Wonder Woman and Ms. Marvel are waiting for him back at the base...

by BatPimp
Storyline The Alpha Essence
Characters Batman Mary Marvel Wonder Woman
Category M/F Harem
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The roar of engines and the screeching of wheels announced the return of the master to his cave. As the canopy of the Batmobile opened, the Dark Knight took note of his surroundings. Most nights, or more accurately mornings, he was greeted back home by his butler with a warm mug of coffee or tea. Today wasn't one of those days.

Instead he was greeted by two beautiful women. Well a teen and a woman who looked half his age but was actually much older than he was. The first one had dark chestnut hair ending at her shoulders with brown eyes, a moderately busty chest and a petite figure overall.

The second one however was a sight for sore eyes, a living goddess. She had raven dark hair cascading down to the small of her back that draped her almost like a cape and the most striking pair of blue eyes. Her figure was both extremely athletic and graciously feminine with large breasts and a magnificent bottom all perfectly proportioned.

And he had the privilege of banging that ass on a regular basis.

Mary Marvel and Wonder Woman both dressed in civilian clothes stood there in the middle of the Bat-cave apparently waiting for him. While Diana looked calm and composed, Mary on the oder hand bore an incredulous and confused expression, because it was her first visit of his domain and she had no idea why exactly Diana brought her here.

It was for the purpose of a little game between Batman and Wonder Woman. Although the Amazon had quite a few lovers, the Dark Knight was by far one of her favorites being the most skilled of all of them. Unfortunately his lack of superpowers meant that she had to restrain herself least she crush him inadvertently between her thighs.

But they had found a way to thoroughly enjoy themselves nonetheless. Having grown up as the youngest one on an island populated solely by female warriors, Diana wasn't unfamiliar to sex encounters with another woman. She had told him how her elder sisters used to assault her when she was a teen.

Three to five Amazons, who were all adults, would usually drag her to the woods and start groping and fondling her body. They would then proceed to teaching her about her own body making her cum non-stop for several hours.

Batman was the only one who had the skills and stamina to make her reach that nirvana if she could be properly restrained. Using her lasso wasn't of much help either since she would end up destroying anything it bound her to, even though she couldn't break the lasso itself.

The solution came to Batman when Wonder Woman had been exposed to Scarecrow's Fear Toxin. He had asked Power Girl to hold Wonder Woman steady while he administered the anti-toxin. Seeing Diana trashing in Karen's arms had been strangely arousing and inspiration had struck him.

Later he shared his idea with Diana and one evening they had used their combined charms to seduce Power Girl. They guided her to the Themysciran embassy and fucked her brains out together. Ever since then they always look for new partners to share their bed.

Today was Mary Marvel's turn. However the teen wasn't the only one who was going to be surprised tonight. While Mary didn't know she was about to be fucked by an experimented couple, Diana didn't know she was in for the best night of her life.

The Alpha Essence had literally turned Batman into a God of sex and pleasure and he was about to discover the perks of superpowers in the bedroom. Time to start their game.

"What are you doing here?" he asked in his usual abrasive tone. He looked from one woman to the other. Mary wore her hair free with a gray turtleneck a green plaid skirt and black stockings underneath. These so stay on, he thought with a mental leer. Although she had a somewhat geeky look, it only made her more cute.

"I brought her here, because she needs training," Wonder Woman answered taking her trademark pose with her knuckles on her hips. She had her hair tied in a loose ponytail and wore tight jeans with a form-fitting black top. The outline of her nipples under her top betrayed her lack of bra and he knew she didn't wear anything under her jeans. She never did. She didn't like wearing underwear.

Bruce really liked that look on her. Sometimes he would lower her pants just enough so he could have his way with her ass. She really loved it in the ass and would cum even from a quick ride.

"Why bring her to me? You're almost as skilled as I am while also having the same powers as her," he argued stealing a glance at Mary who looked even more confused. Wonder Woman smirked at this. It was time to reveal their game.

"Oh, I wasn't talking about combat training," she voiced out with sensuality. She walked up to him and to Mary's amazement planted her lips firmly on his. With groans and moans they started making out in the middle of the Cave still fully clothed. That didn't stop them from groping each other wherever their hands could reach.

Mary who had overcome her initial shock was watching them devour each other fascinated by the sounds echoing through the cave. Diana would emit a high-pitched moan every time he squeezed a breast and squeal in his embrace when he pinched a nipple while he growled like a wild beast as she nibbled on his lower lip and massaged his ass.

They started tugging at each other's clothes. First she removed his combined cape-and-cowl and gave him an open-mouthed kiss as she drank in the sight of his naked eyes. They disengaged briefly so he could remove her top. As soon as her chest was bare, he attacked her mouth-watering mounds.

He sucked on one nipple twirling his tongue around it while pinching and twisting the second one between his fingers. She was so aroused she forgot to pay attention to his increased strength. She always felt the pleasurable sensation of warm hands running over her skin, but she shouldn't have felt the pressure of him squeezing her flesh. He wasn't strong enough to bruise her skin before.

Once her first breast was wet enough he switched his attention her second one, but instead of sucking on it he bit on it. She squeaked in surprise at the partly pleasurable partly hurtful sensation, but he didn't react to her protest and proceeded with nibbling on her nipple and teasing it with the tip of his tongue.

He stopped playing with her breasts and took a step back to remove his suit while she removed her pants. They were completely naked now and Diana and Mary took a good look at Bruce's erection. Diana gasped at his new size. It was the biggest cock she had ever seen.

Remembering her young companion who was still standing fully clothed a few feet away from them she called her. "Come here little sister. Let me teach you how to pleasure a man."

Mary stepped closer to the two adults and Diana grabbed her hand. "Strip," Wonder Woman ordered, though she didn't wait for the teen's reaction before she started removing her clothes. Batman joined her to speed up the process.

"Eeek," Mary squeaked when they lifted her into the air as Diana grabbed onto her turtleneck and Bruce tugged her skirt off. They turned her around so that Diana could tear her panties off while Bruce ripped off her bra.

"You're so cute, Mary," said Diana as Mary started squirming in their embrace. Wonder Woman breathed the teen's scent before taking a good lick of her pussy while Bruce fondled her breasts and kissed her from behind.

Bruce settled the length of his cock between Mary's ass cheeks and helped Diana by moving one hand to the teen's clitoris. He used his fingers to pinch and flick it as Diana began fondling his balls. This prompted Bruce to roll his hips and rub his erection over her backside.

"Aaah fuck, I'm coming," howled Mary as the combined ministrations of the two adults made her release her pussy juices all over Diana's face. Panting heavily on the ground she opened her eyes to catch Batman and Wonder Woman making out above her in their birthday clothes.

Bruce alternated between kissing her deeply and licking all over her face to clean up Mary's cum. Once he had finished, Diana sat on her knees and started working on his cock. When did it get so big? she asked silently gazing at his large member with a mixture of lust, amazement and adoration. Oh Goddess, I never had one so big before, she trembled at the thought of him invading her insides.

Her mind swirled as she breathed in his intense smell and started working on the underside of his erection with her tongue.

(To be continued...)

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