Collared and controlled princess.

by Greyman
Storyline super heroine crimes
Characters Wonder Woman
Category Bondage Mind Control DC
Previous Chapter reflected on the events that made this possible.

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Diana instantly became docile.

An inhibitor collar scrambled brain waves in areas associated with psychic powers, in an effort to disable meta-human powers.  It mostly worked.  However, it also tended to make it difficult for the wearer to concentrate anything else too; which was generally regarded as a bug by the scientists developing such devices.

Jack considered it a feature, since it rendered his collared prisoner docile and pliable.  Unfortunately, long term exposure would be detrimental to her mental health and thus, more importantly to Jack, her retail value.  It was his job to train the ‘wonder woman’ to accept her new station in life, without needing the collar to keep her in her place. 

It was not just his business; it was his pleasure.  He considered such a ‘wonder woman’ to be an icon of the problems that plagued modern life.  The body of woman before him clearly indicated to him that nature had intended for her to be a nurturer, carer, and guardian of the household.  Instead, she pretended to be independent by gallivanting around the men’s world in garments, which while pleasing to the eye, clearly marked her true nature.

Well, she’d soon be wearing similar garments only for her master’s private pleasure.  But her true costume would, of course, be nakedness!  Yet Jack considered that it would be an amateur’s mistake to immediately strip her naked.  He needed to show her that despite her former status as a glamorous celebrity hero, she would be treated as little more than a common slave slut in hero’s clothing.  That would be far more humbling.

To do so, Jack began with a simple piece of equipment: a modest dog leash which he attached to her collar.  It immediately demonstrated to be befuddled mind that he was in charge and she was consigned to a more humble role.  He took the opportunity to impress on her how weak she’d become, and that he could demand her full obedience using only a small amount of firmly applied force.  She was too enfeebled to offer much resistance.

“Heel, Missy.”  Using the short leash to ensure that she remained uncomfortably bent over.  He eschewed a leering guard’s offer of hand cuffs, and simply held her hands tight behind her back with his own hands to reinforce her feeling of helplessness, and provide the illusion of physical control.  “Walk, Missy.”  Jack led her, by a tug of the leash, out of the fancy office, passed bailiffs, police, and judicial staff, to a holding area.  The parade was deliberately, excruciatingly slow; so that her befuddled mind would have time to register the number of witnesses to her humbling; and that none would come to her aide.

She was then restrained by chains in a way that continued to demonstrate her subordinate role; in a posture bent over a bench that allowed Jack to conduct a ‘livestock’ inspection of her hind quarters.  Keeping her leashed by short chains in a variety submissive, and humiliating, positions was an important part of breaking in a new slave, and he was more than pleased to begin that immediately.  He pulled aside the thin strip of flesh between her legs, parted the crack of her arse, groped and prodded her well-toned flesh, and finally slid a finger into the exposed folds.

Finally she found such manhandling of her assets too humiliating to endure.  Unfortunately for her, the inhibitor collar still rendered her reaction ineffective.  It was the perfect opportunity for Jack to demonstrate that she was no longer a powerful, independent woman, by applying a dozen swift strikes to her rump using a conveniently available cane.  The holding area had been well stocked for handling ordinary convict sluts, and the collar reduced her to the same status.

The punishment was more of a mental nature, than physical, though.  She sure felt the sting and humiliation, but his strongest swipes did not blemish her magnificent flesh.  It allowed Jack to gauge her levels of endurance, the limits of abuse she could withstand, and he was well pleased.  Her durability would work against her.  He would be able to enforce her training regime with extreme punishment.

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