Elsewhere in the Hookerverse...

by Shendude
Storyline DC Super-Hookers (version 2)
Characters Lois Lane Supergirl Power Girl Superboy
Category DC M/F Gender Switch
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The men of Keystone City and Central City considered themselves to be very lucky. Unlike many cities built on blue-collar industrial work, the twin cities were still going strong, not having experienced economic collapse as other industrial towns all over America had. More significantly, while most cities were lucky to have one or two superheroine protectors, Keystone and Central had over a dozen; the foxy Flash family of sexy speedstresses.

Like all super-powered females, the speedy sirens happily sold their beauteous bodies to anyone who could pay. But that wasn't the best part, because generous souls that they were, the heroines of Keystone and Central offered deep discounts to working men. Even better, as speedstresses, they could service five times as many men as ordinary super-hookers, making sure no man had to go without super-hooker pussy.

Like most men in the twin cities, Henry Begton always put a little bit of his paycheck away to spend on the Flashes. Unlike most men, however, he didn't spend it immediately. Partially, this was because he had a beautiful wife; but then so did many of the men who bought time with a speedstress as soon as their paychecks came in. No, Henry was saving his money so he could be sure to have all of them. And today was the day he finally had enough...


Jimmy Olsen loved traveling to Superwoman's Fortress of Solitude. Sure, it was cold, but that's why he wore a warm coat, and it merely gave him an excuse to snuggle closer to Lois's impressive rack as she carried him. Of course, he could snuggle with her pretty much any time he wanted; one of the perks of being on her freebie list, but he'd happily take any opportunity presented.

He was also intensely curious. It wasn't unusual for the Woman of Steel to whisk him off to the Fortress for sexy photoshoots, but she'd been unusually reticent about what was going on. He was bursting with curiosity, but he kept his mouth shut and leaned his head back against her soft chest; she'd tell him what was going on when they got there.

When she put him down, he whistled in appreciation. While it wasn't like the entire Superwoman family had been gathered, or even all of the Kryptonian members, the assembly was pretty impressive. There was Lois' adopted sister Lucy, a non-powered Super-Hooker. There was her teenage clone Connie, aka Superlass, in her rather casual costume of daisy dukes and black halter-top. And there was Power Girl, who's exact relation to Lois was confusing, in her red cape and white hot pants and tube-top.

But the girl his eyes shot to immediately was a teenaged blonde in a red cape and blue microkini, Superwoman logos barely covering her nipples. There were quite a few young blondes in the Superwoman family, but this one was different. He'd never seen her before in his life, and regretted it, because she was smokin' hot, even for this elite group of out of this world superhotties. She smiled at him, and he practically melted.

"You must be Jimmy," she gushed. "Lo-El's told me so much about you!"

Lois and the others laughed at Jimmy's reaction to the newcomer.

"Jimmy," Lois said. "This is my cousin Kara. She landed on Earth a few weeks ago, and I want you to shoot a special spread to introduce her to the world. Oh, and you're going to be her first client..."

(OOC: Henry is an OC. The number of speedstresses may seem excessive but check out this list of female speedsters [http://www.hyperborea.org/flash/ladies.html]. Now, many of them are from the future or parallel universes, but since we've used time travel to justify future characters being present in the Marvel Hookerverse, the same can be true here; add in the already established precedent of heroes being replaced by their love interests, especially given how many Wally's had [http://www.hyperborea.org/flash/loves.html]... Do not assume the speedstresses are the only Super-Hookers in town either.)

(More OOC:In case you're interested, in my mind the entire Superwoman family includes all the post-Crisis variations on Supergirl, several reformed Phantom Zone criminals, several other reformed villainesses, the pre-Crisis heroic Superwoman, as-yet undecided superpowered versions of Lana Lang and Cat Grant, Natasha Irons, and probably a few more. We don't normally do straight-up gender-switching in the Super-Hooker threads, but given that Kon's a clone, it was the only thing that made sense)

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There's always the charm of turning heroic ladies into baby factories

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