"let's see how it works with pigs!"

by SteveO
Storyline Superman's NEW cousin
Characters Wonder Woman Lois Lane
Category pregnancy Corruption
Previous Chapter Wonder Breeder's water breaks and she gives birth to a pair of monsters

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"Since you're a self-proclaimed 'pig fucker', how about you let a pig fuck that filthy cunt of yours?" asked Lois.

"I'd love that, but I have my babies to care for," smiled Wonder Breeder.

Karnn-El looked at the monstrosities suckling on Wonder Breeder's enormous breasts and smiled.  "Not to worry, they will be full grown within the hour, the milk coming from your utters will accelerate their growth.  Actual, the more they drink, the more powerful they will become," said Karnn-El.

Wonder Breeder smiled and pulled her breasts away from her babies.  Milk continued to spurt from her dark nipples like a garden sprinkler.  The horse creatures soon began walking upright  and explore the room, giving Wonder Breeder an opportunity to get fucked silly.  Lois brought another sow to Wonder Breeder, like the mare, this pig also had a butt plug.  However this butt plug had a large curly pig tail at the end of it.  Without saying a word, Wonder Breeder removed the horse tail butt plug and set it aside and pulled the sow's butt plug out of its ass and inserted it into her own.

"You certainly love sticking those shit covered butt plugs up your ass," remarked Lois.

Wonder Breeder nodded and smiled, waiting to get her pussy fucked by a pig.

"Tell us you want to be fucked by a pig," said Karnn-El.

"I want a pig to fuck my pussy hard and deep," said Wonder Breeder.  Wonder Breeder bent over showing off her hairy pussy and pig tail.

"Well, since you are a fuck pig, I guess you should look the part.  Lois?"

Lois smiled and brought a pair of pig ears over to Wonder Breeder.  Wonder Breeder smiled and took the pair of pig ears and strapped them to her head, afterwards she gave snort and oink.  Karnn-El and Lois laughed and knew Wonder Breeder was ready for her second breeding session.

Lois brought a 350 lb male pig behind Wonder Breeder and the pig immediately mounted her eager pussy.  Wonder Breeder's pheromones was off the charts and now any creature would immediately attempt to mate with Wonder Breeder.

"Oooh...his corkscrew cock is so good," moaned Wonder Breeder.  The pig grunted and penetrated her pussy deeper, hitting her womb.

"That's right, pork that whore!" said Lois as she rubbed her cock.  "God, I really need to stick my cock into something soon!"

The pig continued to pump his cock deep into Wonder Breeder's pussy, the former heroine moaned in pleasure begging for the farm animal to pork her.  "Yes!  Pork me!  Put a litter of piglets in me!  OH YES!!!!" screamed Wonder Breeder.

With each thrust, Wonder Breeder's breasts shook and spurted drops of milk.  Karnn-El walked over to Wonder Breeder and said, "If you're lucky, your horse babies might be big enough to fuck the shit out of you.  Wouldn't that be nice?"

"Oooh...yes..." moaned Wonder Breeder.

"Or would you like Lois to knock you up next?"

"I'd love that..." panted Wonder Breeder.

Thirty pussy pounding minutes later, the pig unloaded it's thick gobs of cum deep into Wonder Breeder's womb, Wonder Breeder screamed in pleasure as the pig's hot cum inseminated her.  "YES!  SO FUCKING GOOD!" hollered Wonder Breeder as she stroked her monstrous clit.

The pig pulled his corkscrew cock out of Wonder Breeder's well fucked pussy and walked away, completely satisfied.  Wonder Breeder laid on the ground with a glowing smile.  She rubbed her pussy and imagined the beautiful creatures that were incubating in her womb.  Karnn-El smiled at Wonder Breeder's well fucked body and pointed the ray gun at Wonder Breeder, accelerating her pregnancy term.  Wonder Breeder's belly grew extremely large and it was apparent that she had a full litter inside of her womb.  Within moments, Wonder Breeder's water broke and soon started giving birth.

Karnn-El and Lois looked on eagerly as they witnessed the life coming out of Wonder Breeder's pussy.  "Oooh...yes...come out of mommy..." moaned Wonder Breeder.  "I can't wait for you to gangbang me once you're grown up!"

Within a matter of minutes, Wonder Breeder gave birth to 5 pig-like creatures.  Just like the horse babies, the babies had a head of a pig but hands and body of a human; their feet were hoof shaped.   It was apparent that they would grow up be very large and pudgy like their father and corkscrew cocks the size of a stallion.  Wonder Breeder smiled and began nursing the piglets, taking extra care in cleaning them with her tongue.  As she cleaned her babies, Wonder Breeder's belly and pussy shrink bank to normal with no stretch marks.

Lois smiled and said, "I can watch this all day..."

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