Superman wakes up naked and horny in a strange apartment with no memory of how he got there

by hairyballs
Storyline Jailbait
Characters Superman Clark Kent Captain America Thor Iron Man
Category M/M M/F Masturbation Mind Control Corruption
Previous Chapter Shiela is looking for strength as well as a challenge going after Superman.

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He moaned softly, his eyelids fluttering, as he became slowly aware of a pleasant but almost painful rigidity poking into his belly. Rolling onto his back, he reached down and found his erect cock straining upward out of the thick cum-crusted sweaty pelt of blue-black hair carpeting his groin and deeply ridged abdomen. Unconsciously he began to stroke the 16” rod of flesh all the while his left hand fondled the heavy peach-sized balls dangling between his thighs. Gradually he noticed a strong scent that appeared to be a mixture of male sweat and dried semen, overlaid with a tang of long-unwashed sheets. Opening his eyes, he peered in confusion around the unfamiliar room, taking in the tangle of dirty sheets he was lying on, the grimy mattress on the bed above him and the jizz- stained rug. Staggering to his feet, (all the while continuing to caress his prick and balls) he spotted a full-length mirror on the back of the door and stared, mystified, at the cum-crusted nude male porn star staring back at him

“Who the fuck is that dude? Where the fuck am I? Where are my fucking clothes?” he roared, “And if I don’t find a pussy or an ass to ram this bone into soon, I’m gonna kill something! I have never been this fucking horny in my life!”  Yanking the door open, he found himself in a bathroom only slightly less filthy than the bedroom. The naked young red-head sitting on the toilet smiled up at him and said; “Hi Clark, did ya sleep well?” As he gawked open-mouthed at her, she continued, “You look like you could use a shower, if you hop into the stall I’ll soap your back for you…and maybe take care of that baseball bat sticking out of your crotch.”

Dazedly Clark stepped into the grimy shower stall, turned on the hot water, picked up the copper coloured bar of soap and began to lather up his thoroughly-aroused body.  Closing his eyes, he surrendered himself to the curiously tingly pleasure as his soapy hands worked the bar into the dense black rug adorning his flat belly, muscular chest and sensitive nipples. He started slightly, when her hand took the soap from him and began to scrub it into his hair. As his scalp began to tingle she moved the sudsy bar lower over his back and ass and down the hairy columns of his legs, he relaxed as she worked a thick lather into his cum-matted crotch, delicately spreading the refreshing prickling foam over his churning balls. “Shit that feels good! If you don’t want my fuckpole up your ass, turn around and I’ll fill up your snatch sweetheart.” he muttered as he succumbed to her ministrations. Then, suiting actions to words, he lifted her up, pinned her against the back wall of the shower and plunged his steel-hard dick so deep into her that his soapy ballsack slapped against the wall behind her.

With a throaty growl, she locked her legs around his waist, digging her heels into his butt-crack, and flinging her arms around his torso abandoned herself to the pleasure he was pounding into her. Gripping her tiny waist in his huge muscular hands, and letting the thick soapy lather coating his hairy trunk act as a lubricant, Clark pumped Sheila’s body up and down, her steaming cunt  masturbating his engorged cock. Sheila locked her arms and legs around his torso, hugging herself to his massive chest, while letting their two bodies slide silkily past each other ramping their mutual pleasure up to previously unimagined heights. With a gasp, she released the bar of soap, which slid down his back and lodged between her feet and his ass-crack, whence a continuous spume of copper lather continued to run down over his pulsating rosebud and dripped off his low-swinging balls.

Orgasm after orgasm wracked her delirious body, while Clark continued to slide her up and down his rock-hard body, pounding his titanic cock mercilessly into her sopping-wet cunt.

Finally, after hours of almost-torturous fucking, Clark felt his mammoth balls contract and, stiffening with an ear-splitting howl, he fired load after load of boiling hot cum deep into Sheila’s womb. After ten minutes of fountaining semen, his iron-hard rod finally softened, slid out of her body, his knees buckled and he slid to the floor of the shower, where, for the second time that day, he passed out.

Some time later he woke again, lying on what appeared to be a wet black shag rug, his naked body laved by a warm rain. Once again his phallus was like an adamantine log rooted in his pubis and screaming to be milked again. Disgusted by the clammy feeling of the wet black rug, he pulled himself upright, only to realize he was still in the shower and the rug was actually a thick floating raft of blue-black hair. Attracted by the insistant throbbing of his tumescent 19" beer-can thick  man-meat, he looked down at his suddenly hair-less crotch!  He seemed to have lost all his body hair while he was unconcious, and the mass of wet hair clogging the shower drain was apparently his.

Scratching his naked scalp in puzzlement , he  roared: “Jesus fucking Christ!  I’m fucking bald!”

“I guess that's the effect the kryptonite soap  had on you.” A voice from behind him spoke. “I’ve never seen a mixture of red and  gold kryptonite before.  I guess that particular type of red K caused all your hair follicles to reverse, ‘cuz you seem ta be growin' a really heavy beard. Of course, as you know, the gold K   makes red K effects permanent too, so I guess from now on you’re going  ta be bald, and heavily bearded.   If that giant new prick of yours is anything to go by it acts like an aphrodisiac too, so I guess you're going to spend the rest of your life horny as hell .

  I’ll be delighted to help you work off  your woodies anytime ya want. Besides, I need a mate/protector to repopulate my world and it seems to me a permanently horny superhero is just the ticket.  What  do you say?”

Spinning around, the hopelessly aroused, heavily bearded, Clark found Sheila, the red-headed vixen smiling slyly at him.

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