Power Girl offers herself in place of Supergirl

by SteveO
Storyline Superman's NEW cousin
Characters Wonder Woman Supergirl Huntress Lois Lane
Previous Chapter Karnn-El has a nasty surprise for Wonder Woman and Power Girl

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Power Girl closed her eyes and said "You and Lois can do whatever you want to me.  Fuck me, turn me into a freak like Lois, I don't care.  Please don't leave Supergirl alone."

Karnn-El smiled wickedly, Power Girl looked in Karnn-El's eyes and she could see the gears turning in Karnn-El's head.  "What did I just agree to?" wondered Power Girl.  "What the hell does this perverted freak have in store?"

"Lois, leave the virgin be...for now.  Power Girl has agreed to be our sex puppet and...guinea pig!"

"Damn it, I was hoping to popping both of this hick's cherries!" said Lois.

"Not to worry, there are other virgins for you to fuck."

Karnn-El flew out of the room and a moment later, came back with a chastity belt laced with bright green crystals all around it.  Flying towards Supergirl, Karnn-El ordered "Hold down the bitch!".  Lois continued to pin down Supergirl while Karnn-El slipped the chastity belt on Supergirl.

"Oh...god...it's covered in Kryptonite..." moaned Supergirl.  The Kryptonian could no longer struggle as the effects of the Kryptonite had an immediate effect, sapping away her powers.

"Kara!" screamed Power Girl.  "Get that off of her!  You're killing her!"

Karnn-El ignored Power Girl as she finished securing the chastity belt to Supergirl's waist.  Supergirl moaned in pain as the Kryptonite's radiation wrecked havok on her body.

"There all done!  Now miss virgin is protected from all the naughty people that want to take advantage of her!" said Karnn-El.

Power Girl struggled to get out of her bonds but the lasso kept her secured to Wonder Woman.  Worse, the struggles caused more pleasure on to Wonder Woman's clit, causing the amazon to moan in pleasure and pump her clit into Power Girl's pussy.  "Damn it Diana, stop it!" moaned Power Girl.  "Sorry...felt...so...good," said Wonder Woman shamefully.

"Ok Power girl, here's the deal.  You can save Supergirl only if you fully submit to us and do what we say, when we say it!  I'd say Supergirl has roughly 2 hours before the Kryptonite kills her."

Power Girl glared at Karnn-El and nodded.  She knew that resisting would be foolish since she knew Karnn-El would easily overpower her and the consequences could be dire for all of them.  Karnn-El glared at Power Girl and said "Address me as your Mistress!"

"Yes, Mistress," whispered Power Girl.


"Yes Mistress! yelled Power Girl.

"It'll do," said Karnn-El.  Karnn-El untied Power Girl but she was still knotted to Wonder Woman's canine shaped clit.  "Hmm, this could be a problem...unless..." Karnn-El knelt down and blew down on Wonder Woman's clit.  Her super breath slowed down the blood flow and caused her clit to shrink just enough for Power Girl herself out.  "Oooh, look at you pussy, nice and stretched out!  Perfect fit for Lois's cock!" mocked Karnn-El.  Power Girl covered her pussy, ashamed at the attention that she was getting.

Wonder Woman slowly got to her feet, her clit still dangling like pink sausage.  "Hera...I feel so aroused...but I must find a way to help my friends," thought Wonder Woman.  She gazed at Huntress and the sight of her form fitting costume fitting snugly around her perfectly toned ass and tight pussy caused her pussy to moisten.  "I wonder how my clit would feel inside of Helena," thought Wonder Woman.  "What am I thinking?  I must find a way out of here!" thought Wonder Woman.  A battle was going on inside Wonder Woman's mind, the desire to fulfill her desires and the desire to help save her friends.  Karnn-El could see the conflict waging in Wonder Woman's mind as she saw the amazon stare at Huntress's body with lust.  "Time to give Wonder Woman a set of balls and make a decision," said Karnn-El.

"Lois, take Huntress into the North room and secure her to the horse," ordered Karnn-El.  Lois nodded and picked Huntress up and carried her over her shoulders into the North room.  Karnn-El took Wonder Woman's lasso, she tied up Power Girl and grabbed Wonder Woman by her clit and lead both Power Girl and Wonder Woman to the North room.  The North room was circular room with numerous metal gates along the wall, very similar to an arena.  In the middle of the room was Huntress secured face down to a pommel horse.  Her arms were tied securely around the horse while her legs were chained to the floor, spread wide open.  Karnn-El guided Wonder Woman behind Huntress, with Lois standing right beside Huntress.

"Diana, look at Huntress's pussy, don't you want to stick your big nasty clit inside her?" asked Karnn-El, stroking Wonder Woman's clit.  As she said it, Lois tore off the lower part of Huntress costume, revealing her shaved pussy.  She slowly parted her pussy lips revealing her moist pink folds.

"No..." moaned Wonder Woman.  Wonder Woman tried to look away, trying to avoid the temptation that was in front of her.  Her clit swelled to a full 14 inches as Karnn-El gently caressed it, Wonder Woman tried to turn her head but Karnn-El grabbed her clit and pulled her closer to Huntress's pussy and gently guided the tip along the Huntress's pussy lips.  Huntress soon regained consciousness and panicked.  "What the hell are you doing?!?" screamed Huntress.

"You're friend, Wonder Woman is going to fuck the shit out of you!" said Karnn-El.

"Wonder Woman?!? What are you talking about?!?  Wonder Woman, you have to help us!" screamed Huntress.

"She's too far gone to help any of you.  In fact, she's too far gone to even help herself, she just doesn't know it!" said Karnn-El.

"No...I won't do it!" said Wonder Woman defiantly.

"Just like Jor-El, afraid of the sight of pussy and needs someone to give him a helping hand," said Karnn-El.  Lois walked behind Wonder Woman and gave her a kick in the butt, causing her to ram her clit into Huntress.  "Hera!" moaned Wonder Woman.

"Aaaaggghhhh!" screamed Huntress as she felt Wonder Woman's clit nearly splitting her pussy in two.  "Oh god...that's too big....get it out!  Please!"

Wonder Woman gripped Huntress's thighs and slowly tried to withdraw from Huntress's pussy.  Huntress's pussy milked Wonder Woman's clit, bringing incredible pleasure to her shaft.  "Feels so good...Hera...forgive me..." moaned Wonder Woman.

"What are you doing Diana?!? Stop it!" screamed Power Girl.

Wonder Woman just stood there, here clit halfway inside Huntress's pussy.  She could hear her friends beg her to stop but a louder voice inside her was telling her to sate her lust.  Her clit screamed at her to fuck Huntress.  Wonder Woman looked down at Huntress's perfectly shaped ass and she felt herself wanting to fuck Huntress as hard as possible.  But Wonder Woman's last thread of willpower held on, Karnn-El took a pair of scissors and cut the thread by grabbing Wonder Woman by the hips and pushed it towards Huntress's hips, causing Wonder Woman to thrust her clit deep into Huntress's pussy then pulling away and then back in, in a pumping motion.  Soon Wonder Woman began to fuck Huntress's pussy without Karnn-El's guidance, her hips slammed into into Huntress's butt, making a slapping sound.  Karnn-El took her hands off of Wonder Woman's hips and stepped back and looked on proudly at Wonder Woman's descent into debauchery.  Wonder Woman's clit began to swell up into a bulb shape, locking the two woman together.

"Oh god...is that a softball inside me?!?" screamed Huntress.

"Just her clit..." said Karnn-El.  "Her clitty swells up like a dog.  Kind of ironic she's fucking you doggy style, hahahhaha" laughed Karnn-El.  "Anyways, I'll leave you two alone!  By the way Diana, I did not forget your little betrayal, I'll be punishing you soon!"

"Oooh, yes!" moaned Wonder Woman as she fucked Huntress, oblivious to her surroundings.

Karnn-El laughed at Wonder Woman and said "Now Power Girl, where were we?"

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Evva, of course Babs is going to be Dick's harem lover. The real fun is in getting her to beg him to make her one.
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The Legends of Belial is a universe created by Demon-man. They've got a forum that will have all the info you need it's an 18 plus forum so you need to register. https://legendsofbelial.no-ip.info/index.php?login=1
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There's always the charm of turning heroic ladies into baby factories
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There's always the charm of turning heroic ladies into baby factories

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