Felicia and the Submissive Six come up with a plan to seduce Peter Parker.

by Blue_Man
Storyline An End To Villainy
Characters Black Cat
Category DC Marvel Gender Switch Mind Control
Previous Chapter A former villain or group of villains attempt to seduce their new master(s).

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"Oh, she has agreed to share, hasn't she?" Dr. Octopus narrowed her eyes suspiciously at the Black Cat "And why, I wonder? I've never knew this bitch to act with nothing but her best interests in mind. What do you have to gain out of this?"

"Oh, yes, because I'm sure all of us have always been generous, charitable souls, haven't we?" The Cat laughed. "Cut the crap, Otto, or whatever it is your name now. I'm looking for my best interests, yes, and my best interests are my master's best interests, which at the time include securing a harem of willing fuckslaves begging for his cock."

"And that happens to be our reason to be here in the first place." The Queenpin added from her place "Your lack of faith disturbs me, Otto. Are you implying that I would bring an untrustworthy player to this... Scheme?"


"But she has a point." Kraven the Huntress pounced from where she stood, glaring menacingly at the cat burglar "We'd have found our own way to him. You could go to him yourself. You could be at his feet right now. You aren't. You're here, losing your time with us." A dagger was suddenly at Felicia's throat, making the remaining supervillainesses jump "And you'll tell us why."

"Kraven!" The Queenpin admonished, "lower that right now or I..."

The Black Cat's sudden laugh interrupted Fisk's threat, making all present whiop their heads back her.

"Oh, God... Alright... Alright... Let's just end this." She wrapped herself around Kraven, rubbing her own voluptuous body against the European noblewoman's lither one "I could to to him, Kraven. I could be with him. The what would I be? The friend, the occasional partner whom he trusts with his identity, his life. And that's too much for a pathetic bitch like me, but I want more." Her hands were now on Kraven's breasts, kneading, mauling. "I want him to think I betrayed him. I want him to think I sold him out as cheaply as could. Because I want him angry with me. Angry enough to beat me. Angry enough to bind me in his webs and then have his way with my body." Kraven's breath was growing more labored with each word. "To punish me. To call me a bad girl. To fuck me like the bitch I am. To hand me over to that goody two shoes of a wife of him so she can ream my ass with a strap-on while I suck his cock. Because I want that, Kraven".

The Huntress was now on her knees, looking up at the Black Cat through half-lidded eyes while playing with herself over her absurdly tight pants. Felicia looked up to see the rest of the Submissive Six and even the Queenpin left in a similar state by the mental images she pictured.

"And..." She allowed herself a devious smile "Because I know and I understand what you've been through, and I know most of you also have an insane need to lap at this pussy." She pinched Kraven's nipples through her thin jacket "And the idea of sex-slaves also does wonders for me." Kraven's face was now grinding at her crotch. "So you can chose. You can ignore me, and go your own way, trying to force yourselves into his beds. Or you can submit to me, and I can guarantee you he will be screwing our asses in submission by the end of this week."

"What do you say?"

Desperate moans were her only answer.


Far away, in a manor that once belong the the organization known as the Hellfire Club, the mutant known as Selene was also feeling very satisfied with her work.

She once had thought of herself as a "Black Queen" A figure of royalty and power, a Goddess to be admired and worshiped by the inferior Homo sapiens. Thinking back at those beliefs filled her with shame.

Fortunately, she'd seen the light. A sudden insight revealed all her ploys and plots to what they actually were, for all this time - desperate attempts to grab her betters' attention. To make them notice her, and defeat her, and own her, as she need to be owned. Even her garments, which she once had fooled himself thinking were statements about unashamed sexuality and power, were nor clear as a cheap way of showing off her curves to her future masters, a sample of their property. Her sexuality was not a means toward power, but her humble tribute to those who would soon rule over her. Specially to Him.

Her Lord Imperial was coming. The mansion had been prepared and groomed to perfection, to received him as he deserved, all the might and riches of the Hellfire Club now directed to an worthy cause, and Selene, bound naked to her (His) bed on the master chambers on flimsy silk threads could only shiver in anticipation as Roberto daCosta, Sunspot, X-Man, Hero, Master, neared his destination, confused, and with no idea about what expected him there.


"Enough! This is enough!" A Guadian of the Universe boomed, in the great council chambers that once had decided the fate of the whole Universe.

The planet had once been Maltus, home to the most advanced civilization of it's time, a race of scientists and scholars that could manipulate the very energies of the Emotional Spectrum. It's fall came when one of them went to far, where no living, thinking mind should go, the Moment of Creation, and unleashed upon this world whatever unspeakable horrors could be born of such a violation.

The Maltusians had exiled themselves, then, splintered based on philosophical differences and traveled to the far corners of the Universe, searching each on their own way a means to destroy Evil Few times had them come all together once more, but this was one of those times.

A wave of cosmic power had originated somewhere on the Unknown Sectors, washing perhaps the entirety of Creation in it's energies before retracting again to nothingness. It could not be tracked, held no particular signature and it's full effects were still to be seen. What was seen, though, was enough to scare even the most impassive of the Maltusian into action.

"Enough, brother? How, 'enough'? It seems like somebody did us a favor and solved the Problem of Evil, if in a particularly inventive way." A bored Controller challenged his shorter sibling.

"In an unacceptable way, you mean! This must be stopped!"

"This must be encouraged! It's things as they should be, Evil, brought to heel by the power of Love!" A passionate Zamaron added from her crystal seat.

"This is not Love. This a violation, a crime against Will!" A second Guardian interceded.

"Well, then, perhaps Will is not as important as you initially thought, hmm...?"

"How dare you? We created the Corps you all aped, we..."

There was a reason the sons and daughters of Maltus didn't come together often. While they argued indefinitely about the course of action, the Pervert's power settled itself even more thoroughly on the heroes and villains of this Universe, and it would be soon too late...

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