Zatanna turns Superman into new horny girl like a Batman

by Sensus
Storyline Zatanna: Demonic Collar
Characters Superman Zatanna
Category Gender Switch Mind Control Bimboization Masturbation DC Transformation
Previous Chapter She decides to do Superman

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"Thanks for the cock, supes" - Zatanna dismount from superman, Supermans lust continue and his arms automatically begin work on his dick.
"Now we need to made you more like batman now for to lust you finally. Dont worry your hornies stay with you" - in that words Zatanna start to cast new spell.
Supermans arms continue his work during Zatanna says magic words.
Superman watch his arms in fear while their start to become thiny and, all muscle and mans shape loses. "No what are you doing" - he said as his arms become little, smooth and lighter skin. In end his fingernails grow and get pink color. Superman watching girlish cute hands masturbating his meat. "O fuck no, Zatanna, dont do this to me" - superman panic. All his body start to change. Become more feminine, smaller. His legs become small, long and smooth. His hips get rounder and rounder while his ass receive more fat. He stare at his male structure lose her muscle and hairs. His delicate pinknails arms now positioned on smooth soft girlish legs. Nails on his cute legs become pink like on hands. "Noo, Zata....nnnnaaaaaa" - his voice break in end as sexy and feminine. "No, noo please" - sexy kitten voice continue as his nipples get size as dollar and erect. Flash on his chest start expand, and soon little dirty breasts hang down. His cute hands doing his work and sensual groan come from his feminine lips. His face become smooth with thiny arched eyebrows and his nose change to  small pug-nose. His lips plump in sexy manner. Adam apple vanish and superman sulked how great gold blonde heirs fall on his at first chest then on his butt. Supermans butt get more fat and become more rounder and wide, his breasts going from saucy to soft and bid with big erect nipples. ""What have you done, Zatanna, please i dont want too be a girl" - new girl crying while her small pinked nails stroke her big cock. Little twitching get her attention. Dick start to shrink. "O, noo, just not this" - cute girl to angry but this seem like she just sulk sexy. Soon her delicate fingers caress little bit of it. In second bit was suck in her down. Girl scream sharply. Scrotum separating to labiums and bit of dick become sensitive clitoris. Girl watching in shock as her change was complete. She must be in nineteen. Her arms take her big breasts, one hand down to her little pussy and sexy groan fly out from her plump lips. "What have you done to me you stupid bitch" - girl scream in angry with her beautiful voice. "Will see who is stupid bitch, spell is not complete" - Zatanna laughed. "" What? Noo" - superman fell new senses how her pussy start beat in pulse. Pleasing Feelings follow her sexy body. It start on her nipples follow her pussy and all legs. She rub her hips and pussy, excited moan come out from her now pink lips. "What is this, soo hot, soo..." - her little smooth pink arms fall to her breasts and pussy. Pulsations dont stop, and her arms get fast. Her right stroke her pussy, abundantly juices start to flows her cute legs. Left play with erect nipple. "Why is so pleasurable. why i dont stop" - she crying in sexy manners and moans. Pleasure start to grow and her fingers get fast. New , thoughts enter her mind. "So sexy, i so sexy girl. Why me so hot. My pussy so good, my big nipples feel so god, must sock it" - superman bring her tit and start to suck her  nipple. her right fingers continue play with her wet pussy. Mmmmphhh, mppphhhhh, pmhhhh, mpphaaaaa sooo wonder, why my tits feel so wonder ahhh, nooo - she pull back her arms from her body. " No, i am superman i must fight" - girl screaming. "Did you think that you not a horny bitch young lady" - Zatanna giggled and walk to her. Her hands follow to girl pussy and tits. "What young miss think about that, oo bald pussy" - zatannas fingers start to stroke her hot labiums, one finger get in..."ooo ahhhh" - moan clear pleasure break girl. Her hand quickly begin help zatannas. "ahhh yessss . sooo good" - her self arms begin puddle her soft tits and play with hard nipples. "So hot, so horny, please dont stop" - girl scream as zatannas finger masturbating in her wet pussy.
 How our girl doing.  Zatanna gigled
Yeeeesss. more, please, more. Superman shriek in female pleasure.
Did will you a good girl and suck a cock? Asked Zatanna accelerating her fingers. An idea of a man cock feel former superman as her pussy shake a kick. She begin to slobber more. Centre of pleasure going from her erect nipples and end in her wetting bald  pussy. In that point superman freedom leave his new body. In her mind was cocks, tits, juice, sex. Her body begin move in time with zatannas fingers. "Ahhh ,ahhh, ahhh, yesss, so goood, my pussy feel so good. Please, cocks, aahhhh". Zatanna get idea. "Do you want a cock naughty little girl?" - Zatanna throw the girl on the ground and begin cast new spell. "Yess cock, cock, ahhh" - superman masturbating hardly as her cute pink nails play with her stuff. She squirm and turn over her stomach, her wide butt was see everyone. "Well ready you for new pleasure little horny stupid bitch" - Zanatta said that while her hands hold her new erect dick. Hips and ass of the girl wince from pleasure how she see the real cock. "But first you must suck it little bitch" - Zatanna said. Little bit of superman identity fighting with her horny wet pussy : "" No i dont. i will fight with this, change me back bitch" - Superman try to stop her hands of masturbating. Zatanna was surprised that superman can return his mind. "I see i must try a more spells for you, cute little" - zatanna giggled.

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