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by gothamalleyviper
Storyline Enter the Corrupter
Characters Lois Lane Jimmie Olsen Wonder Woman Lex Luthor
Category Change of clothes Corruption F/F Female Dom M/M
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"Yes My Lady," Lois said in her post hypnotic haze, "What is my Lady's wishes?"

"First off, ditch the rayon," Lady La La pointed at Lois' suit, "From now on, court shoe or heeled boots, satin or silk in mixed company, leather or latex in controlled company."

Lois blushed.

"Hay, stud monkeys!" Lady La La, pointed at Jimmy, "In the wardrobe, latex fuck pants for you and the pink rubber business suit for Mistress Lois her."

Jimmy was all too happy to follow his goddess' commands.  Jimmy and Lois both stripped then Jimmy retrieved the labeled bags from the wardrobe.  Jimmy's only had a pair of brown rubber short with a sheath in front and a solid butt plug in back and a bottle of lube.  Something inside of him recoiled at the sight of the butt plug, but Lady La La started singing and his concerns melted.  Lois quickly lubed both dildos in the frilly pink panties and slide them on letting out a gasp as her virgin backdoor was breached.  She then pulled on the corset with garters.  Once Jimmy was "dressed" he helped Lois lace the corset.  Then came the pink and black lined stalkings, then the pink and black opera gloves, the pink and black trimmed rubber button down shirt, the black rubber mini skirt, and the black rubber jacket.  Once they Lois was dressed, Lady La La handed him a MP3 player.

"One of my sluts hasn't fully convereted so she still gets a straight itch from time to time.  Listen to this while you fuck her," Lady La La commanded, "Lois, I think you need to listen to more of my work as well.  Put these in while we conduct this interview."

Placidly Lois put the ear buds in an let the music softly play in her ears.

"So like a said, I earn so much more money singing, and the IRS doesn't breath down my neck about my filing tax returns for a brothel.  But I still practice as part of a lifestyle," Lady La La smiled, "just like you Lois."

Lois knodded as the information penetrated her addled mind.

"What is your favorite power game?" Lois asked.

"Pegging and strapon worship.  It gets me so hot to see a slut bent over liking my rubber cock and then being pounded in the arse from it.  Mix it with feminization and ball busting and it gets you really wet," Lady La La put the thoughts into Lois' head, "Tell me about your husband."

"Clark, he's Superman," Lois shrugged, "I need a special kind of kryptonite to subjugate him with out killing him."

"Don't worry Lois," Lady La La reassured the nascent dominatrix, "Our friends will get you up and running with everything you need."

Lady La La leaned forward and began to kiss Lois, Lois kissed her back with vigor.  After a minute or two the broke their kiss and Lady La La lead Lois by the hand to another room.  Jimmy was on top of a girl clad in latex lingerie and they were having very vigorous intercourse.  Lady La La grabbed  riding crop and procedded to swat Jimmy on the bottom and back causing him to thrust with even more vigor.




"Diana," Jane said, "promise to be our little fuck toy maid and we will keep playing."

"If you don't make the promise we will have to turn you loose," Jill said.




"Mr. Luthor," Ben said as he came into Lex Luthor's personal office, "I have the reports from the Inter-gang 'investigators' here."

Luthor raised an eye brow.

"Mr. Luthor, I never work for someone unless I know what it really going on," Ben said in a hypnotic voice.

Luthor thought he smelled something in Ben's after shave, it was a drug they used to put his mind to sleep but keep his body active.  It would make him very suggestible.

"I know all about your obsession with Superman," Ben kept talking, "Most men like us all dream about Superman.  The perfect man and specimen of manhood.  But he keeps cock teasing us and then running off with those whores like Lois Lane, Wonder Woman, and so on.  Just imagine bedding that hunk!"

Ben put the papers on Luthur's desk and then pulled a bottle of aftershave out, opened it and put it on the desk as well.

"Here Mr. Luthor, I find listening to this music helps me relax," Ben handed him an MP3 player and ear buds, "Put them on and listen."

"Yes," Luthor said in a sleepy voice.

Ben left, leaving to Luthor to listen to the music.  If he had been in his right mind he would have heard the phrases "cock cucking," "Fetish Boi," "Twink porn slut," and homosexual phrases.

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