by Redperson95
Storyline Bimbotech
Characters Lex Luthor
Category Bimbotech Bimboization
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Before seating himself behind his desk Mr. Fink reached his out his arm to shake with Luthor's. The fellow billionaire accepted the gesture and both shook hands in a professional manner. Once they were done Mr. Fink sat down and inquired as to what Luthor would want from his business. Given his status it should not be difficult to find a sleazy broad to get his dick wet, though perhaps he had grown bored of average gold diggers and wanted something more air-headed. It was only when Fink asked Luthor did he receive an answer. "So what brings you to my office, Mr. Luthor?"
"Mr. Fink, I've heard many interesting stories about your company. Or should I say the company you stole from your current dolled up secretary?" Fink's blood ran cold, beginning to fear Luthor was preparing to hold him hostage by his actions, before Lex continued. "I would like to make use of your company's resources for a vision of mine. One that I'm sure you will be willing to indulge in." Mr. Fink felt some of his tension ease before inquiring what Luthor had invisioned. The bald billionaire smirked with delight as he answered Fink's question.
"Upon discovering your company and business practices I noticed we share a mutual dilemma. A selection of female heroines and do-gooders that protest our business for simple reasons. When I noticed this connection between us I decided we should meet and perhaps help each other resolve this issue for good. With your assistance those women can be manipulated into performing our respected bidding." Mr. Fink was intrigued by Luthor's explanation. As Lex described a few of the super-humans who protected the world had taken issue with his company and its practices. Wonder Woman, Powergirl, Huntress, and countless other femme fetales had condemned Fink and his company for "treating women like sex dolls". They weren't wrong in the sex doll description but they ignored the benefits included with being a nymphomaniac air-head. An irresistible body, fewer responsibilities, and a never ending sense of bliss. Fink never took their slander to heart but it would be a lie if he never thought of giving these heroines a first hand demonstration. With Luthor present perhaps said thoughts could be put into action.
"I admit I'm intrigued, Mr. Luthor, but I have one concern." Mr. Fink paused before continuing. "If these women despise both our businesses as you say, to which you are correct, how do you intend to convert them?" Luthor's smile returned as he explained. "By starting with a loose end of theirs." Luthor proceeded to reach into his jacket and pull out a tablet. He placed the device on Fink's desk allowing his associate to see. It was an image of one Selina Kyle, one of the call girls to other business tycoon Bruce Wayne. Another image appeared of the semi-hero, Catwoman. Fink was about to ask what the two had in common before Luthor began to explain. "Selina Kyle, aka Catwoman, has affiliation with the Justice League. Although she's a rogue she can be a valuable ally to them - and soon us. Her loose connections to the heroes grants us time to our advantage as only few members of the League would be concerned of her absence. There's also her ties to Gotham's villain underground which can allow us to expand on our stock before making a first move against the super-heroines."
"You thought of everything, haven't you?" Mr. Fink asked with heavy impressment. Luthor smirked before stretching his arm out to him.. "It pays to think ahead. So - do we have a deal, Mr. Fink?" Fink took a moment to gather his thoughts but his response was an enthusiastic approval. He reached out and shook hands with Luthor once again. The bald billionaire was pleased to see they reached an agreement and began filling in the requirements from Fink. The two continued to discuss for what seemed like hours as their plan was about to go underway.

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