Psylocke returns to Utopia after going to find a newly-powered mutant.

by Regigigas Rules
Storyline Shame and Defeat
Characters Psylocke
Category Corruption
Previous Chapter The girls decide to punish Emma

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(Note this contains a character I came up with)

Betsy Braddock aka Psylocke had went to go try and convince a mutant Ceribra had recently detected, to join them.

The mutant's name was Derek Tomb. His power is being able to use the powers of people who are dead. However, he can currently only use the powers of 2 people at a time.

"I can't believe you actually agreed to come back with me to Utopia so easily."

"Well I was asked by a beautiful Asian woman with a British voice. How can I NOT say yes to a woman as sexy as that. Plus your a freakin' ninja! That is hot."

Psylocke blushed a bit. "Thanks. Anyway were here." she says as she lands the jet. "Anyway about the name you chose for yourself 'Graverobber'. It sounds more like a villain name but suits your powers well. "

As soon as they were on the island, Psylocke started to feel a little funny, as did Graverobber.

They went into the island's mansion, and Psylocke started showing him around. However Psylocke found herself sweating a lot, and Graverobber could not take his eyes off her ass.

They soon came to a room they could here a lot of noise in.

They opened the door and found Jubilee fucking Emma, and Storm licking Rachel's pussy. Then they realized the strange feeling they were having was lust. This normal would disgust them, but both Graverobber and Psylocke were just to damn horny to give a shit.

Unable to resist anymore Graverobber removed his pants and pushed Psylocke to the ground. He then pushed the bottom of her outfit out of the way and jammed his cock into her. Psylocke began to moan with pleasure. After about an hour, both of them still craved sex, but both were actually starting to show traits that Jubilee, Rachel, and Colossus all showed. The trait of dominance.

"Hmmm. Can I talk to you two?" Rachel asked them.

Derek pulled his cock out of Betsy's pussy. They followed her to the room showing all the monitors. "You can see, we have quite a few 'owners' as you could say. We have a full female which is me, Colossus who is male, and Jubilee who has become a futa, but we don't have a duo of dominant people yet. I want to recruit you two to track down others and make them into your sluts."

"Sure!" Psylocke said in an excited horny voice. Graverobber nodded.

"Good. If I could make a suggestion, I think you two should claim Syrin. I know she is on the island. I also need to get back to Beast, I left him tied up as I came to get a pussy licking from Storm. Also one converted bitch slut is in need of an owner. It's Hope so I will let you two have her as your first bitch."

"Sure, I would love to have that bitch as our slave!" Graverobber said stroking his cock.

"Well, then, follow me." Rachel said, as she left the command room. Psylocke and Graverobber followed her to the living room where Hope was.

On the way Psylocke asked Rachel a few questions.

"Would it be okay, if we were to take a few studs as well. I know Graverobber is not interested, because he wants to fuck just babes, and i enjoy fucking them to, but I would like to at least have a few more cocks around, so there's a variety of 'flavors', because I would love to have........"

"Warren, right?" Rachel asked interrupting. "And yes, of course you can."

"Yeah, he is one of the ones I was thinking about. But the one downside to getting, to suck and fuck so many cocks is getting..." Psylocke began to say, but Rachel interrupted again, knowing what she was worried about.

"Psylocke don't worry. You won't get pregnant. Whatever has happened to this island will prevent women from getting pregnant. So you can have as much sex as you want, suck and fuck as much cock as you desire. Plus, your pussy will always remain tight, and not become loose." Rachel said.

They arrived in the living room, and she explained Hope that she now belonged to Graverobber and Psylocke. Rachel then left to have a bit more fun with Storm and Polaris, before going back to deal with Beast, as it might be a good idea to leave him tied up a bit longer, as it might weaken him a bit more, and make it easier to unleash his savage side.

Hope started grabbing for Graverobber's cock. She finally starts to get sucking on it. Psylocke the gets a sly grin. "Oh Hope. I think you will like this." Psylocke said as a pink cock appeared above Betsy's pussy. "I can make more than katanas ya know. I can even give myself a temporary cock, to fuck whores like you." Then Betsy jammed it into Hope's ass.

Hope loved the feeling. She could feel both her ass getting fucked, and she could also feel her mind getting fucked as well. She also loved that taste of Graverobber's cock. "Master your cock is so tasty. Mistress your mind cock feels good in my ass! PLEASE, MORE!"

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