Futa Farming

by Silenteye
Storyline Futanari Worlds
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Elizabeth Huckle was a widow, before he died her husband wanted to have a farm to raise crop and animals. He was born in the country side and moved to the city, he went to high school and graduated into her college. They met in their second year it was rough at first with his cocky farm boy charm and her cool city girl attitude. After a year of knowing each other they he cooled down and she heated up eventually they both started to date. It was a very somber affair and they grew to like each other, during some dates he would talk of life in the country and Elizabeth was fascinated by the stories eventually she began to exercise and work out. When he asked why she told him to prepare for the farm two days later he asked for her hand in marriage. She accepted and they had a wonderful ceremony. They stayed in the city though and worked to raise enough funds for the farm. During this time Elizabeth gave birth to 3 daughters Luan, the oldest now 20 and bore her father’s tenacity and kindness. Luan had a lot of her mother’s, brown hair, curvaceous figure and her father’s rather muscular build. Jennifer or Jenny, the middle ch1ld now 18, she had her father’s bluntness and her mother’s calculating personality. She was rather thin, had blond hair, and wore glasses not meant for hard work. Then there was Eliza or Elly, age 15 being the youngest she was a bit of a brat and drama queen. Eliza looked a lot like her father and had dirty blond hair she also was developing like her mother.

Elizabeth now in her early 40’s had long brown hair and a rather athletic build she had spent years working toward this day. Her husband d had died a year ago he had been building up large amounts of money in his banking account. He had written in his will to transfer 90% the money he had to his wife’s account with no transfer fees and the rest to various programs for donations. Needless to say Elizabeth cried when she saw $6’000 in her bank account. Using this money she had bought a farm with a barn and half a land acre. Out of the three the only one really looking forward to being on the farm was Luan. Jenny was indifferent, but Eliza was obstinate no matter what Elizabeth said Eliza did not wish to leave the city. In the end she had no say in the matter and was forced into the van with her mother while Luan drove the truck filled with their stuff. They drove down the highway and then turned on a dirt path surrounded by trees. They drove down it and eventually came to the house blue with some wear and tear of peeling paint. They got out and looked at the home. Elizabeth saw a path leading from the house to the left and she walked down it and looked at her new land. Half an acre of flat grassland she looked at her daughters who came out behind her and looked around.

To the right of the end of the path was the barn large and red it was big enough to fit a few vans inside. “Well girls get used to it, this our home from now on.” Elizabeth said.

-1 Month Later-

Elizabeth looked at the bills and papers labeling her income. She had bought some cows, a few mares and a stallion but her product had been declining. She sold some but not enough she was looking at the bill and sighed she put it down and she went to the refrigerator and pulled out a juice carton and unscrewed the top. She grabbed a cup on the drainer and poured the juice into it. She drank and sighed she then walked up the stairs heading to her room. As she walked into the hallway she saw that the door to Luan’s room was ajar. A rather unusual sight as the eldest preferred to keep to herself she heard mutterings and she couldn’t help but peek inside. Luan was inside along with Jennifer both were staring at the computer both were blushing and Luan was talking to Elizabeth quietly. Elizabeth suspicious opened the door shocking both Luan and Jenny both of whom retracted their hands from their crotch and putting it behind their backs.

“What is going on here?” Elizabeth said angrily.

“Uh um… Mom understand we’re both adults. This is natural!” Luan said Elizabeth walked to the computer and looked at the screen. On it was… a woman? At least it looked like a woman, the person had breasts but near her crotch between her raised legs was… a male penis?

“What is this?” Elizabeth asked.

“Well lately the porn industry has been… on a rise, they have found these girls called ‘Hermaphrodites’ or ‘Futanari’s’ and they have been a huge hit lately.” Luan said.

“You mean trannies?” Elizabeth asked.

“No Transexuals are men that take hormones or implants to get breasts these are women with both male and female genitals both are fully functional.” Jenny said.

“So they can impregnate and get impregnated?” Elizabeth asked.

“Yes but their numbers are few as far as people know it’s really rare and nobody really knows how they are born it’s really a mystery and they don’t want scientists scanning them like some lab rats.” Luan said Elizabeth looked at the woman a spark shining in her eyes.

“We can use this to our advantage.” She said.

“What?” Luan asked.

“We’re gonna breed them.” Elizabeth said.

“Uh Mom… pardon me but that sounds… stupid and nuts.” Jenny said.

“Maybe but it’s a way to make money we do this and we can get a huge pool in money.” Elizabeth said “Plus it’d start a new trade that we can be placed on top of and even control future revenues.” Elizabeth said.

“That could work but what are we gonna do breed them like cows?” Luan said.

“At first yes but as time goes on we’ll get access to more items and equipment eventually we’ll start to tailor them to different needs of various customers.” Elizabeth said.

“Well… we could kinda do that now I’d need the right chemicals though.” Jenny said. “I’ve done a lot bio-chemistry study during school they should help with creating certain chemicals that could boost growth of whatever it is we want.” Jenny said.

“Make a list I’ll pull whatever money we got and buy those chemicals.” Elizabeth said.

“Ok…” Jenny said and she went to her room.

“Mom how are you gonna even start this? Go from house to house asking if they have a Hermaphrodite in the family?” Luan asked.

“I’ll put an ad asking for special little girls.” Elizabeth said.

“Haaa… well I’ll help you… I just hope we don’t come off as some weird pedophiles.” Luan said.

-3 weeks later-

Elizabeth sat at her table looking at the man and woman in front of her sitting between them was a girl of 14 who looked rather nervous. Elizabeth had explained what the purpose of the ad was and both had taken it rather strongly at first. But after some reassurances from Luan they settled down and thought about it. Elizabeth presented the contract which would give her and her family full custody of their daughter. With this they agreed to release their rights to her and allowed her to be subject to any chemicals and/or modifications to her body. In return she would be treated with care, respect and love and she would be allowed a portion of the funds and a portion would be sent to her parents. After reading it they thought about it even more. “Now please understand we only want the best for our daughter you swear that she won’t be harmed or mistreated?” The mother asked.

“Of course she will be treated the utmost care and respect we only want the best for her as well. However you must legally give us full custody of her, we will send you the first check a month from today if we do not however you have the right to take this to trial.” Elizabeth said.

“Not that there should be a need for that, she will be tread again with great care.” Luan said. “I know it seems demeaning right now but in future she and you will benefit from this in future.” Luan said. “Of course we wouldn’t want to do this against her will either.” Luan said and she looked at the girl. “Listen little one if you don’t want to you don’t’ have to so tell us now.” Luan said the girl looked at Luan she had green eyes and blond hair and a rather mature figure for her age already with C-cup breasts. She looked at the table nervously.

“I-It’s ok it’s for the best.” The girl said.

“Now be honest, do you want to do this?” Elizabeth said.

“I don’t want to leave mommy or daddy but… I don’t want to be teased anymore either… so… I’ll stay…” The girl said.

“You sure pumpkin?” her father asked the girl nodded he looked at his wife who nodded and they took the paper and they both signed it.

“Thank you now did you bring her luggage?” Elizabeth asked.

“No because we were unsure we will bring it tomorrow if that is all right?” Her father asked.

“That’s fine, we’ll introduce your daughter to her partner.” Luan said.

“All right, Emmy?” The girl’s father said turning to her. Emmy looked at her father. “Be good, these people will be your family from now on but we’ll visit you ok?” Her father said and he kissed her forehead she nodded and her mother did the same. They stood up and looked at Elizabeth and Luan. “Thank you for this we will be back tomorrow” Emmy’s father said and with that the two left Elizabeth turned to Emmy.

“Ok Emmy for today we’ll introduce you to your partner and then we’ll put you to bed, tomorrow you’ll start your first day.” Elizabeth said Emmy nodded and she got out of her chair and walked to Luan who walked out the door. Emmy saw her parents start the car and drive away. She looked at the car sadly then turned to Luan who watched the car as well.

“Sorry about this kid… we really don’t want to use you like this but…” Luan said.

“It’s ok… I know about what people like me do when they get older.” Emmy said, “This is a better alternative.” Emmy said Luan smiled.

“Silver lining eh?” She asked Emmy nodded Luan smiled and she walked heading toward the barn. Emmy looked at the forest surrounding the path and when they came to the acre she gave an ‘ooh’ of admiration. “Nice huh? When you’re not busy you can play in the field.” Luan said. She then walked to the right heading toward the barn on the left of the barn was a small building like a motel. “You’ll stay in there normally but today you can sleep in my room. Your partner will be staying with you as well so to deepen the bond between you two.” Luan said. “The barn is a lunchroom, a doctor’s office and workout area basically a health area. Now keep in mind we are allowed to inject chemicals into you in one way or another so you might notice… some changes to you or to the others. Don’t worry that’s normal.” Luan said.

“Ok… what changes exactly?” Emmy asked.

“Honestly we are not sure mainly an increase in your output and production for you since… you’ll be the stallion equivalent to this.” Luan said.

“Ok,” Emmy said looking at the barn dread welling up inside she then looked forward and saw Luan open the door. Emmy looked inside to see a doorway and on the left and right were stairs. Luan walked forward and skipped the stairs heading through the door way and into a hallway. The hallway was short with two doors on each side one with a woman sign and the other with a woman side with a penis dangling below.

“This is where you will take a bath, use the bathroom and freshen up basically there’s enough room for multiple people so don’t worry.” Luan said. She continued walking and the came to a large room with many beds lining the right and left walls. At the far end near the back a young woman probably in her early 20’s was busy setting up her bed. Her butt raised as she hummed to herself Emmy blushed at the sight and looked away. Luan smiled at this reaction and she looked at the woman. “Hey Lizzie!” She called the woman turned. A Caucasian with rather angular features she had a rather decent bust but nothing compared to Luan and probably slightly less significant than Emmy’s. Lizzie wore a tight fitting pair of jeans and a loose blue top and her blond hair was done in a ponytail. She walked forward looking at Luan then Emmy.

“Hi there! So she’s gonna be the one? She’s cute! Hard to imagine she’s… you know.” Lizzie said.

“Well you’ll see tomorrow.” Luan said “Come on Emmy.” Luan said. “She’ll stay in my place tonight but she’ll be here tomorrow.” Luan said.

“Ok see you later honey!” Lizzie said blowing a kiss at Emmy. Emmy blushed and she turned and walked away. “She’s shy, I’ll help her out of that,” Lizzie said.

“Don’t overdo it she is like 14. Last thing we need is to mentally scar her take it slow and get to know her. She is not an animal she is a human being with rights and emotions.” Luan said.

“Don’t worry I might really fall for her. She’s so cute!” Lizzie said Luan nodded and she walked off with Emmy… 

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