Bondage and Brainwashing.

by Greyman
Storyline super heroine crimes
Characters Wonder Woman Lois Lane
Category Bondage DC Mind Control sleepy (KO by chemical, combat or sexual exhaustion)
Previous Chapter Jack continues to explain his offer

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It had been over twelve hours since Jack Killinger had taken convict 132-465-WW in custody.  During those hours she’d been held in tight, turtle-shell bondage with a replica of her confiscated golden rope.  The rest of original costume had likewise been replaced with a facsimile designed to tear and rip easily—that now hung within view of her pallet.

The real articles would be studied and perhaps put to use.  However, Jack Killinger preferred to trust the tried and tested methods of his psychological conditioning devices to break his convicts’ minds and wipe away all their inhibitions and independence.

Even while sleeping fitfully, face down on the pallet, arse exposed to the camera, she had received subliminal training.  Her dreams were guided by suggestions, and her body aroused by drugs, preparing her to perform perverse sexual and humiliating acts.

Then she was rudely awoken.

Lois stared at the parade entering the door into the chamber on the far side of the one way mirror.

“Don’t be disturbed by the lack of clothes, Mz. Lane, it’s not just ornamental.  You should be aware that being kept naked while trainers remain clothed is a powerful reminder of her reduced status.  Don’t worry.  Eventually she will feel less shamed and humiliated by her forced nudity.  She will eventually come to view it as the natural order.”

Lois nodded.  Indeed the woman lead into the other chamber wearing only a collar, high heels, and a familiar tiara, already walked calmly, almost serenely between the rough men leading her by the leash.  She didn’t seem embarrassed or degraded at being exposed and vulnerable.  But then too, she didn’t seem very aware of much at all.  “She’s been drugged?”

“Only, lightly,” he lied.  “Most of it is a lack of sleep after her trying ordeal.  Rest periods are vital to the health of our convicts, Mz. Lane, but keeping them in a state of exhaustion helps break down their resistance.  And of course, the sleeping positions we choose to allow them are those most pleasing to the eye.  Soon those postures become second nature; the convict learns to be on display even at rest.”

Confused by his statement, Lois looked back through the one way mirror.  The convict formerly known as Wonder Woman had been swiftly restrained onto something resembling a dental chair.  However, in place of dental lights and ‘torture’ implements, Lois was momentarily relieved to merely see a large spinning disk. 

Then recognition dawned.  Wonder Woman…the convict…lay back in the chair.  She looked relaxed or half asleep, entranced by the disk rotating before her lidded eyes, and she was softly repeating something.  Jack pressed a button so Lois could hear a vaguely familiar mantra:

“… I am a pleasure slave.  I exist only to serve.  My sole purpose is to give pleasure to my owners.  I shall perform all that is asked of me.  I am a pleasure slave…”

“Ah!" He exclaimed, seemingly surprised, though pleasantly.  "See how she readily responds?  It’s almost like she’s been primed for this.  Deep down she must truly want to be submissive and obedient; to shed the burden of responsibility and become sexually satisfied.  When her training is complete, she will serve without need of restraints on mind and body.”

“You’re training her to become a... a pleasure slave?” Lois accused.  “A common prostitute!”

“Of course not,” Jack disagreed.  “There’s nothing common about it.  She will be a wonder of a pleasure slave!  Mz. Lane, did you honestly think our convicts are indentured to work as servants and maids?  Oh, at first we trained our convicts for manual labour, or use as bodyguards and such.  But that was deemed far too respectable.  So it became necessary to broaden their terms of servitude into something more realistic.”

“And demeaning!”

“Why, yes.  We must give the public what it wants.  This training will make it easier for the convicts to adjust to what’s really expected of them.  They shall leave here ready for anything, and their new owners will receive their money’s worth.  They want their purchase to be submissive and obedient.  So we strip away that criminal arrogance and independence, and prepare our convicts to be the very best pleasure slaves they can be.”

Lois clamped down on her shock.  She shouldn’t have been surprised; it was the logical conclusion to the new laws … and the law makers.  If it wasn’t for public decency laws, she expected that the president’s own slave would have been paraded about wearing only a collar and high heels.  Still, she had to keep her reaction to herself until her expose was complete.

“She has earned this punishment after all,” Jake observed.

“Yes, I suppose she has earned this punishment after all,” Lois repeated, and strangely felt calmer about it.

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