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by Helen-Troy
Storyline Intergalactic Garage Sale
Characters Spider-Man Human Torch
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Confused, Peter… not Petra Parker web-sling his way through Manhattan, not really knowing how or where he… no, *she* was going.

It was strange. Seeing Johnny in front of him, all his confusion and doubts seemed to melt away. Of course she was Petra Parker. A science experiment was contaminated by some alien DNA and it had turned her into She-Venom. Granting her all sorts of powers, she became a hero. Her and the Human Torch soon hit it off. They were even engaged. Until… Until it all went wrong… Until the influence of the alien DNA became too much.

It had bonded with her, no longer were the two separate. Each was simply part of each other. Reed Richards of the Fantastic Four had examined the DNA when the two had first begun dating. But his examinations had shown nothing to be alarmed about. The creature fed on Petra’s bio-chemistry, but the relationship was symbiotic. Petra’s adrenaline glands were stimulated and enhanced to increase production. But all the excess adrenaline was consumed by the alien.

If only he had done his examination after her and Johnny became sexually active. How could Reed foresee the alien would find a new substance to feed upon? How could he had known this would be the endorphins released through climaxing? How could he have known that the creature could alter more glands?

Gasping in surprise, Petra discovered that she had unconsciously swung over to the Fantastic Four’s headquarters. How stupid. She couldn’t be seen her. Not now. Not after everything that had happened those months ago.

Panicking slightly she turned to leave, only for a flaming fireball to hurtle into the ground in front of her.

“Come back for more?” a voice angrily shouted. “Humiliating me once isn’t enough for you? This time instead of being in front of my family it has to be in public?”

She looked up to see the Human Torch in the air.

“Johnny, you know I’m sorry. The alien, it changed me. Made it so I could do stuff, made it so I could make you do stuff. But I’m better now. I can control it.”

“Control it? I heard you and the Sandman were at it last night, and Kraven a couple of nights before, and someone claims you were even doing it with Norman Osborne in Oscorp’s board room the other week.”

He stared at her. “You’re not worth it. You’re nothing but a slut. I shouldn’t even be here.”

He couldn’t leave her now. Could he? Not after what they had shared before, before she became the “Seductive” She-Venom as the press had now called her. 

“No, Johnny, please.” She sobbed, “I’m stronger now. I can control it. PLEASE!”

Johnny snarled, “Forget it, after what you made me do. Made me do in front of my own Family.” He paused, his fists trembling at his side and his body temperature literally rising as he fought to control his anger. “Reed says you’re not human anymore, just a thing. He said it wasn’t my fault. That you were influencing me.”

“But I have nowhere else to go!” she cried. “No one else to turn to!”

He spat at her feet. “You don’t even deserve pity.” He finished, turning his back on her.

Desperate, she launched herself at him, only for him to effortlessly dodge. Grabbing She-Venom by her arm he pulled her in and deftly sat down on a roof-top extractor fan and bent her over his lap. Petra gasped in surprise and pleasure as she felt his hard, manhood pressing through his skin-tight unstable molecule pants and into her bare midriff. His hand softly caressed her exposed butt cheeks, the adventurer spending a few seconds to caress and cup her plump, rounded ass, his fingers playing with the black, shiny, symbiotic thong wedged deeply between the two smooth globes.

Petra hissed softly, her long, pointed tongue dancing between and over her thick glossy, black lips as if possessed by a mind of its own. Nothing remained except an overwhelming desire to fuck or be fucked. Wriggling on his lap invitingly

“Punish me.” She whispered. “You know you want to. Make the bitch pay.” Her voice was soft and seductive and hypnotic when combined with the ever increasing amount of alien pheromones being breathed in by the normally incorruptible hero. Rubbing her stomach against his engorged cock, she continued to seduce him. “You know I deserve it.”


It took She-Venon several seconds to realised that the hard, sharp sound that she had heard was the result of Johnny’s hand smacking her ass. But slowly the pain built up until she fought her ass was on fire. Instinctively, she began to claw and scrabble on his lap, but the athletic superhero simply grabbed her leg and pulled her back into position with one arm, while the other once more whacked her creamy, smooth ass. She-Venom hissed and cried as her other butt-cheek stung with the same intensity as the first.

Johnny smiled as he watched his prisoner wriggle and squirm. He smiled even more when he saw the rosy, red bruising on each perfect orb. She was right, the slut-bitch deserved it. His hand flew down once more, and once more a harsh cracking sound rung out over the roof-tops.

She-Venom was resigned to her fate now, and with the fourth, fifth and sixth slap gradually stopped struggling. But each fresh spank not only increased her arousal, but also her submission. Submission to the alien desires that were altering her body, and submission to the man who was so effortlessly dominating her.

With a soft slurping sound, her symbiotic thong simply melted away, the black, shiny mass rolling over her body like mercury as she presented her red raw butt to her conqueror. Somehow it knew the time was right. It knew this is what he wanted. Inflamed beyond all reason, the Torch yanked down his pants and thrust his eager cock into her open gate,  snarling as he did so.

“That’s right bitch. Take my cock, you slut.”

She-Venom could do nothing but hiss in pleasure has his thick, hard rod forced its way inside her tight, tidy passage. His hand spanked her still smarting left ass while his other hand grabbed her short hair and painfully pulled her back, her back arching in almost a perfect semi-circle as he continued to thrust and push his way inside her. It hurt, it hurt so much. The sharp, constant pain in her scalp and he pulled her back; the hot, stinging glow from her abused ass; and the thick man-meat burying itself inside her. Oh God it hurt. It hurt so much. And it was wonderful!

Somewhere, deep inside, she knew what she had got Johnny to do that day was wrong. She knew how much it had hurt him. And she knew that she deserved to be punished; to offer herself like this to him; to be used and abused like some cheap trashy whore. It was her penance. To be dominated just as she had dominated him the first time she lost control.

“Say it. Say your’re my bitch.” He whispered into her ear, pulling her head back even more.

She-Venom hissed, “Yes, I’m your bitch. Your slut bitch” The words were the truth. The total truth and realising this, she came, her whole pale body flushing as she shuddered, trembled and hissed.

“Say that fuckable body is mine and mine alone,” he continued. “Say your’re mind and mine only.”

Still trembling, She-Venom continued to hiss out his desires. “I’m your fuck-toy, your slut, your slave.” Again she knew this was the truth. Those others…. She had fucked them out of need. But she still loved Johnny and would do anything to be his once more.

Endorphins flowed through her system, eagerly consumed by her alien parasite, making it grow stronger. But like an addict, this only made the hunger stronger.

Feeling her cum, he knew that he was close too, and tossing her head forward her grabbed her by her slender waist and using her wide hips as an aid proceeded to deeply plough his locked and ready love-gun in and out of her ass.

Her pheromones had rendered him almost insatiable, and all that could be heard from his was deep, measure breathing and low, primal growls and he strived to stimulate himself as much as possible, but still delay the inevitable climax as long as possible.

But it was useless – youth, desire, alien biology and, yes, perhaps even a longing for what the two of them once shared – overcame him. With a roar of triumph, the young athletic stud fired wad after wad of thick, slick cum into She-Venom’s ass.

Breathing heavily the two of them just stayed as they were for a minute or so, her bent over the railing, her balloon like ass high in the air and him, his deflated cock still inside her his hands around her waist and his cum leaking down between her legs.

And then, with a slurping sound, the two separated themselves. Gasping she fell to the floor while Johnny just stood there, confused. What had he done? How did he let her manipulate him again? After all Reed’s warnings?

Silently, She-Venom’s sparse alien covering morphed itself into a hard, black collar, flawlessly sealed around her neck, as a tendril ebbed it way outwards and found Johnny’s, wrapping itself around his hand forming a short, tight leash.

He pulled on the leash, as she crouched at his feet, her hands running over his firm thighs, ass and ripped stomach, as her long pointed tongue lapped and swirled around his deflated but still thick and long cock, carefully cleaning it of his slick cum. He smiled, his doubts gone. He knew this was how it was supposed to be.

“That’s right, you’re mine now.” He growled in triumph. The Seductive She-Venom screamed and held onto her Master as his words caused her to cum. And inside her body, the alien presence grew stronger…

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