What had happened between the disappearance and subsequent reappearance of Amora?

by marvelzombie
Storyline Battle of the Blondes
Characters Amora the Enchantress Lady Sif Sylvie Lushton, Enchantress II Lorelei Valkyrie
Category F/F Masturbation Incest
Previous Chapter Amora and Sylvie enjoys their relationship like a challenge

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Amora had returned to her room in Asgard and feels totally alone, wondering how much time had passed and what had happened to her lovers.

Amora looked around and saw her room very neat and clean with everything in its place.

It was a strange feeling and soon she realized that what was a moment, in Asgard had been several weeks since her  disappearance and subsequent reappearance, Amora missed her sister and especially Sylvie who was doing a great job with her pussy despite being a mere human, but also her introduction to the lesbian world lesbian with her old enemy, the Valkyrie, exploring their bodies and forgetting their old rivalry, tasting the sweetness of her juices, kissing, hugging and feeling the touch of her skins to each other.

Upon awakening, Amora thought it was all a dream, that all she had experienced were fantasies that were in the depths of her head and heart and that the Pervert was only a manifestation of her innermost dark desires, among them, she was surprised that Thor was not part of them, but everything was all real, and the Pervert had changed her really, really she had sex with four women, including two enemies and rivals in the love of Thor, her own sister and a teen human girl who looked like her.

Amora was embarrassed, especially as the thought of having touched her younger sister and she kept a mental image of Lorelei totally naked, especially thinking of those beautiful and well trained breasts and that hot body with more than one time she had challenged for the love of any man and Lorelei had always been defeated thanks to Amora´s magical abilities and experience. Amora didn´t stop thinking about her sister and constantly kept touching her pussy, rubbing and sticking her fingers again and again, calling her name loudly as she lay in her bed.

Amora cums with great satisfaction, panting, when the juices come out of her pussy, something strange happens; from her pussy is emerging a green aura that surrounds her completely, Amora don´t realize what is happening, but it looks as she is changing when the night falls.

After spending the night in her room, waking the next day, Amora is looking herself in the mirror and she sees that seems to have not changed much, except she has a new costume, a sort of variation of the costume of her teenage girlfriend Sylvie Lushton, with a very short skirt, cut on one side, leaving plenty to the imagination, a top that highlighted her big breasts and a very pretty gloves reaching to the end of her arms but left her hands free, were her favorite colors, green and yellow, her characteristic black-green stockings had been replaced by green boots reaching to her knees with light green circles on them.

From Surprise, Amora passed to the happiness to look herself so gorgeous and sexy with a variation of her tiara, and also she noticed that her beautiful blonde hair have beautiful braids crossing her face at the sides, and under her skirt, she had no such underwear.

Amora enjoys herself while wondering what is supposed the Pervert had done to her and what he said that soon, she would realize about her new skills of seduction that enable her to have sex and seduce any man and woman she find on her way even if they have a strong willpower, but something was worried her more than that, what had happened to her lovers and why they had gone to other places, and especially the details that they had to leave her room so clean, something she appreciated.

Let's go back in time to discover the truth, specifically three weeks earlier.

Amora was gone and Lorelei was worried about her sister, while Sylvie sat up and wondered what had happened, with a look of surprise but also a little disappointed because she knew that at any time, Amora would have cummed and there would be a shame that she could not finish what she started, Brunnhilde and Sif had left what they did to asked themselves the same question as Lorelei.

Lorelei cried while Sif, caressing her bare back, tried to console her holding her from behind and asked her to have nothing to fear that her sister would be back wherever she was. Lorelei felt Sif's breasts on her back and smiled, wiping her tears and kissed her on the lips, giving thanks for caring about her and thinking Sif was the last person she would have thought it would try to comfort her or make her feel better.

Brunnhilde seemed to not have missed Amora, but wondered how someone like her, with all her power might disappear as well and took the decision that they should leave of that place, because, she believed that Amora is responsible of their lesbian relationships ignoring Amora is also a victim, showing confused with her feelings towards her.

Lorelei was offended with Brunnhilde and take advantage that the sword from Brünnhilde was far from her, angrily rushed to her, throwing her to the floor as she grabbed Brunnhilde breasts tightly, pressing to hurt her, damage became pleasure for the Valkyrie. Sylvie and Sif looked what they were doing them both, and without saying anything, Sylvie began to caress Sif's body, causing chills to the old brunette-now blonde warrior. Sif was surprised and astonished of what Sylvie was doing to her, especially when Sylvie asked her who was Sif and recognized some Norse mythology books that talking about her that she used to read when was at the high-school and telling her that Thor is her favorite Avenger and the most handsome.

Meanwhile, Lorelei and the Valkyrie were fighting and the blonde warrior getting rid of her, saying that she has no right to say anything about Amora, because she is the cause of her own pain, how long ago, Amora trapped her soul in an ancient magic stone and for long time she could not remember who she was, though she knows The Defenders, The Avengers and learn a lot of things from the mortals. Lorelei acknowledges her pain seeing how a Valkyrie can also cry, but she loves her sister, despite the damage she could do to anyone.

After calming down, both, Brünnhilde decides to dress and gives her clothes to Sif, the two warriors grab their swords and decide to leave, Sif looks Sylvie tenderly saying she should not have any fear of what she can see in Asgard, something that does not leave too quiet the teen sorceress, Lorelei decides to clean up a little, the room of her sister and Sylvie decides to help her before she left, showing as two good friends, Lorelei thinks of her sister while looking at the sky accompanied by Sylvie.

The Four blondes are separated into three different directions while Amora´s bedchamber is empty.

Present: Returning to Amora

Amora leaves her room and decides to find her four bedmates not knowing what the Pervert had actually made to her.

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