Jack decides that Lois is better as a Frenchmaid Fuck-Toy then a reporter...

by kyletarte
Storyline super heroine crimes
Characters Lois Lane
Category Bimboization Mind Control Transformation
Previous Chapter An Interview With a Slaver

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"Now Ms. Lane, I realize I promised you an exclusive interview.  But unfortunately due to strict security restrictions, I must ask that the interview be done in private, just between you and I.  You understand, don't you?"  

"Yes of course.  Do you mind if I take pictures?"  asked Lois, somewhat nervous about Mr.  Killinger's request.  "Jimmy, would you mind waiting in the car?"  "Sure Ms. Lane"  replied Jimmy.  Jimmy then left the room, leaving Lois alone with Mr. Killinger.
"Ok.  If you would be so kind as to follow me"  said Jack as he led her out the door and down the hallway.  They soon arrived at what appeared to be a viewing room.  The room was darkly lit, with cushioned, theater style seats.  "Please have a seat" and Lois complied.  He walked over to the curtains and pulled them open.  
What Lois saw in front of her very own eyes shocked her to the core.  There was Wonder Woman and Batgirl, naked except for their obedience collars, on the knees, dutifully pleasuring the cocks of their captors.  Lois was about to get up out of her seat when suddenly metal shackles appeared from the armrests of her seat and snapped shut around her wrists.  Another set of shackles also did the same with her ankles.   Lois was now helpless.
"What the hell!!!"  Yelled Lois "Shhhhhh!!!!"  said Jack calmly.  "You see Ms lane.  I promised you an up close and personal look at our training methods and that is exactly what you are going to get!"  He said as he produced a training collar and held it in front of her face.  "With this collar, I can mold you into anything i want!  You will have no choice but to accept any changes i decide to make to you.!"
"You fucking bastar......"  was the last thing that Lois said as Jack calmly snapped and locked the collar around her neck.  Lois's mind instantly went blank and she stopped resisting.  "Lois, can you hear me?"  Lois replied in a monotone voice "Yes Mr Killinger, i can hear you"  "Ms lane, i am going to release you from your restarints.  As soon as you are released, you will stand up and take off all of your clothes."  Jack released Lois from her bonds and she immediately began to comply.  She started with her top and then her pants.  Soon she was in just her bra and panties.  She reached behind freed luscious tits from the confines of her bra.  The last to come off were her panties.  Lois was standing there naked with a blank, emotionless look on her face.
"Ms.  Lane, I have been thinking, clearly you are not a very good reporter.  I mean, really how stupid of you to fall for such an obvious trap.  Wouldn't you agree?"  Jack sarcastically asked.  "Yes, stupid"  Lois meekly answered.  "Well then I think that it's obvious a girl as stupid as you are shouldn't be a reporter.  Nope a stupid girl like you should be spending her time serving her master." "Yes" said Lois "Lois, since we have established that you are stupid, I think a stupid girl like you is only smart enough to work as a slutty little brainless french maid" Jack exclaimed "Yes" Lois mindlessly said.  "Ms. lane when I snap my finger, Lois Lane will disappear forever.  In her place will be Lola, my own brainless cock starved french maid.  You will happily spend your every waking minute pleasing me.  from this point on, I am your master.  Do you understand?"
Jack led her back to his office, opened his closet and took out Lois's new outfit.  It was a full french maid outfi complete with black stockings, garters, 10 in high heels,and a skimpy black and white frilly french amid dress that barely covered her ass.  it also came with a black choker and a maid's headress.  Jack ordered her to put it on and she complied.
Jack stood in front of her and snapped his finger.  "Oui, Mr killinger" said Lola as she courtseyed.  Jack couldn't resist the temptation.  "Lola, Please get on your fucking knees and suck my cock"  Lola eagerly did as she was told and soon her head was slowly bobbing up and down his dick while also taking the time to massage his balls with her hand.  Jack soon tired of tired of this and grabbed her by the hair.  He pulled her up and bent her over his desk.  He reached under her dress and yanked her panties.  Soon Jack had all of his 10 inches buried deep in Lola's pussy and then her ass.  He couldn't hold it any longer and with one final thrust, he shot huge globs of cum deep into her bowels.  Exhausted, Jack sat back in his chair.  "Lola, get that slutty mouth over here and clean my cock of your whore juices.  Lola happily complied.

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