re next, Which well-known pair live at 62 West Wallaby Street, Wigan?”

Helena Bertinelli daughter of the mob turned so her eyes meet the Riddler’s. She knew this one. “Wallace and Gromit” she smirked 

“What?! how?! Cheat! No!” The riddler seemed to be getting angry “how do you know that? No don’t answer me slut! It doesn’t matter. The wheel is still spun but its change is given to someone else. Spin it Spiral!

Spiral gave the wheel a very small yank, causing it to only spin a few times before landing on ‘Serial Flasher.’

Immediately The Riddler seemed to calm “How perfect, lets give this one to Power Girl!” 

Karen moaned aloud. Her arms suddenly began moving on their own causing the rope to dig into her skin, electrifying the busty blonde with jolts of near perfect bliss straight down into her crotch. She couldn’t help herself. Everything felt so good. Soon she was orgasming on the spot, her body writhing and thrashing as her naughty arms rose upwards to pull her trashy pink top downwards. Within moments her big boobs were free for all to see. Power girl gasped and cooed as she turned to show her breasts to each heroine in turn. 

Nearby Black Canary gasped too. Dinah was getting wet watching what was happening before her very eyes. She didn’t know why, but she couldn’t take her eyes off of Karen's gorgeous rack. Suddenly she had the urge to touch those beautiful breasts.

“Dinah!” Huntress gasped from across the room.

Dinah jerked straight up. “like what's up honey?” she asked in her squeky bimbo voice

“Why are you playing with your breasts?”

Black Canary suddenly just realised where her hands had been these last two minutes. “I… I… wasn’t?” she said sheepishly. In front of her The Riddler was beaming mic in hand. Spiral was closer, leaning forward, swaying back and forth, almost giggling. 

“Of course you were. Why wouldn’t you? “The six armed woman spoke calmly which caused Raven to laugh out loud like she had heard the funniest joke in the world. “I mean look at power-tits” She pointed to kryptonian who was now pulling her top back over her bosom. “Those boobs are beautiful. You just her love boobs, don’t you?” she asked, poisoned honey dripping from her words.

Black Canary stammered in her new squeaky voice, “No, I’m like straight. I don’t like to look at other girls… br… boo…” She couldn’t say the proper word for them at the moment. “Uh, big boobies,” she finally let out. That was when the punishment box began to repackage Dinah’s mind such that she loved breasts more then anything else. Especially Power Girls Titanic Tits

Spiral was so close to Black Canary now, she was practically whispering in the blondes ear “You love those knockers. You love everything about them. You love their shape. You love how big they are. You love how they fill out Power Girl's figure. You love their texture, that nice soft skin. You like how they feel when you squeeze them. You love those cute nipples adorning them. You like boobs, the bigger the better!

Black Canary was going mad. She was desperately trying not to squeeze her own breasts and she still couldn't look away from Power Girls heaving tits. “Oh fucccccck! I need to like squeeze them!” 

Suddenly Black Canary dived off her podium and charged towards the bound Power Girl. She knocked the busty blonde over and was sat atop her, her own dainty hands squeezing and rolling those delightful tits. Dinah could tell that Power Girl was masturbating beneath her, but she didn’t care. The feeling was just too intense. There she was, probably dripping her own pussy juices onto the blonde below her, and all she could really think about was how awesome the boobs in her hands were. She was like a professional porn star. Pinching, grabbing, rolling, licking, she tried it all. Every touch was a good as the last and Power Girl was only moaning in response her bonds preventing her from stopping Black Canary’s assault. Each time Black Canary pinched her nipples or cupped her breast Power girl answered with a lustful cry.

The crowd was the loudest it had been all night. Hooting and hollering with riotous applause. The riddler was laughing to himself. This was becoming far to easy. He cleared his throat and spoke into he is mic again. 

“Settle down, settle down! Black Canary has left her pedestal which means she gets……….”

“THE PUNISHMENT BOX!” the crowd roared 

“Spiral please do the honours” Spiral winked at the audience as she drew a card once more. With another giggle she handed it to the Riddler. 

“Looks like its………”


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There's always the charm of turning heroic ladies into baby factories
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