Mr. and Ms. Parker have a guest.

by gothamalleyviper
Storyline Chrismas Kinky Chaos
Characters Batman Catwoman Cheetah Mary Jane Watson Spider-Man Wolverine
Category Change of clothes Romance
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Gotham City

Selina heard her phone go off, it wasn't her personal phone it was her "other Work Phone."  Seemed simple enough a job, not even illegal, and A.I.M. had already deposited the amount in her account.  Time to go check on Cheetah in New Jersey.


Van Dyne Industries, Crestkill NJ

"Mr. Wayne, Mr. Fox," Janet said with a new confidence, "We have decided to agree to your deal in principle.  However there are a few fine points for the lawyers to work out."

Bruce saw that Hank Pym sat there as his wife took complete control of the discussion.  This was such a complete turn around from this morning.  Bruce thought he saw a metal ring hidden under his tie.  Janet was also dressed in a much different manor, almost a strict but sexy librarian look.

"What points?" Lucias asked.

"Percentages, exact legal definitions, and so on," Janet dismissed, "Matters for the lawyers to hammer out Mr. Fox."

"Well lets bring them in," Bruce smiled, "Then maybe we can all have dinner together."

"It will have to be another time Mr. Wayne," Janet kept the poker face, "My husband and I have a meeting tonight.  I'm sure you'll take a rain check... Bruce."



Apartment of Mr and Mrs Parker

Mary Jane was not happy with what was going on, It was almost Christmas and Peter as busy as ever.  Peter was in the shower as MJ was eating lunch.  In the window came Scorpia.

"Where is that Shit Parker!" Scorpia shouted, "I want to know where he meets Spiderman!"

"TIGER!," MJ shouted.

"OH SHIT!" Pete said as he ran into the kitchen in nothing but a towel, "OH SHIT SHIT SHIT!"

Pet felt a warm spot on his foot then slipped and fell.  Scorpia was about to take him out with her tail when he face planted on the floor by himself.  She say what he was covering with the towel and felt something on the back of her head for a brief second.  Looking at Parker she started to drool.

"Parker," She tried to be imperial but all her brains went to her panties.

"Tiger!" MJ shouted as she rushed to Peter's side.

Scoripia didn't notice it this time, all she knew was that she wanted to be the leather slave girl to this man and his Goddess of a wife.  MJ looked from her husband to the woman that stood in front of them.  She felt a warm spot on her hand behind Peter as a flood of new thoughts and ideas entered her mind.  She looked from the woman to her husband who was now looking from her to the other woman too.

"Please," Scorpia fell to her knees, "punish me for being to impertinent before a Mistress."

Peter didn't know what had come over him but the thought of a threesome with Scorpia and Mary Jane made him really hard.  Mary Jane looked back at her husband then stood up and walked over to Scorpia.

"Lick my boots bitch!" Mary Jane ordered.

Peter's jaw dropped as Scorpia obediently licked the street salt encrusted winter boots.

"Wait here," MJ ordered their intruder, "Come with me dear."

"What the hell?" Was all Peter could say as he followed his wife into their bedroom. 

"I don't know about you Tiger but I think it's really hot," MJ said as she half stripped on her way into the closet.

"MJ you do know that is one of the costumed characters that wants to kill me right?" Peter gulped.

"Either man up or I am going to put a leash on you too!" MJ said as she exited the closet.

Peter sank to his knees at the sight of MJ in high heeled knee boots, a leather mini skirt, a leather biker vest, and leather elbow gloves.

"Put this on," She tossed him an old spandex version of his spider suit with out the hood or gloves, "I want her on her knees between our legs Tiger, and I want you in my ass with your spider muscle!"

Scorpia didn't know what to say when the Parkers returned.  But when they asked if she wanted to be their submissive lover Scorpia said "PLEASE!"


Crestkill NJ

Bruce exited the offices of Van Dyne and walked over to see Alfred more pleased with him self then normal, inside the limo was Selina Kyle in her black biker Catwoman outfit minus the hood and under a black leather trench.

"Relax Bruce, I am here on buisness just like you," Selina said as she fidgeted with a bat-a-rang, "And it is perfectly legal.  Missing person case in fact."

Selina was fidgeting with the bat shaped shrieken and swatting at her face as if something was pestering her.  Bruce then felt a warm spot on his hand.

"Look lover boy,"Selina gave him a peck on the nose, "You should see what Holly wants you to wear for our wedding, assuming you can ever get past me being a rubberiest, a thief and a bisexual vamp!"

She put the Bat-a-rang down and exited the limo.  Alfred got in the drivers seat.

"We have a few hours to drive if we are going to get to Gotham tonight," Bruce said, "I need to look into getting a suit made."

The image of a rubber covered Bruce Wayne and a rubber clad Selina Kyle made Bruce undeniably excited.


Motel rooms

In one room a black haired Sailor Moon was getting banged by a Green wolf-man-furry and they both seemed to be having the time of their lives.  Next door was her target.  She sliped in, both of them had fallen alseep, but they knew she was there instantly.

"Lets talk Cheetah," Selina said calmly as Cheetah stared at her.

Going into the other room, Cheetah spoke first.

"What are you doing here?" She hissed.

"Finding out why you dropped the ball on A.I.M." Selina snickered, "Wait till they learn that you were playing doctor with Doc Claw in there!"

"Logan might not be a refined man," Cheetah sneered, "But he is my man!"

"Look," Selina said calmly, "I have been in the JLA and the Avengers files Barbara, That's a costumed hero, the WOLVERINE!  Sudenly he's your man?  Get your head on straight, A.I.M. hired me to figure out what happened to you."

"So I go straight," Barbara shrugged, "As Miss Minerva, lady of the estate, I have enough to live a life of luxergy for the rest of my days, I have the man of my dreams, what more could I want?"

"What ever," Selina shrugged, "I need to figure out what I am going to tell A.I.M."



Selina was tired, It was a long drive from Crestkill throw NY and Bridgeport to Gotham.  Along the way she had burned out the battery on the Bluetooth set explaining to A.I.M. that Cheetah was the Worlverine's rubber lady.  Holly wasn't home, but there was someone in her bedroom.  She throw on the lights, and Bruce was laying there on her bed in a black latex batman catsuit.  She felt a warm spot on her forhead and then a wet spot in her panties.  This was her fantasy, and this was the man of her dreams!

"Just how anotomicly correct is that suit?" Selina asked.

"This," Bruce pulled the rubber cod piece off and revealed his rubber sheathed member.

SCORE! Selina thought.

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There's always the charm of turning heroic ladies into baby factories
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