Wonder Woman fucks them

by Gorel
Storyline Wonder Woman; Mother of all monsters.
Characters Wonder Woman Black Canary Huntress Hawkman
Category DC M/F Growth Transformation Corruption
Previous Chapter Opening the door, Wonder Woman seduces both Hawkman and Green Arrow.

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"Diana what has gotmmmmph!...." Hawkman didn't get a chance to finish as Wonder Woman roughly kissed him like she did Green Arrow. Her kiss had an effect on the two, their eyes glazed over like they were in a trance while Dianna tried to strip off their pants.

"Can't... Stop... Need this!"

As soon as she tore off the Oliver's pants she impalled herself on his shaft, hissing as the neurotoxin she gave them made both men erect and docile. Already she was moving her hips, feeling up her body as she ground against him. Her breasts were larger now and she felt stronger, her whole body felt solid with new muscle as she took out her lusts on Oliver. All the while flecks of her skin fell off leaving behind smooth pearl-white scales underneath, her eyes shifting to black with gold irisis and a small set of fangs grew out from her teeth, her prehensile forked tongue licking over them as she moaned in pleasure. "Yessssss...." she hissed as he finally came in her, putting out some of the fire in her belly that had been driving her mad with lust, but it still wasn't enough.

Sliding herself over she straddled the prone form of Hawkman and did the same to him. Crying out in pleasure as she rode him, over and over again. "Almost there... Just..." With a final shrill cry of ecstacy they both came hard, the burning need in her loins was sated for now and the madness that took over her fell just enough for her to regain her senses.

Looking around her she gasped in shock at what she had done, her two friends unconcious on the ground and their torn clothing strewn over the floor of her quarters. Standing up she looked over herself, her skin had completely changed to smooth white scales, her finger nails had grown into sharp claws and her breasts had almost doubled in size. "Whatsss happening to me?"

Moving back to the washroom she went to see her reflection, her new reptilian eyes staring back at her from the mirror while her long black hair swirled and coiled like tiny snakes behind her. "Thisss wasss the curse?" The sounds of her friends stirring stole her attention away from the mirror. Wrapping herself in a towel she ran out of her room and out into the hallway.


In a dark room in a pocket dimesnion of her creation Circe laughed at the image shown to her from a pool of water before her. She witness the entire thing, seeing Dianna seduce and overpower her own friends and change into what she is now. "Just you wait Lord Hades this is just the beginning, soon the world's souls will be yours and I can rule this world unchallenged."

With a flick of her wrist she was back in the real world, dress in an elegant gown and sitting in the penthouse suite of a hotel overlooking Star city, dozens of servants went busily to work appeasing the woman as she paid quite generously to be pampered. One offered a tray of fine cuisine while another offered a glass of their finest wine. Sitting in the plush chair at her balcony Circe smiled at what was to come.

"It's been far too long since I've enjoyed myself, I'd better make the best of it before this is all gone." Looking over to some of the waiters she conjured a stack of bills in her hand smiling seductively at the confused men. "Who here things they can give me the time of my life? The food is good and so is the wine but a lady of my tastes likes to have some... Excitement."


Dianna made her way through the halls of justice, trying to find her way to the med lab. She didn't know what she did to Arrow or Hawkman but she knew it wasn't good. Presssing her back against the wall she slumped down as the heat returned, she had to hold it back before she did something else she would regret.

"Wonder Woman? Is that you?"

Looking up at Black Canary and Huntress, Dianna hissed as she tried to hold on. "Ssso hard to think, did sssomething to Hawkman and Green Arrow, ssave them..."

"What did you do Dianna? What's happening to you? Are those scales?"

Groaning from a sudden pulse of heat from inside her Wonder Woman lurched as it began to spread, her forked tongue snapping out to smell the air as she breathed in spastically.

"Ssstay back!"

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