Wonder Breeder spends quality time with the herd

by SteveO
Storyline Superman's NEW cousin
Characters Wonder Woman Lois Lane Power Girl
Category Body Modification pregnancy
Previous Chapter a herd of horses come in

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Lois gave Karnn-El a puzzled look.

"Oops, I pressed the wrong button," said Karnn-El.  "No big deal, I have something special for Wonder Breeder."

"Get that fucking horse away from Supergirl!" screamed Power Girl.  "I'm not doing fucking this slut!  Maybe after I knock her up a few times I'll let her horse fuck her!"

Karnn-El smiled at Power Girl's dominate behavior and herded the horses on one side of the room.  Wonder Breeder was on her hands and knees waiting impatiently to get fucked.  She placed her hand between her legs and began to finger her pussy.  "Oooh...I must have those cocks inside me, please!" moaned Wonder Breeder.

"Oh you will, but first let's get you ready," said Lois.  Lois guided an old mare into the room.  "This mare has been used to breed multiple horses, you will be retiring this poor horse and giving her a nice vacation."  Lois guided the mare to Wonder Breeder and the former heroine noticed a horse hair tail butt plug was inside the mare's ass.  Lois pulled the butt plug out of the mare's ass and waved it in front of Wonder Breeder's face.  The pungent smell filled Wonder Breeder's nostrils as she stared at the thick 10 inch butt plug.  The mare's filth was completely covered all over it.  "Ready to be replace this mare?" asked Lois.

Wonder Breeder looked at the butt plug with lust and pleaded, "Please stick that up my hairy ass!"

Lois smiled and walked around the former heroine and eased the butt plug into Wonder Breeder's ass.  The horse's filth allowed the butt plug to go in with no difficulty.  Lois took a few leather straps and secured the straps to the base of the butt plug and wrapped the straps around Wonder Breeder's waist, ensuring that the butt plug was secure.  Lois smiled and gave Wonder Breeder a hard slap on the ass, "Ooh..." moaned Wonder Breeder.

Karnn-El lead one of the horses over to Wonder Breeder, the horse could smell Wonder Breeder's pussy juices dripping from her cunt.  It immediately got excited and its cock erected a full 24 inches.

"Spread those pussy lips, your fantasy is about to fulfilled," said Karnn-El.

"Stick that horse cock in my pussy!  Knock me up!" screamed Wonder Breeder.

The horse neighed and mounted Wonder Breeder, thrusting his cock deep into her pussy.

"Yes!!!" screamed Wonder Breeder as she felt the horse fill her pussy to the limit.  "Yes...so fucking good!"

The horse was in a frenzy as Wonder Breeder's hormones was drove the horse insane with lust.  It was determined to breed Wonder Breeder and unload all of its cum into her.  "Harder!  Fucking tear me apart you stud!" screamed Wonder Breeder.

The horse increased its pace, slamming its gigantic cock deep into Wonder Breeder.  Wonder Breeder's pussy clamped on to the horse's cock as it pumped in and out of her.

"Look at this fucking whore!  I'm so glad I'm getting all this on film!" said Lois.

After 15 minutes of hard horse action, the horse unloaded its hot cum deep into Wonder Breeder's womb.  "Oh....YESS!!!  FILL ME WITH YOUR CUM!!!!" screamed Wonder Breeder as she orgasmed as well.

A hot load of horse batter flooded Wonder Breeder's womb, horse sperm swam into ovaries, instantly impregnating her.  The horse's cock soon went flaccid and he withdrew his cock out of Wonder Breeder's well fucked pussy and walked away.  The other horses were agitated and could not wait to get their turn on Wonder Breeder's pussy.  Wonder Breeder rolled on her back, moaning in pleasure, rubbing her belly.

Karnn-El walked over to Wonder Breeder and smiled.  "That was pretty good Wonder Breeder but I think it's time we accelerated your descent into depravity.  Are you ready?"

"Yes...make me into the most depraved slut ever!" moaned Wonder Breeder.

"Very well," smiled Karnn-El.  Karnn-El walked over to the ray gun and with a few changes, she pointed the ray gun at Wonder Breeder and activated it.  Wonder Breeder's pregnancy accelerated to a full 9 month cycle.  Her breasts enlarge to the size of beach balls, the nipples thickened and grew a full 4 inches.  The areolae on her breasts darkened to a dark brown color and grew to the size of saucers.  Her belly grew outward and her belly button became an outie with her piercing lying on top of belly.

"Look at you, a pregnant slut!" said Karnn-El.  "Almost like a pig..."

Lois smiled at Karnn-El's comment and walked over to Wonder Breeder with a nose hook.  Taking the nose hook, she hooked Wonder Breeder's nose and looped it over her head and secured it to her collar, giving her a pig like nose.  "Perfect," said Lois.  "Tell me Wonder Breeder, are you a fuck pig?"

"Yes," said Wonder Breeder as she rubbed her very pregnant belly.

As she said that, Karnn-El pressed a button and a 300 lb female pig charged in.  "In that case, you won't mind fucking this sow, right?"

"Oooh...yes..." moaned Wonder Breeder stroking her large clit.  Wonder Breeder slowly got up and walked behind the pig.

"This is incredible," said Lois.

Wonder Breeder took her erect clit and eased her monstrous clit into the pig.  Resting her large pregnant belly on the back of pig's rump, she jammed her clit deep inside the pig.  "Oh, yes....so nice," moaned Wonder Breeder.  The pig squealed in pleasure as she felt Wonder Breeder's clit impale her.  Wonder Breeder rubbed her large breasts as she fucked the pig, drops of milk came out with each thrust.

"Oink for the cameras!" said Lois.

"Oink, oink," said Wonder Breeder as she continued to fuck the pig.  "Look at me, I'm a pig fucker!" exclaimed Wonder Breeder.

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There's always the charm of turning heroic ladies into baby factories
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