As Diana steps out of the van, something unexpected happens

by CorruptionCentral
Storyline Wonder woman's hooker adventure
Previous Chapter wonder woman puts on the whores clothes

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Diana couldn't help but glare at the full length mirror attached to the back door of the panel van and feel... well, stupid!  Oh, she nailed the desired look of slutty perfection.  Her eyeliner covered more than halfway up her upper eyelids as well as a full 1/8th inch on her lower lids and continued into glorious half inch long cat's eye points, all in perfect symmetry.   Bright reflective teal eye shadow completed the gap from the eyeshadow to the top of the upper eyelid as well as a 1/16 inch swath below the eyeshadow on the lower eyelid.  The foundation perfectly accentuated her deep ruby red lipstick which was strategically overcoated  in places with a bright pink lip gloss that exaggerated her supple lips contours into the perfect 'blowjob pucker' no matter her expression. Touches of blush to accentuate her bone structure and provide that lusty glow completed her brilliantly whorish makeup.  Her clothes were even more wet dream worthy as they were on Sammie.  As Sammie's large fake tits were a tad smaller than Diana's natural wonders, the shocking red tube top that was two sizes too small on Sammie was ready to burst on Diana.  The sheer clingy cloth made her stuffed in boobs look even larger than they were.  In top of that, her rock hard nipples stuck out like bullets on the gravity defying globes of glory.  The matching micro mini skirt was more like a censer strip than a skirt.  Thankfully the sheer clingy clothe hugged her body like a second skin or so much as an eye batting would have brought her bare virtue into plane view.  Nearly crotch high black fishnets hung off her tiny crotchless g string and topped off the sheer erotic impact of her 6" heeled stiletto thigh high boots which forced the captured heroine to thrust out her already impressive chest and well rounded butt that much more.  She could feel Jake lustily leer at his slut slave as she opened the door but as soon as her first step touched pavement something unexpected happened.

Jake noticed Wonder Woman stiffen as she stood there with one foot on the street and one on the van bumper. A welcomed wave of confidence and vigor filled the beleaguer woman for the first time since the capture.  A relieved sigh escaped her smiling lips as she started to turn.  Jake quickly prepared to throw the lasso but he quickly saw it wouldn't be necessary.  Unfortunately for his slave, by the power of the Golden Lasso and as decreed by her God, the woman admiring her whorish perfection in the mirror was, in every sense, Lady Obsession!

As she started chewing a couple sticks of peppermint bubble gum, Lady Obsession's wicked smile broadened in appreciation of how it added to her slutty look, but she wasn't done there.  The tart looked over her hair and exposed skin as if there were something else that needed improvement.  Inside the mind of the woman, Diana found new levels of frustration and confusion.  Lady Obsession's every thought and feeling was broadcast to the heroine as if they were her own but the journey of thoughts, feelings and actions from the heroine out had much more complex rules.  It seemed that those things that were consistent with all Jake's commands are acted on without delay and felt just like Diana was in control.  However, anything inconsistent would prompt the most favorable results for her Pimp-God that was consistent with his commands.  It was as if the identity had two functions: 1) to make every interaction of the slave-whore consistent with what Diana herself would do if she were raised to worship Jake and his holy commands with as much faith and devotion she had for the entire Greek Pantheon combined and 2) To educate the captured heroine in what soon may be own her future.

Jake himself was amused to watch the slut primp vainly in front of the mirror but after a couple minutes he growled "What the *fuck* are you doing slut?"

Lady Obsession looked back and smiled sweetly to her divine pimp "Sorry Master.  I know I'm looking pretty fine right now, but... I can't help thinking I could look better."  As Diana screamed inside, her anger and shame was reflected back at her with equal levels of hedonistic lust and a powerful drive to excel past her pimps expectations.

The pimp was beginning to guess what was going on, or at least part of it, but this had potential.  He smiled at his slave and replied "What do you have in mind."

The whore smiled giddily as she started down the list "Well, first there's the hair. It needs some contrast and I definitely want platinum blond but I can't decide what looks best... Wisps? Stripes? Tips? I'm leaning toward the whole head with 1/4 inch black roots, maybe with some black cherry wisps as well. Then we have piercings. I definitely need at least 2 or three tongue studs and more ear piercings.  Maybe a couple brow rings or nostril studs, or even nipple piercings? Then we have tats.  I a nice rose full arm sleeve would be awesome and a tramp stamp is a must. I would really like a sexy pelvic tattoo.

Jake was amused at how excited his slave was about things that would have horrified her 10 minutes ago. He gladly played along "And what about your tits?"

Lady Obsession smiled playfully as she hefted her funbags and replied "Well, I've definitely got the best rack on the Redlight District.  Not a whore here can match them!  But I wouldn't object to bigger.  Its up to you really." She winked at the pimp as she quipped "You know you could place world record sized implants on an Amazon and from what I hear, 'The bigger the tits, the less the ho sits'.  Inside the Amazon's mind, Diana railed against this artificial tart identity! Not only was she giving Jake ideas how to ruin her, she was raiding the heroine's own thoughts and fears to do it!

Jake folded his arms as he thought of the possibilities this bitch offered him. He didn't show it but he was nearly as excited as she was.  Still there was one part missing "So, how do we do any of this to an Amazon?  You bitches are a bit studier than anything we can find at the mall."

Obsession waived her hands in playful dismissing and answered "Well the hair is easy.  Triple the strength of the platinum color formula and it will work like a charm.  Best part is that at the rate Amazons regenerate my hair will be back to full bounce and body within the hour.  We can keep bleaching it indefinitely and I won't get so much as a split end. The rest will take a little looking but there are several underground places that do one or the other of the processes for meta-humans as study as I am.  There are rumors of at least a half dozen places near this city alone."

The pimp laughed as he said "Ok, Wonder Ho, I'll look into it while you're out working.  If..."  With a fluid motion he flicked the Golden Lasso out and over his target.  With an easy tug it settled nicely about the tart without so much as mussing her hair.  Jake continued "Answer another couple questions.  First off, when are you Lady Obsession?"

The surprised slave giggled "Any time I'm on the street, silly!"

Jake had expected as much and was grateful he found out now instead of when a john took her to a hotel. He corrected her "You took that too literally. You are Lady Obsession any time you are *in public*.  That means anytime that are not in a secure private place either alone or with Sammie and/or myself but most especially you are Lady Obsession when you are hooking, in the company of pimps and/or hookers, in the company of clients, in the company of potential clients or shopping for things to support our business of hooking.  Got it?"

Obsession replied happily "Sure thing master!"

The pimp nodded before he continued "Good! Now I'm all for your personal improvements, but that shit is going to be expensive!  How much money do you have in accounts I can raid?"

Obsession replied "Some of the accounts go back to the 1940s but all in all I have $467,000 we can use."

Jake thought to himself 'Jackpot!'.  He smiled evilly as he commanded "Well, give me account numbers and passwords so we can get things rolling!"

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There's always the charm of turning heroic ladies into baby factories
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