Lois has an idea

by SteveO
Storyline Superman's NEW cousin
Characters Wonder Woman Lois Lane Supergirl Power Girl
Category Futanari/Hermaphrodite DC Corruption Transformation Body Modification
Previous Chapter Power Girl fucks Supergirl senseless

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As Power Girl fucked Supergirl, Lois smirked and walked over to Supergirl and gave the young Kryptonian a nasty titty twister, waking her up.

"Wake up you ungrateful slut!" snapped Lois. "Many women would kill to have a lover like Power Girl fuck the shit out of them! Hell, Superman...or should I call him 'Superfag' could barely pleasure me."

"Please...stop..." cried Supergirl.

"I'll stop once I dump all my cum inside your womb!" snarled Power Girl.

"Karnn-El, I just thought of the perfect punishment for Wonder Slut!" said Lois.

"Oh? What's that my dear?" asked Karnn-El.

"Remember that special little device you just completed?"

"Oh yes! I haven't tested it yet..." said Karnn-El.

"Let's test it out on that treacherous whore! That fucking slut tried to betray you, I think it's time that this whore finally started to become a useful member of our team. Hell, if I care if anything goes wrong with the bitch!" said Lois.

Karnn-El smiled and walked over to the wall and pressed a red button. A chair rose from the ground. On the seat of the chair was a 15 inch tall metallic cone with numerous glowing rings surrounding it, the base of the cone was 4 inches in diameter. Karnn-El walked over to Wonder Woman as the amazon continued to pound away Huntress's now gaping pussy. "Time for your punishment Wonder Slut!" said Karnn-El. The Kryptonian grabbed Wonder Woman by the hips and tore her clit out of Huntress's pussy, causing the two women to scream in pain.

"Aggghh!" screamed a teary eyed Huntress as she felt her pussy nearly get ripped opened.

Wonder Woman's throbbing clit was a dark shade of red due to all the blood rushing into. The amazon involuntarily jerked her hips forward as Karnn-El pulled her towards the chair.

"What...are...you...doing?" moaned Wonder Woman.

"We're going to make you initiate you into the team!" smiled Lois.

"No...won't join...you..." responded Wonder Woman.

"Oh, we understand that you're only loyal when you're getting you're getting fucked, so this little device will solve the problem," grinned Karnn-El.

Wonder Woman turned her head and saw sinister chair that Karnn-El was carrying her to. "No...please..." begged Wonder Woman.

"Oh, don't be that way! You'll end up liking it and once we're done, you'll be a much happier person," said Karnn-El. Before Wonder Woman could respond, Karnn-El placed Wonder Woman on to the chair, impaling Wonder Woman's pussy.

"Oh...Hera...so big..." panted Wonder Woman.

"Enough with the 'Hera'-crap, I'm your fucking deity!" said Karnn-El. The Kryptonian pressed a green button on the right arm of the chair, causing the chair to activate. Wonder Woman looked down and saw the large cone outlined in her stomach. She felt a warm heat emanating from the device, slowly it began to pulsate, causing the amazon to moan in pleasure.

"Oooh..." moaned Wonder Woman.

"I love seeing her moan like a harlot," said Lois as she began to rub her cock. Karnn-El smiled as watch Wonder Woman succumb to the pleasure of the fiendish device.

Sweat beaded down Wonder Woman's magnificent body as the device began to probe deeper into love canal until it penetrated her womb. Wonder Woman instinctively bucked her hips, enjoying the waves of pleasure building up inside her. Soon Wonder Woman came, screaming like a banshee, that's when a bright red light could be seen flashing inside of the amazon's body.

"YESSSS....SO FUCKING GOOOD," screamed Wonder Woman. Soon the orgasm subsided, leaving Wonder Woman a sweaty mess. Her body completely covered in sweat, her long raven hair was soaked and clung to perfect body. Karnn-El and Lois looked each and smiled. Karnn-El nodded and Lois approached Wonder Woman and gave her a once over.

"How do you feel Wonder Slut?" asked Lois.

"Mmm..." responded Wonder Woman. She barely recovered from her orgasm and she looked at Lois and saw the most beautiful creature. Wonder Woman's eyes gazed down at Lois's large cock and she instinctively wanted to stuff that cock into her pussy. "Oh...so...horny..." said Wonder Woman.

"Tell me Wonder Slut, how badly do you want my cock?" asked Lois.

Wonder Woman could not take her eyes off of Lois's glorious cock and began to lick her lips. "Hmm, let's try a little experiment," said Lois. Lois walked over to Huntress, who was still strapped to the table, taking a small bottle of lubricant that was on the floor, she placed a generous amount of it on her cock and without warning, slid her cock into Huntress's ass.

"OH GOD!!! TOO BIG!!!" screamed Huntress.

"Such a tight asshole you have there Huntress. Karnn-El, is the camera probe getting all this?"

"Yes it is," said Karnn-El. A camera probe focused in on Lois ass fucking Huntress, capturing all the filthy details, the footage appeared in a large screen on a nearby wall in front of Wonder Woman.

"See me fucking your friend's ass, Wonder Slut?" taunted Lois. Wonder Woman looked on, mesmerized by the ass fucking her friend was enduring. Huntress screamed in pain as Lois power fucked the heroine, stretching her ass to new limits. Lois pulled her cock out of Huntress's ass and walked over to Wonder Woman.

"Well Wonder Slut? Do you still want my cock?" said Lois.

Wonder Woman stared at Lois's humongous cock, the cock glistened with lubricant and filth from Huntress's ass. Instead of being repulsed, all she could do was think about getting it deep inside her. Wonder Woman's pussy dripped like a faucet as she dismounted the chair and presented her pussy to Lois. "Please, fuck me with your magnificent cock!" begged Wonder Woman.

Karnn-El smiled at Wonder Woman's submission and pressed another button on the chair. Two beach ball sized clear circular cups with tubes attached to the end dropped down from the ceiling. "Put those on your your breasts, and before you ask any stupid questions, we're going to enlarge those utters of your. Keep in mind that the longer you make us wait, the longer you have to wait for Lois to fuck that cunt of yours," said Karnn-El.

Wonder Woman looked at the large cups and placed the first one on her right breast. The cup instantly sucked her breast in, causing her breasts to expand slowly. "Oooh...," moaned Wonder Woman as she enjoyed the sucking sensation. Soon she placed the other cup on to her left breast. "Well done!" said Karnn-El, "now I think the poor slut has been kept waiting long enough!"

Lois smiled and turned Lois around and kissed her on the lips. "I can see why Clark likes this slut! But once we're done with her, he won't even want to even look at her," thought Lois. Wonder Woman closed her eyes as Lois's tongue snaked inside her mouth, the feeling of being violated by this strong powerful being excited her. Lois pulled herself away from Wonder Woman, and said "Beg for it!"

"Please fuck me!" pleaded Wonder Woman.

"You want me to fuck your pussy with this shit covered cock?!?" asked Lois.

"Please fuck me with your marvelous cock!" screamed Wonder Woman.

Lois picked Wonder Woman up by the hips and impaled her on to her cock. Wonder Woman moaned in pleasure as she felt Lois's cock penetrate her pussy. "So wonderful," panted Wonder Woman. Lois smiled as she felt the amazon's pussy squeeze her cock, "That's right, milk my cock you nasty whore!" snarled Lois. The brutish she-male clenched her ass cheeks as she drove her cock deeper into Wonder Woman's pussy, her cock slamming into her womb. "Hahaha, looks like I hit the end of the road there! I thought that slutty pussy of yours was as deep as a canyon!"

"Fuck me harder, more!!!" screamed Wonder Woman as she wrapped her legs around Lois's waist.

Lois smirked at how easy Wonder Woman was giving herself up to pleasure and continued to hammer away at Wonder Woman bringing the amazon to massive orgasm. "Yes! Oooh...YES!!!" screamed Wonder Woman.

"So pathetic, I barely started and you're already cumming," mocked Lois. "I'm going to fuck you until I emptied my balls deep inside that womb of yours!"

"YES! PLEASE...CUM INSIDE OF ME!!!" begged Wonder Woman.

Karnn-El smiled and approached Wonder Woman. "Just to let you know, not only did we altered your body to make you permanently horny, we also genetically altered your body. Any sperm or egg that enters your womb will automatically impregnate you. Are you sure you want that?"

Lust clouded Wonder Woman's mind and all she could think about was her pleasure. The thought of being filled with hot sperm excited her. "Yes! Please, fill me up with your hot spunk!" begged Wonder Woman.

"From this day forth, you will be known as 'Wonder Breeder'," proclaimed Karnn-El. Lois took Wonder Woman off of her cock and Wonder Woman's legs shook with excitement as Karnn-El began to finalize her initiation. Karnn-El picked up Wonder Woman's lasso and handed it to Wonder Woman. She then pressed another green button on the chair and two small table rose from the ground in front of Wonder Woman. "Place your bracelets and lasso on each table, discard the gifts the gods gave you!" ordered Karnn-El. Wonder Woman placed the lasso on one table and the bracelets on the other, not a thought of resistance sparked inside her head as she placed her artifacts on table. Immediately, a glass covered enveloped the artifacts and a bright light appeared within it, causing the artifacts to vanish.

"Not to worry, they will be back," smiled Karnn-El. The Kryptonian pressed a purple button on the chair, causing the arms of the chairs to extend out 4 feet. "Now, take your rightful place by impaling that skinny ass of yours on to the throne and become, Wonder Breeder," said Karnn-El.

Wonder Woman couldn't believe her ears, she should be resisting but the urge to be fucked and bred felt right. All the years of training, her heritage, meant nothing to her. Her clit throbbed at the idea of being fucked all of eternity by Karnn-El's she-males excited her. Wonder Woman walked over and grabbed her slightly muscular ass cheeks and spread them out allow the tip of the device to penetrate her ass. The device was still covered in her pussy juices, allowing the cone shape device to penetrate her ass. "Oooh...so good..." moaned Wonder Woman. Soon she felt her ass get completely stuffed but there were still a few inches left. "Rest your legs on top of the arms of the chair," ordered Karnn-El. Wonder Woman meekly nodded as she felt her ass filled to the limit. As soon as she placed her legs on top of the arm rests, the cone shaped device completely impaled Wonder Woman's ass.

Wonder Woman's ankles were instantly strapped to arms of the chair by metal bands, preventing her from moving her legs, not that she would attempt to. A yellow light appeared on the small tables in front of Wonder Woman. "See, I told you they would be back," said Karnn-El. Karnn-El walked over to the table and showed that Wonder Woman's lasso was now a braided leash, the bracelets were melted together and was now a shiny metal collar with the words "Wonder Breeder" etched on it. Wonder Woman smiled as she saw the remnants of her heritage destroyed. Karnn-El smiled and brought the items to Wonder Woman, snapping the collar around Wonder Woman's neck and welding it together permanently, Karnn-El said "It is now official, you are now known as 'Wonder Breeder'". Karnn-El hooked the leash to Wonder Breeder's collar and left it dangling. "Anything to say, Wonder Breeder?"

"Please fuck me!" smiled Wonder Breeder.

Lois smiled and drove her cock into Wonder Breeder's waiting pussy.

"YESS!!! FUCK ME!!!" screamed Wonder Breeder. Lois thrusted her cock deep into Wonder Breeder, determined to fuck her senseless. As Lois fucked Wonder Breeder, Karnn-El took the bucket of cum that held Wonder Breeder's tiara placed it next to Wonder Breeder. "Thirsty my dear?" asked Karnn-El.

"Oooh...yes..." moaned Wonder Breeder.

Karnn-El smiled and placed a long straw into the bucket, allowing Wonder Breeder to sip the cum as Lois continued to fuck the shit out of her.

"Two final things, Wonder Breeder. See the red light on the chair, that will turn on device on in your ass. It will give you a nice round ass and wider hips. It may also allow you get pregnant from anal sex..." Before Karnn-El could finish, Wonder Breeder pressed the red button, causing the device to pulsate and pleasure her ass. "Ooooh..." moaned Wonder Breeder. "And you will have some hair growth in your pussy and ass."

Wonder Breeder didn't care, all she wanted was to fuck, the idea of having a hairy pussy and ass just added to her arousal as she Lois continued to fuck her pussy.

"The second thing is that blue button on the chair, it will maximize the power of the breasts enlargement pumps," said Karnn-El. Wonder Breeder instinctively hit the blue button causing her breasts to blow up even larger, "OH, YES...I LOVE IT..." panted Wonder Breeder. Karnn-El laughed at her latest creation, the once strong willed amazon, Earth's greatest heroine has joined her. "You're going to breed me a strong army, aren't you?" asked Karnn-El.

"Yes...anything for you, Karnn-El! My goddess!" screamed Wonder Breeder. Lois sneered at Wonder Breeder's submission and said, "How would you like me to take you to the dog pound and have you get bred by the stray dogs?"

"Yes! Breed me!" screamed Wonder Breeder as she took a sip of cum from the cum bucket.  "I'll fuck anything you tell me to!"

"Will Wonder Breeder get knocked up if she were to sit in a pool of water and allowed some fish to swim inside her cunt and fertilize her eggs?" asked Lois.

"Yes, her breeding capabilities are limitless," said Karnn-El with a nasty grin.

"I may have to see this," smiled Lois as she hammered away at Wonder Breeder's pussy.

Karnn-El looked on as Lois screwed Wonder Breeder, her breasts ballooned to giant proportions, her ass began to swell, and her hips widen. "This was only the beginning for you Wonder Breeder. I, your goddess have a lot more planned for you" thought Karnn-El.

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