Zatanna transforms Supergirl into a ????

by gothamalleyviper
Storyline Enter the Corrupter
Characters Batman Batwoman (Kate Kane) Red Hood Superman Supergirl Zatanna Wonder Woman
Category Female Dom F/F Transformation Corruption Body Modification
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"You're nothing but a rubber cow!" Zatanna shouted then smiled, "Woc rebbur a tub gnihton er'uoy!"

Supergirl just stared at her for a second, then she blinked and her blues eyes now brown.  Her tits began to grow and she felt a tingling from right above her ass crack.  She felt a tingling on her head.  Zatanna started laughing at her, but she didn't understand.

"Rorrim a s'ereh," Zatanna smiled as a mirror appeared in her hands.

Kara the Super Cowgirl looked at her self, she had horns! She had G cups! A tail was twitching behind her!


Sergeant Sally Disney and her junior partner Officer Jimar Tatopolis were finishing up the questioning of one Clark Kent at the scene of the car crash.  Sally thanked Mr. Kent then geustured for Jimar to follow her.

"What do they call me in the squad room," she asked.

"What?" Jimar asked.

"I am not going to be offended," Sally assured him.

"Strap-on Sally."

"You know why?" Sally said getting into the cruiser, "My husband and I have a 'alternative sexual relationship,' which means we are kinky as hell.  We know all the players in town, all the shops, all the nice clubs and all the back alley seedy holes.  If Lois Lane had stated into BDSM for a exposae about a year ago and taken to it, I would have seen her and her husband.  All of this sounds like mainstream pulp, not real fetish community stuff.  You see how bad the road rash on Clark Kent?"

"There wasn't any," Jimar said.

"Right!  He is lying!"


Sergeant Sally Disney and her partner stood in front Captain Williams. She had just finished listing all the things wrong with the Kent testimony.

"Are you accusing Clark Kent of Murder?" Captain Williams asked flatly.

"No sir," Sally said flatly.

"But you are accusing him of purgery in the case of a lethal car crash," Captain Williams said, "And you would be willing to appear before a grand jury?"

"In catsuit and corset if need be!" Sergeant Disney said.

"Relax," Captain Williams said, "I am going to make a few calls, as of right now, Clark Kent is a suspect of criminal activity.  Get out of my office, I need to use the phone."


Bruce called them to the side, Jason and Kate were not really sure what was going on.

"Here Jason," Bruce handed Jason a wad of twenties, "Both of you get one of those pay as you go cell phones.  Program this phone number into it right away."

Both took the post it note.

"What gives?" Kate asked.

"Oracle, Nightwing, Black Bat, Robin, and Batgirl have all been out of monitoring for at least 48 hours in the last month.  You two have been under constant surveillance," Bruce shrugged, "Don't take it personally, I had Azreal under constant monitoring until his death."

A phone rang.

"One second," Bruce said as he took the cell phone call, "Captain Williams, I remember your Sergeant Disney, your people call her Strap-on Sally right?  Lois Lane? Clark Kent? Purgery?  I have someone to watch over the investigation...  I'll get them right on it."

Bruce hung up the phone.

"Stick together," Bruce said, "I want you two to play guardian angel over the investigation of the car crash death of Lois Lane."



"Fifty Euros," Jill said as the German bull dyke eyed Diana, "and she licks you for an hour."

The cash changed hands.


Sue Dibny sat on the couch with her husband, it had been a quite night so Elongated Man wasn't need.  She sat there with him listening to the music that they had been given by their trainer.  The offer had been too good to resist.  They enjoyed the results of the therapy sessions.  All the payment they required was some information of their so called friends.  They were having so much great sex now.

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There's always the charm of turning heroic ladies into baby factories
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