Who else's wishes are unexpectedly coming true?

by Wilder
Storyline Twisted Wishes
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Ms. Marvel smiled as she flew over Times Square. Several tourists pointed to the sky and took her picture. It was a beautiful summer day and the city seemed quiet. She looked down and gave the crowd a jaunty wave, smiling.

Meanwhile, two Midwestern frat boys below eagerly snapped pics of the beautiful blonde heroine.

"Dude! It's Ms. fucking Marvel! She is so fucking hot! Take a picture!"

"Aw, man, that ass of hers is fucking epic, bro!"

"I know, right? I just wish she had an awesome set of titties she liked to show off like that fuckable ass of hers!"

Ms. Marvel stopped in mid-air suddenly as she felt a strange, warm sensation in her chest. She moaned as each of her C-cup tits started to balloon outwards, rising like cake in an oven pushing up and out against her uniform, her nipples getting longer and harder as well.

"Ungh, what is- ooh, so hot!" she gasped, hands raising to try and cup them in, as if she could stop the growth by squeezing them back down to size. Instead, she just felt herself kneading her hot, expanding titflesh with her hands, gasping at how fucking good they felt . . . but something was wrong. She panted and moaned as her tits just kept growing and growing, swelling up from the size of overripe grapefruits to watermelons in just a matter of seconds.

"God, why are they getting so fucking big? And why is it making me so goddamn horny?"

She gasped, orgasming as they finally stopped growing. Ms. Marvel stared down at herself in a daze, woozy and in shock. Her titties were enormous! They were at least as big as She-Hulk's, if not larger! Carol Danvers knew immediately that something DEFINITELY wasn't right.

They were all covered up by her black one-size swimsuit costume!

She shook her head in confusion.

"Why the hell am I not showing these huge tits of mine off, just like my fuckable ass?" she said aloud, confused and horny. What was the matter with her? It was like she'd forgotten how fucking hot it made her to show off her sexy body in public. She let one hand slide to "accidentally" rub her plump left ass cheek, bending over in midair to give everyone a show. She smiled as she spotted a lingerie store in the distance.

"Mmm, that'll do for now until I can get Jan to make me a new costume - one with a thong and plenty of cleavage. Or, ooh, maybe just some lightning bolt pasties or something? That'd be so fucking hot!"

Eager to show off her new body, the now incredibly busty Ms. Marvel flew into the lingerie store and grinned as she grabbed the sluttiest stuff she could find. Casually stripping out of the one-piece black swimsuit and sash in front of everyone, Carol Danvers grinned as she began picking and choosing slutty underwear for the changing room in nothing but her mask, boots and gloves. Maybe if she got lucky and found something slutty enough, she could get one of those superstuds back at the Mansion to fuck her up the ass later!


She-Hulk grinned as she faced down The Shocker.

"Tell you what, Shocker - how about you just give up now and I don't ruin my manicure punching you into next week? We both know that the most you're gonna do with those little toys of yours is ruin my new outfit."

She closed the difference between them easily, her long green legs closing the distance quickly. She picked him up by the fabric of his costumes chest and pulled back her fist. The Shocker had a look down at her generous cleavage and her full lips curved into a smirk.

"Now give up like a good little loser before I make you wish you had never been born." she growled.

Shocker fumed at the beautiful green amazon.

"You smug green bitch! Think you're so smart! I wish you were twice as dumb as your stupid cousin and exactly as much of a big-titted green slut as you look!"

Shocker prepared to spit in her face shortly before getting the hard sock to the face he knew he'd receive but it never came. Instead, the green amazon dropped him the ground, groaning woozily.

"What- what happen to Shulkie?" she moaned. "Shulkie's boobies feel funny!"

Shocker gasped in shock at the jade giantess. Her already impressive tits had seemed to have gone up at least one cup size, making her costume's zipper fall down to her navel.

"What Shocker do to Shulkie?" asked the former lawyer, voice confused and her eyes clearly dull and stupid. "How come Shulkie feel so horny?"

"Holy shit! It came true!" The Shocker gasped.

"What come true?" Shulkie said, now clearly an idiot with big tits . . . tits whose nipples were clearly up and hard, leaving obvious indentations in her uniform. She moaned, slipping one hand under her costume to play with her tits.

"Unngh! Shocker talk too much! Shulkie horny! Shulkie need fuck!"

The Shocker blinked in shock. Was he hallucinating or about to have the best time of his life?

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There's always the charm of turning heroic ladies into baby factories
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