Circe has some fun with her pet

by lordgriffin
Storyline All Hail Empress...
Characters Circe Hippolyta Wonder Woman
Category Female Dom F/F Mind Control Incest
Previous Chapter Circe tells Wonder Woman what her new life will be like

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Circe trembled with anticipation. Giving a smug smile she sat in Hippolita's throne. To her right Wonder Woman's golden haired mother knelt erect and perfectly naked, her back ram rod straight, her alabaster skin exposed. The simple steel collar around the deposed queens neck was her only covering, the soft leather leash arched to Circe's hand, on the Left side of the throne Artemis knelt similarly and was similarly leashed. Both women stared straight ahead, their bare knees kneeling on the hard marble floor.

 Diana lay on her belly on the smooth marble floor she had so often walked across, all she could see and think of was her Goddess's feet as she half crawled half slithers across the floor, her belly sliding against the grime and grit of other's feet.  The floor was cold and naked she worked her way to her goddess's feet.

They filled Diana's vision,white and clad in sandals, a bit of mud around the sole, she caught the scent of her goddess's feet, slightly ammonia...musky

Circe smiled down at her helpless Nemesis she spat on her own foot and then said icily "worship your goddess.

That was everything Diana had been waiting for....to worship at her goddess's feet.

Circe moaned with lust as she felt Wonder Woman's warm lips kiss her feet, and begin to nuzzle and lick like an eager puppy. Beside her within reach her own mother and her patron goddess Artemis, knelt not lifting a fighter to defend their champion.

Circe tugged sharply on Hippolita's collar "slave...finish removing your daughter's clothing and destroy it then join her at my feet!

 The naked ex queen hurried to comply, while her daughter lapped at the grime from Circe's left foot, Hippolita grasped the half down one piece star dangled costume and tugged them off her daughter's body. Wonder woman's tongue slipped between the toes as her mother took her symbolic costume and pitched it and her boots everything into the burning brazier.

Once the symbol of the champion was smoldering the the brazer. Hippolita joined her daughter at Circe's feet, Her lips kissed at the smooth skin, then her tongue lapped at the corners of the soul, tasting the bland taste of the dirt mixed with the salty ammonia taste of the other woman's skin.

Circe trembled as she felt the tongues. The 2 women who she most despised finally in their place, under her feet with the rest of the dirt.  She allowed mother and daughter to coat her feet with their saliva, worshiping and whimpering with the "Honor" she was giving them. She smiled down at them as she relaxed in her throne. Wonder Woman's bracelets,  tiara and belt now resting on her body.

Circe let them remove her sandals and finish on the bottom of her feet, Hippolita on her right foot, her daughter on Circe's left.  At the end Circe lifted her left foot and placed the cook bottom directly on Diana's face. stepping down firmly. She was rewarded with a look of total bliss on Diana's face.

Diana felt the sole of her Goddess's foot against her cheek, it was cool from the marble and looking up Circe's leg out of teh corner of her eye, she could see teh soft folds of Circe's cunt lips.

Smugly Circe smiled "yes...you wish to worship at the temple don't you" Wonder Woman's golden belt clasp around Circe's hips.
Slowly Circe sat down, cocking her shapely  right leg over the arm of the throne, exposing her soft wet folds while the naked champion continued to lap at her left foot "Hippolita, collar your wench. She reached beside her and tossed the naked blond an iron collar.  She watched with relish as Hippolita locked the collar around her own daughters neck and then bows offering Circe the end of the leash.

Circe looked at Hippolita and said "heel" watching the defeated queen resume her place Kneeling, her soft breasts swaying as she moved.

Circe licked her lips as she took Wonder Woman's leash and began reeling the heroine in. Slowly pulling Wonder Woman to her knees, Circe placed a hand on Diana's head and began too push. Slowly Wonder woman knelt as she was guided closer and closer to Circe's unwashed cunt.

Circe closed her eyes lust as she felt Wonder Woman's nose press between her most musky petals.  Slowly deliberately gently she began to run Wonder Woman's nose in her cunt...working the nose between the wet lips, this whole thing had Circe incredibly hot and she was sopping wet. She slowly washed wonder Woman's face.  Once Circe had smeared the Champion's face with her juiced she said a single word "Suck."

Wonder Woman was in heaven, an orgasm running thru her own body as she sealed her soft red lips over her Nemesis' pussy and suckling firmly. She was rewarded with a wash of warm slippery fluid that Dina eagerly swallowed. her tongue slipped deeply  in as she not only lapped at the Villains, she lavished in it. this was Ambrosia, the nectar of the GODS.

Circe slowly stood..grunting she pulled Hippolita over "See what your daughter is doing?" she looked the naked defeated queen in the face "I am going to say something I have always wanted to Hippolita...You can KISS my ass"

Immediately the blond woman moved behind Circe, as Her daughter tongued the folds deeply, panting Hippolita's face press up between the shapely cheeks of her captor, finding the soft pucker, her lips met and  kissed deeply, this was better then Hercules. her tongue extended to make the kiss of her goddess intimate.

Circe was pushed forward by surprise and chuckled "Trying to find out what I had for breakfast Hippolita?" she laughed.

Circe climaxed again right into Diana's mouth.  Her eyes closed she stood there basking as Wonder Woman took her from her front and her mother from the rear.

Circe had started it was late afternoon, she did not allow the women to stop until the Moon was full up over the temple of Artemis.

Artemis for her part, Protector of the Amazons knelt staring straight ahead.

Once Circe relaxed she pulled teh 2 women before her. Sitting, her lust slated for now, she cupped the 2 women's chins one in each hand "your goddess orders you 2 temple whores to pleasure each other.

Instantly Mother and daughter began to french kiss each other, they could not keep their hands off each other as the roamed exploring each other's body.

Circe Forced Artemis to kneel and placed her feet on her, using teh goddess as a foot stool watching and mother and daughter scissored themselves to climax, and then fell into a 69...eating each other out.

With a gloating smile Circe simply said "stay" watching mother and daughter eating each other out as she planned her next move.

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