The JLA tries to regroup

by Hardbody
Storyline Superman's NEW cousin
Characters Green Lantern Lex Luthor Justice League
Category F/F DC Female Dom Transformation sleepy (KO by chemical, combat or sexual exhaustion) Mind Control Corruption
Previous Chapter Super Goddess confronts Luther and his team, making Lex her personal Toy

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With most of the most powerful members of the League turned into nearly helpless, or in the cases of Batman, Superman, and the Manhunter of Mars, drooling near comatose piles of jelly, the obvious choice was to call on the powers of magic and the nigh endless willpower of the Green Lantern Corps.

Hal Jordan, Dr. Fate, Zatanna, Kyle Rayner, Guy Gardner, John Stewart, and even JSA member Alan Scott were called together, and given the flight path to follow.

They arrived at the Fortress of Solitude mere moments after Kara had destroyed the robots. And prepared to do battle, but as she turned towards them they were all awestruck by her bare form, as they had only been prepared for her clothed.

Guy Gardner, mustering all his impressive Green Lantern willpower made the first move, shooting a powerful emerald hand down at her and grabbing Kara up... but rapidly anywhere it touched her skin it seemed to crack and quiver, and she merely smiled, before saying, "Look, your willpower is starting to weaken... go ahead... feel me." her voice singing the words like a siren's song.

As Jade and the other GL's tried to join guy, they all found their own power rings and starheart's constructs seeming to shimmer and flicker, eventually blinking out completely.

While they all gawked at her bare form, now closer, and their disbelief at how she didn't even have to struggle, but merely her existence seemed overcome the constructs of willpower, she giggles and took advantage, rushing to grab Zatanna and deeply kissed the woman.

The lesbian kiss seemed to only further flabbergast everyone, and then as she drew away, she whispered in Zatanna's ear, "Say... Nommus lla no eht tenalp mohw ehs sah detaefed ereh."

So in shock from the kiss and fogged over mentally from the pheromones, contact, and general surrealness, Zatanna weakly did as commanded without thinking, bringing all the near helpless and sexual pleasure induced comatose JLA members to the ground nearby.

As the new arrivals distracted Dr. Fate from completing a spell of his own, forcing him to check their well being, and not realizing what was in store. Kara pressed her advantages and pressing close to Zatanna, whispered in the other ear, "Now say... Refsnart lla taht sekam su laiceps ot araK le'suo dna tfig reh htiw lla ruo slliks, tgedelwonk, ytirohtua, dna tseb raeg."

Zatanna, so aroused and in shock, obeyed... and in a flash everything seemed to change. Kara seemed to grow even more stunning, adding the JLA's beauty and powers to her own, her form now clad in an impressive melding of the costumes, with fishnet stockings accentuating her legs, silver bracelets on her wrists, five emerald rings on her hand with an emerald diamond on her palm, a golden lasso at her hip hanging from a utility belt with the Helmet of Nabu squeezed down to size to fit as a belt buckle. Once more the S Shield was blazed on her chest, but now more of an S shield shaped bodice in front, covering only the most basic amount while leaving so much more to view.

Meanwhile, over a dozen, pathetic, ordinary, unspecial seeming beings were surrounding her. She giggled and beamed a magnificent smile at them, and they all simply collapsed, quivering in orgasmic lust.

She then turned and gracefully flew back to Luthor, lifting him by the waist band with her index fingernail. She did not speak, she merely looked at him as he moaned, a mess forming in his pants, but now possessing the former Martian Manhunter's powers, she delved his mind for all she desired to learn and more. As she dropped him she spoke, "Siht ssertrof llahs esaec ot eb tub sti egdelwonk llahs lla won eb ni em!" the fortress vanishing as she  floated up, "Luthor, you may do with the former JLA as you please, amuse yourself, but I doubt they will be as you remember them in any way."

She then flew off.

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