Black Cat's wish makes Peter into a kind Master but adds a new lust for control that brings out his dark side

by Wilder
Storyline Twisted Wishes
Previous Chapter Black Cat wishes the girls would show some damn respect and obey their Master right now!

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Peter Parker stared at each of the four women in front of him, each kneeling in turn behind Black Cat, looking up at him adoringly. Looking up at their new Master.

"You are all mine." he said and knew it to be true. He accepted it. More than that, a part of him liked it. Liked it a lot in fact. All of the panic and concern he had felt seconds ago about this being incredibly bad or strange faded away. This had . . . potential.

"No one speaks unless spoken to, is that clear?" he said, cocking his head thoughtfully.

"Yes, Master!" the four women said in a chorus and stayed silent.

"It's obvious that "wishes" are being granted . . . my wishes and possibly others. Hmm."

He looked down at Carlie Cooper. The petite beauty hadn't been dating Peter for very long and the truth be told was that he loved her mind and her spirit more than her body. Time to experiment.

"I wish Carlie Cooper's tits were perky, sensitive all natural DDDs with big thick nipples that gave her orgasms when they got sucked on or pinched.."

Carlie Cooper bit her lip to stifle a moan as her meager B-cups expanded outwards, thrusting out from her petite form like softballs, pink nipples thickening and lengthening as well until they stood out like stacks of bottlecaps, large even for her newly huge tits. On her small frame, they looked even bigger than MJ's DD's. He noticed the nipples were hard and that Carlie was breathing heavily. While all the other girls had chilled out, she too held a relaxed position while kneeling but was still more than a bit turned on.

"Carlie, do you like you new tits?"

The CSI police officer moaned in delight as she reached up to play with her big boobs.

"Mmm, I think they make me look like a slut or a stripper but I love them because you love them, Master! And they feel soooo good!"

Carlie's eyes got heavily lidded and she seemed close to climaxing then and there as she pinched at her nipples.

"Muh-Master, please fuck me! I know I should chill out but I'm so fucking horny! My pussy won't stop begging for your cock! I'm sorry, Master!"

Black Cat, MJ and Silver Sable each scowled at their fellow sex slave but remained silent, as per their Master's order.

Peter Parker tried to remember what he had said about Carlie exactly. Wasn't it something about "not being able to get enough of him"? No wonder she was so horny! It seemed that one wish hadn't quite cancelled out the first wish. Interesting.

"I wish that Carlie Cooper would only be a nymphomaniac until I cum in her . . . but return to this state of arousal every 24 hours unless she receives a fresh dose of my cum in one of her holes."

Carlie Cooper whimpered in frustration even as she pinched her huge pink nips to bring herself to an orgasm.

"I'm the Master here, slut, and I say when we fuck. Do you understand C. C.?"

Carlie had hated him calling her that but it seemed to suit the huge-titted nympho kneeling before better than "Carlie". It made his cock hard to have her like this, he realized. To have all the power.

"Yuh-yes, Master! I'm sorry, Master!" she cooed. "C. C. is sorry, Master!"

Without another word, she bent forward, prostrating herself at his feet, smashing her new tits into his hardwood floor as she kissed his feet. Her pert bubble butt was thrust high into the air, getting Peter even more excited even as he had an idea.

"Felicia . . . strip down, take Carlie to that chair, bend her over your lap and spank her until I tell you to stop."

The bisexual Black Cat licked her lips, her green eyes glittering with delight as she sprung into action to obey Peter.

"Yes, Master! Right away, Master!" she purred, sliding out of her costume effortlessly and then her panties. Nude, she strode over and violently began grabbing C. C. by her hair, then dragged her over to the nearby chair before tossing her over her lap. At 5' 10", she still towered over the tiny 5' 1" police scientist whose big boobs bounced and jiggled with all the movement.

"This is for disobeying our Master!" Black Cat growled, bringing her hand down on C.C.'s  pert bubble butt with a meaty smack. Carlie cried out and Peter felt his cock get even harder. He had a harem now - one with a cop, a thief, a supermodel and a Queen. Speaking of which . . . he looked over at MJ and Silver Sable, both of whom had gazes flickering between Felicia's spanking of C.C. and their Master.

"Ask me permission to suck me off and cum on your tits." he told the Symarkian Queen and the sexy, buxom redhead in a powerful, masculine growl. "Better yet, BEG me."

"Mmm, let me suck on that huge, meaty wang of yours Tiger! Suck and suck until you cum allllll over my big slutty tits, Master!" MJ purred.

Sable was far less used to begging anyone for anything but still desperate to please. She tried to make up for her lack of knowledge of what to say with pure volume.


They both began babbling and begging but Peter raised up his hand.

"STOP. It's your lucky day, sluts - I command both of you to suck me off at the same time while I watch Felicia discipline your fellow slave. NOW."

The Queen of Symarkia and the gorgeous ex who'd spurned him both crawled over to him on their knees and began to suck on his cock and balls. It felt heavenly. MJ worked his shaft eagerly with her mouth while the platinum blonde merc let herself be teabagged, gently sucking on his balls, each woman rubbing their tits up against his legs while doing so.

With great power came great responsibility - wasn't that what Uncle Ben had always said? And now, here he was, with complete power over these four hot sluts, purely by chance. Of course, if he could do this again with the really dangerous women of the world, he'd be doing something noble. Something smart. Something right. Expanding his harem was the only responsible thing to do, especially with all these wishes just coming true at random.

Being responsible had never felt this fucking good before, he thought with a cruel smirk. Between the sight of Black Cat spanking Carlie, both of their tits jiggling and swaying, combined with Sable's eager tongue and MJ's deep throating him, he felt himself close to cumming. With a growl, he pulled both women off his junk and smiled as they tumbled back onto the floor.

His thick, throbbing cock spurt long row after long row of jism all over the sweaty women, landing in perfect lines across their full tits and faces. The two woman moaned and screamed, climaxing from the sheer joy of having obeyed their Master and receiving his gift of cum.

"I like this responsibility a lot." Peter Parker said chuckling before deciding on which female supervillainess to add to his selection of sexy slave girls and whether or not he should acquire her first before or AFTER the orgy he was about to enjoy.


Ms. Marvel swung her wide hips back and forth with a sexy swagger as she tooled down the sidewalk of Times Square in nothing but her thigh-high boots, gloves, mask, sash and a yellow peekaboo bra with matching slingshot thong. She knew she could just fly to Avengers HQ in seconds but having everyone on ground level get the full show - staring at her huge E-cup titties and oh-so-fuckable ass as she sauntered down the street - was just the best! It was making her so fucking horny, in fact, that she wasn't sure she'd be able to wait and hold herself back from getting her slutty ass reamed before making it back to the Tower for a good superfucking!

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