To Dee Dee's surprise, Di needs her opinion before she can make a decision

by ESchorcho
Storyline New U Salon
Characters Wonder Woman
Category DC Bimboization F/F Mind Control
Previous Chapter Di gets a breast enhancement.

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Di’s piercing blue eyes were locked on Dee Dee’s impressive pair of tits encased in the thin fabric of the stylist’s brief leopard-print mini dress.  Dee Dee’s pussy began to drip as she studied the heroic woman’s eyes as they became glassy openly ogling her impressive rack.  Dee Dee loved the attention Di was giving her, and she wanted nothing more than to continue to push the limits of Wonder Woman’s corruption.

Meanwhile, Di’s head was swimming.  She had always thought of her as having large tits.  Even on Themyscira the other full-figured Amazons weren’t as big as her or her mother.  Big titties ran in the family, or at least Di always thought they did.  But now, standing next to the incredibly sexy Dee Dee she now felt inadequate.  And to Di, if Dee Dee told her that her tits were small then that must be true.  Everything her stylist had told her was right since she stepped into the New U Salon, so Dee Dee must be right on with men respecting women more with big tits.  But there was still something Di needed to know before she could make her decision.

“Dee Dee?” Diana whispered, slowly shifting her gaze from her stylist’s huge tits to her beautifully slutty face.  The woman known to the world as Wonder Woman shifted her feet in a girlish manner which made Dee Dee that much hotter since the formerly conservative heroine’s curvy body was bare for anyone in the salon to see.

“Yes, darling?” Dee Dee said, grinning lasciviously at how Di was acting.  The once strong-willed, independent heroine was now acting so unsure and vulnerable around her.  Dee Dee thought how this was a beginning to be an interesting development, as she took a dainty step closer to the nude Wonder Woman.

“Well…you said that men like and respect big breasts.  But would YOU like to see me with huge set of round, suckable, fuckable titties?” Di asked, tossing her platinum blonde hair in an overly feminine gesture and preened before the stylist with a naughty look on her face.

Di didn’t have to wait long for her answer.  Dee Dee’s hands shot out and she grabbed Di on both sides of her face as the heroine yelped in sheer joy at the attention she was getting from her sexy stylist.  Before Di could say anything else, the two women were locked in a fevered kiss.  Dee Dee wasted no time in shoving her tongue into Di’s mouth and the newly minted platinum blonde responded in kind as their tongues wrestled in each other’s mouth for minutes on end.  Di moaned into to the kiss when she felt Dee Dee press her mammoth chest into her own subpar pair of tits, hoping soon they would be on equal footing in the tittie department.

Dee Dee thought that corrupting Wonder Woman was going to be a routine bimbo transformation for the New U Salon, but things were going differently.  She had never had a woman come in that so desperately wanted to become a big-titted slut for herself, as well as the outside world.  Dee Dee’s legs grew weak for a second and her pussy gushed like a faucet when her mind, as if on reflex, put together the names Di and Dee Dee…as if they were a slutty little couple.

Finally, Dee Dee broke away from the kiss and looked lustfully at Di.  “Did that answer your question about your titties?” Dee Dee asked, and Di’s lips curled in a knowing grin at what her future held.  Dee Dee couldn’t help smile sinsterly at Di.  She would have bet her life savings that the formerly conservative heroine never flashed anyone that sexy of a smile before entering the New U Salon that day.  Something had been awoken inside Wonder Woman, and Dee Dee was incredibly attracted to it.  She wanted nothing more than to test how far Di would go now that she had been seemingly wrapped in Dee Dee’s slutty little web, but she knew first thing was first.

“Come Di,” was Dee Dee’s simple command, as she beckoned the already full-figured woman with one long-nailed finger.

“Oh yes, Dee Dee!” Di moaned, as she followed the sauntering body of Dee Dee into a back room, careful to stay a few steps behind the more dominant woman.  Di knew she was getting further and further away from her identity as the heroic Wonder Woman, but at this point, she didn’t give a shit.  All she cared about at that very moment was concentrating on the perfect ass in front of her as it swayed back and forth hypnotically encased in the tight little leopard print dress.

Dee Dee and Di would their way into a back room where there were a half-dozen chairs with peculiar attachments to them.  Dee Dee stood next to one, turned sharply on her towering heels and again beckoned Di to come sit.  Di didn’t bat an eye as she did as she was instructed and lowered herself onto the cushioned chair.  Dee Dee pressed a button and the back of the chair slowly slid back while her legs were raised so she was laying down with her back raised slightly.  Then Dee Dee slid around and took the chair’s attachment, clear plastic cones, and secured them over Di’s tits.  Di noticed that the cones were attached to a connection of wires and hoses and for a second she became worried.

“Now you don’t worry about a thing, my darling Di.  Everything is fine, and when you wake up you will be that much closer to being perfect with new and improved set of titties,” Dee Dee purred as she stroked Di’s platinum blonde hair.  As she petted Wonder Woman like a house-pet, she reached behind her for a syringe.  Smiling widely, Dee Dee quickly sunk the needle into Di’s arm and pressed down.  Di’s eyes grew wide for a second and she gasped at what had just happened to her, but then she relaxed, as her eyes grew limp and glassy.

“There, there, now.  That little drugged cocktail will put you to sleep while this machine works on your titties and will also make you that much more horny and compliant when you wake up!” Dee Dee chirped cheerfully.

“Yes…Dee Dee…” Di’s words slurred, “Whatevrrrr….yooou…saaaayyyyy….”

And with that, Di drifted off to sleep.  Dee Dee had to control herself and not sink her tongue into Di’s visibly wet pussy.  She then bit her pouty bottom lip at the amount of hair between Di’s legs.  She knew that was going to have to be dealt with, but first she needed to program the machine to work on Di’s tits.  Grinning wickedly, Dee Dee turned the dial and the machine began to hum to life and Diana's tits began to expand beneath the clear plastic cups....

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There's always the charm of turning heroic ladies into baby factories
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There's always the charm of turning heroic ladies into baby factories

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