Mindfuck introduces Black Widow to the men who can make her boobies bigger

by ESchorcho
Storyline Bimbotech
Characters Black Widow
Previous Chapter Black Widow dimly recognizes the bimbo as one of the telepathic X-Women before she is introduced to the nice men who will help her get bigger tits and get fucked

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While Mindfuck made fuck-me eyes at any and all bimbos that sauntered past her, Natasha Romanov looked straight ahead at her platinum-blonde mistress in front of her.  The Black Widow’s mouth watered and her eyes were lidded as she focused on Mistress Mindfuck’s perfectly round ass on full display save for the thin black string of her thong.  Her eyes darted back and forth, as Mistress Mindfuck placed one white high-heeled pump delicately in front of the other, causing her hips and ass to sway back and forth.  While Mindfuck’s front was at lease barely covered by the clingy material of her teddy, the smooth, tan flesh of her back was entirely on display save for two brief strips of fabric that held the front in place.  Just watching this excessive display of sexiness made the normally cunning spy melt with lust for her mistress and she couldn’t help but feel a shiver go up her back as she felt a trickle of her own juices slowly crept down her inner thighs.

Natasha’s mind told her to only pay attention to her Mistress and she did, but being a world-class spy it was second nature to be well aware of everything going on around her.  So it was only natural that she noticed the other women sauntering by in their skintight, brightly colored various stages of dress and undress.  Not only did they have comparable-sized tits to her Mistress, but they all wore much higher heels than the ones Natasha was walking on and again she felt inferior to them.  A sexy pout formed on the redhead’s face when she realized that not only did she have these paltry C-cups but also she couldn’t even walk in heels like a real woman either.

‘Now what has your Mistress told you, silly?  I’m taking you to become a real woman with big titties!  The nice men’ll help you with that walk, too.  You’re going to get a whole new body, babe.  And then Mistress Mindfuck’ll take you to get all the cock and pussy you’ll ever need!  So don’t be sad!’ Mindfuck vapidly purred in Black Widow’s mind, “So be happy!’

Natasha gasped at the reassurance and almost came on the spot thanks to the incredibly sexy voice caressing every corner of her cotton-filled mind.  Then, without warning, Black Widow’s eyes grew bigger and emptier, as if all intelligence had left her.  A wide smile danced across her face and her entire body was filled with an excited.  The fact that her mistress was going to help the former assassin made her feel as giddy like a child on Christmas morning.

Finally, the two entered a spacious, high-ceilinged room filled with clear plexiglass tanks.  Natasha saw that some of the tanks were filled bubbling lime-green goo and after a closer look, she saw the dim outline of figures inside!  Had Natasha been herself, this would have disturbed her to her very core but instead she just chirped a happy giggle at what those people might be doing in there.

“Wait right here.  I’ll be right back.” Mindfuck commanded, and pulled Natasha in for a quick kiss.  The Black Widow’s head swam with the sensation of her mistress’ enormous tits pressing up against her undersized ones.  Breaking the kiss, Mindfuck minced away, leaving Natasha wanting so much more from the sexy blonde telepath.

From off to the side of her there were men in white lab coats were busy working at computer screens, checking equipment and one man in particular was leading everyone from a large central control hub.  Black Widow watched as Mindfuck sauntered up to that man, whispered into his ear as she pointed in her direction, before finally the two of them made their way toward her but not before he playfully swatted the platinum blonde’s ass.  This caused Mindfuck to jump playfully and squeal in approval.

“Mr. Lorenz, this is my bimbo slave!” Mindfuck announced proudly, “She wants to be pretty like a real woman.  You know, one with nice big, fat tits.  Like me!  And she wants to get fucked.  Her name is…is…  Ooops!  I never got her name.  What’s your name, sweetie?”

“That’s OK, Mindfuck.” Lorenz said, patting the telepathic bimbo on her big, back-combed bouffant-haired head, “Let me introduce you to Natasha Romanov, the famed Black Widow.  This ravishing Russian is one of the world’s most renowned spies.  So tell me Natasha…I can call you Natasha, right?  Are you here to bring down our little operation?”

He smiled confidently at the spy, knowing full well that had she been in control of her mind and body, she wouldn’t hesitate to snap his neck right then and there.  But Bimbotech had worked wonders on the telepathic mutant, now a loyal bimbo and he knew as long as she was controlling Black Widow, he had free-range to do as he pleased.

Black Widow, meanwhile, continued to smile brainlessly even though in a deep corner of her mind she knew that this scientist of all people had somehow made her.  The entire operation planned by some of the most strategic minds had completely fallen apart.  But at that point, to her none of it mattered.  All she was focused on was getting proper titties and to satisfy the craving between her legs.

“Hey!” Mindfuck exclaimed in frustration, stomping her high-heeled foot.  Natasha’s head turned swiftly in the direction of her mistress, “Answer the man!  Tell him everything!”

“Da, my Mistress.” Widow began, “Mr. Lorenz, sir, that is exactly what we were trying to do.  My colleagues had been following your company for some time but despite that, could never figure out what exactly went on behind these doors so they decided to infiltrate BTI.  We sent in Pepper Potts and Victoria Hand, due to Hand’s ability to adapt to any situation and Ms. Potts’ business credentials.  Unfortunately they were caught so I was sent in to retrieve them.  But before I could do that, my oh so sexy mistress got to me and brought me to you?  Can I have my big titties now, sir?”

“You certainly need them, Natasha.  Let me inspect them,” Lorenz stated, raising his arms to cup and fondle Black Widow’s tits.  For a moment he had a thoughtful look on his face as he appraised her immodest, yet perky rack, “Hmmm.  You definitely have potential, Natasha.  But before we tend to your needs, let’s talk about Bimbotech’s needs.  Are there any other people involved in this failed plan?”

“Oh, that feels soooo good, sir.” Widow moaned, but quickly collected her thoughts and continued the run-down of the mission, “Former SHIELD director Maria Hill coordinated this plan and is in a van outside your building.  You could have your security staff out there in no time and apprehend her so she can become a real woman, too, except I’m sure by now she’s called in someone with super powers to help.” Widow suggested, wanting to be in the good graces of this handsome man she just met.

“For being such a good prisoner and slave to your mistress, I will help you Natasha,” Mr. Lorenz stated and the redhead nearly came right then and there.  Mindfuck stood off to the side giggling and clapped daintily, so happy for her slave, “Mindfuck, escort her over to one of the empty Bod-Mod tanks and make sure she takes off those boots.  She has to be completely naked for the process to work.  Once you are over there, my technicians will handle the rest.  In the meantime, I have to make a call about Ms. Hill.”

“You got it, Mr. Lorenz!” Mindfuck purred, flashing a winning smile at Natasha.  The two girls giggled the entire way over to the Bod-Mod area.  Once there, the Black Widow quickly took off her boots and before she knew it, Mindfuck grabbed Natasha by the back of her head and pulled her in for long, passionate kiss, their tongues dancing in each other’s mouths.  The technicians approached the pair as the spy melted into her mistress’ arms.

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