her mind went blank

by kyletarte
Storyline super heroine crimes
Characters Wonder Woman
Category Mind Control Humiliation M/F Male Dom Programming
Previous Chapter reflected on the events that made this possible.

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Went blank.  Her mind became completely open for suggestion.  Jack leaned in and whispered in her ear " Diana, can you hear me?" Diana replied "Yes, sir I can hear you."  "Good" replied Jack "From this point forward you are a helpless, mindless little fucktoy.  Your only purpose in this life is to please and obey your master.  Do you understand slut?"  "Yes sir, I understand" Diana said with a monotone voice.

"You will now strip naked and drop to your hands and knees."  Diana did as she was told.  
Jack made her crawl out of the courtroom, down the hall and out the front door where a long black limousine was waiting.  "Crawl to the back of the car and get in"  Diana did as commanded, her perfect slutty ass swaying back and forth.  Jack soon joined her.  He gave the driver the address of their destination and soon they were off.
Jack couldn't believe what he was seeing.  here was the once mighty Wonder Woman, sitting naked in the back of a limousine, mindless and helpless and must obey all of his commands.  he couldn't help himself.  "Diana, crawl over to me, take out my cock and suck it, NOW!"  "Yes, sir" said Diana as she slinked across the floor of the limo and positioned herself in front of Jack.  She then undid his belt, pulled down his pants and underwear and took out his 9 inch prick and soon her head was bobbing up and down his shaft.  Jack couldn't hold out much longer and soon he was shooting globs of spunk into Diana's mouth.  "Swallow all of it slut!"  Diana tried to obey but unfortunately she let some escape on to the floor.  "Use your fucking tongue to clean up your mess"  Diana obediently licked all of the remaining cum off of the floor.
The limo now arrived at their destination.  "Diana, you have been sold."  Jack said.  "We will now go inside and you will meet your new master."  He made her get out of the car and crawl up to the door.  Jack rang the door bell and a large man in a butler's tuxedo opened the door.  "come in, we've been expecting you" said the man.  "Follow me"  and the 2 men proceeded down a long stairway with a naked Diana crawling behind them trying to keep up.  Soon they arrived at a dimly lit room.  sitting in a chair was a man "Awww Mr Killinger, I see you have brought my new toy!!! I can't believe the almighty Wonder Woman, or should I say Wonder Cunt, is now nothing but my own personal fucktoy!"  "Diana, meet your new master........."

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