Cassandra Cain attempts to take down Ivy & Catwoman, only to fall victim to a fast-acting breast enlargement pollen that also starts to ramp up her libido

by Wilder
Storyline Ivy's Indoctrinated Ingenues
Previous Chapter Poison Ivy's new mind-control lipstick is just the first of many new toys . . .

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In her new guise as Black Bat, Cassandra Cain usually patrolled Hong Kong but her mentor Bruce Wayne had called her in to help out. It seemed like The Joker was amazing uniquely powerful thugs, Poison Ivy and Harley Quinn were on the loose and several superheroines weren't answering their phones. On top of all that, the face-changing sociopath Jane Doe had just escaped from Arkham that morning and rumor had it that the new, female Spellbinder had swung back into Gotham to steal something using her illusion powers. Batman had trusted her with the basic patrol duties while he, Nightwing and Robin handled The Joker and so many others. It was not a task the slim, Asian martial arts expert took lightly. Cassandra Cain was raised a killer and had seen Gotham at it's worst back during No Man's Land. She expected killers at every turn and violence as well. It was a pity, then, that she never learned Batman's number one rule - always expect the unexpected.

While running across the docks, Cassandra heard angry, muffled shouting. To her shock, she saw Catwoman atop a large stack of crates, bound and gagged with her own bullwhip and with her cowl shoved into her mouth as a gag. Someone had also unzipped her black catsuit to as low as it was go, leaving her big tits and taut stomach on display. Something was clearly wrong - Catwoman could not have been laid low like this so easily, much less bound by her own tools, but it was clearly the same woman.

With a graceful leap, Cassandra Cain landed onto the top of the stack of crates behind the bound thief, making no noise. She was small, graceful and agile enough that no one would have noticed her approach unless she'd wanted them too. While a part of her slightly envied the prettier, taller female crimefighters, being an extremely petite Asian had it's perks.

She silently unleashed a Batarang, eyes darting around for traps, trying to see who might target her . . . unaware that the real threat was right in front of her. The slight click of the Batarang was all the noise Selina needed to know one of them was behind her.

Catwoman's whip was untangled from the woman's hands and feet in an instant, arcing around to snag Cassandra's leg. Rather than fight the yank that followed, Cassandra used the momentum to kick Catwoman hard in the solar plexus, sending her skidding over the edge of the crate as she shook her ankle free of the whip. While she was unsure of why Catwoman had attacked her, she knew it would be no easy feat to subdue her. She readied for a counterattack but none came.

Instead, much to her surprise, Catwoman let go of her bullwhip and fell silently over the edge of the tall stack of crates, not even attempting to halt her fall.

Instinct took over, her well-muscled, trim body instinctively moving to stop the woman's descent. Being practical, she grabbed the nearby whip and neatly caught Catwoman's right leg in a tight snare. She grunted with effort. The strain of both the weight of Selina Kyle's body and the larger woman's momentum nearly yanked her arms out of her sockets and there was little purchase on the metal crate. Somehow, she managed to stop her forward motion and hold perfectly still but it took all her strength and concentration to do so.

Naturally, that was when Catwoman pushed herself up, climbed up her own whip and threw something into the face of the Asian beauty as the sudden lack of strain sent her falling backwards.

Cassandra was already taking in big lungfuls of air but the shock had made her breathe even more deeply. Whatever was in her mouth was cloying and heavy, coating her face and tongue with a fine golden dust. Pollen?

"Oh, well done, pussycat!" came Poison Ivy's voice with a slow clap behind it. Huge vines punched their way out of the dock, cocooning the stack of crates even as it began to sink into the water. Ivy stood atop the tallest vine, looking down at Black Bat with excitement and interest.

Selina hopped up the vines with frantic eagerness as Cassandra tried to clear her eyes and stop the violent coughing. Her chest was on fire . . . she felt feverish and . . . horny?

"It worked Mistress! Did I please you?" Catwoman purred as she nuzzled against Ivy's bare legs.

"Ah, ah, ah, not just yet. I have to see how my new pollen works out on . . . hmm, there's so many of you I can barely remember your names. Of course, you're about to get an absolutely unforgettable new figure. Perhaps they'll call you Batboobs?"

Black Bat's training kicked in and she threw down a smokebomb before shooting a grappling hook blindly out of the trap. She felt it catch on something and let it reel her up and away, the tingling and burning in her chest intensifying tremendously as she did so, making her moan. She landed awkwardly on another stack of crates, tumbling to the ground artlessly. Only pure luck kept her from falling too hard, too fast but she landed on her front, making her breasts scream with pure sensation. Her nipples felt like railroad spikes and the front of her costume made her meager B-cups scream in agony. Whatever happened, she had to tear off the front of her costume right away!

Still half-blind and overwhelmed by the throbbing sensations, Cassandra rolled over and cut the chest of her costume clean out with her Batarang, letting her perky tits free. Cassandra had never felt so aware of them, so hot and throbbing with an empty heat that made her pussy start to tighten and churn. She put her petite hands against them only for fireworks to explode behind her eyes as they brushed her nipples. The throbbing had intensified and it felt like her tits were . . . expanding? Like warm bread in an oven, getting hotter and fuller as the heat rose, shoving out from her body, a warm, heaviness that felt so fucking good she couldn't help but moan aloud. The growing soared, the flesh of her tits pushing against her tiny little hands in a way that made her squeeze and grope it out of pure instinct. She didn't know if she was trying to push them back down or just feel more of this amazing sensation but the result was the same.

Cassandra Cain had her first tit-based orgasm, screaming wordlessly into the night as her meager B-cups exploded outwards into tits the size of cantaloupes with dark hard nipples like twin stacks of nickels.

Ivy chuckled as she and Catwoman slowly approached the Asian beauty, spellbound by both the Asian beauty's incredible, swelling tits and helpless, mewling orgasms. It seemed like the orgasms stimulated the growth. Or was it vice versa? As Black Bat's boobs exploded up into the DDD-cup range, Poison Ivy let out a low whistle.

"Well, I dare say my breast growth pollen is a definite success . . . but let's make sure, shall we? Go take a closer look, pussycat. I'm curious if there's any delightful side effects."

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