Elisa Maza, formerly of the NYPD

by Fanfic Fetishist
Storyline The Bimbo Recovery Program
Category Bimboization Disney
Previous Chapter A new doctor joins the BRP( Bimbo Recovery Program)

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    "Let's start with this one," Dr. Smith said, the handsome blonde scientist pointing to a raven-haired woman in a revealing black halter-top and a red bomber jacket.  She wore form-fitting jean shorts that were barely more than denim panties (which, upon second look, Smith realized she wasn't wearing).  She wore high-heeled boots, her enlarged breasts stretching her top out to be little more than a bra, and she wore a light dusting of makeup, just enough to accentuate her flawless features.  Her hair was hip length, done up in a pair of girlish pigtails.  Dr. Smith looked her over.  "She looks the least changed.  If I can work some success with her case, I might be able to develop a base for helping the others." 

    Dr. Jones nodded, sifting through the files and pulling out on.  "Elisa Maza, formerly of the NYPD.  Magical transformation.  She was brought to our attention by the leader of Manhattan's gargoyle clan, a male named Goliath.  Bit of a convoluted story with that one.  I've included in the interviews I did with him when he brought her in." 

    Dr. Smith nodded.  "Yes, I remember hearing about the clan whene the Avengers broke up that Quarrymen raid on the Eyrie Building.  What an embarassment that was," he said, shaking his head.  Dr. Jones went inside the lounge, all the assorted women inside flirting with the heavyset older man.  There was a bit of a scuffle as Dr. Jones tried to stop them from competing for his affections, the doctor just barely managing to convince Elisa to come with him. 

    The former policewoman giggled, holding onto Dr. Jones's arm, almost skipping as she came out with him.  Dr. Jones sighed, managing to put on a smile.  "Miss Maza?"

    "Call me Lili, Doc," she said, smiling and nuzzling her breasts up against his arm. 

    "I'm afraid I'm not going to do that, Miss Maza," Dr. Jones said.  "I should also like to remind you that I am gay." 

    "Oh poo," she said.  "You're no fun."  She looked over Dr. Smith, admiring his tall, muscular frame.  "But maybe this guy's more interesting.  Heh...  Yeah, I bet he is." 

    Dr. Smith blushed under her attentions.  "A-Ahem," he said.  "If we could go someplace quiet?" 

    "Best idea I've heard all day," Elisa giggled.  "Everyone here is gay and, like, so totally boring.  And doing it with the girls isn't any fun unless a guy is watching." 

    Dr. Smith blushed.  Dr. Jones came up to him, and pointed out the interview rooms.  "We're taking a risk letting a heterosexual male work with the bimbos.  Denying them sex isn't working, so we'll allow you to have sex with her if she insists on it, however remember why you are here.  You're supposed to be helping her and the other bimbos become real women again instead of just brainless fucktoys." 

    Dr. Smith nodded.  He had a mild fetish for 'bimbos,' but was more than willing to help them become themselves again.  (He had been a victim of the Purple Man in the past, and despised mind control.)

    "If you'll follow me, Miss Maza?" Dr. Smith said. 

    Elisa cooed, putting an arm around his, pressing her immense chest into him.  "Anything you say, Doc," she almost purred. 

    Dr. Smith gulped, trying to ignore his raging erection.  He led her into the analysis room, motioning for her to sit on the couch as he sat down in the nearby chair.     
    Elisa responded by sitting in his lap, wriggling her firm ass up against his crotch, smirking when she felt his reaction.  She put her arms around his neck and purred.  "Awww, poor baby.  That's gotta hurt, having that big, delicious cock wrapped up so tightly in your pants.  Lili loves to make cocks feel all better," she teased. 

    Dr. Smith gulped hard.  He barely managed to control his urge to take her then and there.  But he remembered his job, and he'd do it.  "Perhaps later, after we've talked," he said. 

    Elisa blinked.  "You... you actually mean it?" she said.  "You're not just saying that just because you want me to talk?" She wasn't sure.  She could FEEL his erection, could smell it, could almost TASTE it...

    Dr. Smith nodded.  "Lay on the couch and answer my questions seriously and honestly, and we'll have sex." 

    Elisa hesitated.  "...Can't I just stay here?" she asked.  Feeling his erection up through his pants was glorious, and she wanted so much more.

    Dr. Smith pointed to the couch again.  She pouted, but complied, arranging herself in a teasing pose, unbuttoning and unzipping her jean shorts, revealing her shaved bush, just a light dusting of black fuzz, barely hidden by her pants.  She smirked at Dr. Smith as he composed himself, crossing his legs. 

    "Well," he said, "Let's begin, shall we?" 

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There's always the charm of turning heroic ladies into baby factories
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There's always the charm of turning heroic ladies into baby factories
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To all the mothers out there have a nice day. I thought about adding to Holiday Madness, but other than giving someone morning sickness I couldn't think of what to do.

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