by SteveO
Storyline Superman's NEW cousin
Characters Wonder Woman Lois Lane Huntress Supergirl Power Girl
Previous Chapter Supergirl, Power Girl and Huntress discover Karnn-El's fortress

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"Ah...a little bit of bondage, I like that!" smiled Lois as the bolas entangled her arms to her body.  "But, I like to be the one to tie up my sex slaves!"  With little effort, Lois breaks out of her confinement and flexes her biceps.  "That's right, look at the new Lois Lane!  I'm going to enjoy making you super whores my personal play things!"

As Lois kept Supergirl and Huntress occupied, Power Girl dashed towards Karnn-El laid a punch across Karnn-El cheek, causing the brutish Kryponian to stagger for a moment.  Karan continued the assault by laying a barrage of punches on Karnn-El's face and torso.  "I can't let up, if I give her an opening, I'm screwed," thought Power Girl.  As soon as she completed the thought, Karnn-El grabbed both of Power Girl's fists and pulled her towards her.  "Not bad!  You certainly have more fight than that homo Kal-El!"  Power Girl struggled to escape Karnn-El's grasps while the Kryptonian looked over her body.  "With my help, I can make you stronger, like I did with Lois Lane," smiled Karnn-El.  Power Girl gave a sly smile, "Sorry, but I'm happy with who I am...and I think I'll pass on the set of balls!"  Power Girl gave Karnn-El a swift kick into her midsection, sending her flying into the wall, obsidian crystal flying all over the place.  "Damn, she's powerful," thought Power Girl.  "I don't know how I'm going to defeat her!"  In that instance, Power Girl caught of glimpse of Wonder Woman crawling out of the shadows.  The amazon looked dazed and weak, but it appeared she was trying to communicate something.

Wonder Woman tried to ignore the pleasure that her new clit was bringing to her body.  "Must...help...my friends," whispered Wonder Woman.  Despite being sexually dominated by Karnn-El and Lois, the amazon still had a little bit of resistance in her and it was her last chance to free herself before they finally broke her.  Taking the lasso off of her neck, she slowly got to her feet and gestured for Karen to lure Karnn-El towards her so that she can wrap the lasso around her.  Power Girl nodded slightly, understanding the plan.  As Wonder Woman stood up, her clit rubbed up against her thigh, sending a wave of intense pleasure through Wonder Woman's body.  "Hera, that felt so good..."thought Wonder Woman.  Unable to control herself, Wonder Woman gently rubbed her clit, to experience more pleasure.  Soon, her pussy with dripping, causing a massive pool of her own fluids to gather beneath her feet.

Karnn-El got up and smiled approvingly at Power Girl's assault.  "Well done Kryptonian!  I'm impressed, with my help, your powers will only be second to my own.  Join me and I will make you my right hand man!"

"I'm going to have to pass," said Power Girl as she used her heat vision on Karnn-El's eyes, temporarily blinding her.  Power Girl dashed towards Karnn-El and laid a few punch across her face and body, pushing her back towards Wonder Woman.  Wonder Woman was so busy stroking her clit, that she didn't realize that Power Girl was luring Karnn-El closer to her.  The shock waves from the punches that Power Girl was laying on Karnn-El snapped her out of her erotic trance, just as Karnn-El was a mere two feet in front of her.

"Now Wonder Woman!" screamed Power Girl.

Wonder Woman stepped forward and slipped on the puddle of her own cum, causing her to fall on her butt.


Power Girl quickly bear hugged Karnn-El, trying to buy Wonder Woman time.  "Quickly Wonder Woman, lasso us both!"

Wonder Woman tried to get up, but her strength failed her.  "Too weak..." whispered Wonder Woman as she struggled to push herself up but quickly fell back into the puddle of her own cum, causing a small splash.  Karnn-El quickly broke Power Girl's hold and said "Nice try!  But not good enough!"  Before Power Girl could renew her assault, Karnn-El grabbed Power Girl by the hair and headbutted her, knocking her out.  "That's another win for the bad guy!" laughed Karnn-El.  Karnn-El looked at Wonder Woman and gave her an evil grin.  "Oh Diana...your betrayal is very disappointing, I'm going to have to punish you severely after this!"

Wonder Woman stared defiantly at Karnn-El and tried to toss her lasso around her, but Karnn-El's quickly pulled PowerGirl's body in front of the lasso, looping her instead.  Karnn-El reached down Power Girl's crotch and tore off a piece of her uniform, revealing her neatly trimmed blonde pussy.  "Please keep her occupied while I entertain the rest of our guests," said Karnn-El.  Before Wonder Woman could respond, Karnn-El planted Power Girl's pussy into Wonder Woman's monstrous clit, in a split second, Power Girl and Wonder Woman were tied together.  Power Girl's legs were wrapped around Wonder Woman's waist and her arms wrapped around Wonder Woman's back.  The Lasso of Truth was tied tightly around Power Girl's legs, binding them together; Power Girl's wrists, binding them together as well.  "Let's see if Lois is still playing with those super wimps!"

Supergirl and Huntress stared at Lois as their combined might was not enough to take down the super powered shemale.  Both Supergirl and Huntress breathed heavily as the battle took a serious toll on them, while Lois just stood their confidently, not looking abit exhausted.  Lois smiled fiendishly and began to stroke her cock at them.  "You lovely ladies look tired, perhaps you should have a drink!"  Yellow cum came launching out of Lois's cock like fire hose right into Huntress's and Supergirl's opened mouth.  Huntress and Supergirl inhaled the cum that splashed into their mouths, causing them to cough uncontrollably and drop to their knees.  Lois quickly punched Huntress in the bread basket, knocking her out cold.

Supergirl struggled to her feet and realized that she was in a lot of trouble.  Both Power Girl and Huntress out of commission, she stood little to no chance of winning this battle.  "I better get out of here and get reinforcements," thought Supergirl.  As she flew out of Lois's reach, Karnn-El flew up behind her and put a full nelson on her, forcing her down to the ground.  "Not so fast little cousin!  I would be a terrible relative if I didn't give you the special house warming greeting!"  Lois walked over to Supergirl with her massive cock pointed directly at her.

"Must activate beacon," thought Supergirl as she tried to reach for her belt.  Lois quickly tore off Supergirl's skirt and belt, revealing her white panties.  "Mmm...I'm going to enjoy this!" smiled Lois.  Supergirl closed her eyes and prayed that the other super heroes will come to rescue them soon.  Karnn-El reached over to a nearby panel and pressed a button.  The lights in the fortress blinked a few times and the the whole facility shook violently but soon ended.

"What was that?" asked Lois.

"The door to the fortress has been resealed and relocated, I don't want any uninvited visitors while we entertain our new recruits," said Karnn-El.  "It will also block all frequencies from a certain communication device!"

"You knew they were going to be here?" asked Lois.

"Yes, I allowed Wonder Slut's communication device to give out our location.  I figured we could use more sluts to break and train.  I think these lovely ladies will keep us occupied for a while."

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There's always the charm of turning heroic ladies into baby factories
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