Amora talks with Sylvie to understand why she is calling herself Enchantress before touching her

by marvelzombie
Storyline Battle of the Blondes
Characters Amora the Enchantress Sylvie Lushton, Enchantress II Valkyrie Lorelei Lady Sif
Category F/F Marvel
Previous Chapter Lorelei unties Sif and orders her to make pleasure to her while Sylvie needs to be fucked

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In the previous chapter, Lorelei enjoys Sylvie Lushton while Amora and Brunnhilde returned to their initial relationship, Brunnhilde stopped working at Amora´s pussy and saw Lorelei enjoying another person who was not Sif, and wanted to take advantage to untie her old friend, Lorelei realized of what Brunnhilde tried to do and began to speak badly to the blonde warrior, very angry, Sylvie was not fully satisfied as Lorelei had left off, while Brunnhilde and Lorelei discussed before untie Sif, while Amora walked slowly and stood looking defiantly at Sylvie Lushton. Meanwhile, the Pervert, one of the elders of the universe, still watching what the 4 goddesses and the human sorceress are doing.

Going back to the history, Amora was standing in front of Sylvie that is moaning and gasping lying in Amora´s bed and from her mouth, there are defiant words and full of anger.

Amora: Who are you, intruder and why you call yourself the Enchantress, Didn´t you know that name is mine? I have a reputation because of that.

Sylvie, after get up and a little embarrassed she said without a hint of surprise at the woman standing before her.

Sylvie: I'm sorry, but the story is complicated, uuuuh, my voice has changed, my lisp is gone, why i´m understand what you are saying or you understand me if we have different speeches?

Amora still a challenging position

Amora: Possibly my sister will have done something for that to be so, I´m sorry about your doubts, but I'd like you just answer the question I've done, I would not like to get myself, angry, Wouldn´t you like to see me in that state, right?, the consequences would be catastrophic for you.

Sylvie felt Amora was terribly angry and before having any problems, decided to answer.

Sylvie: My name is Sylvie Lushton -panting, I am a normal human that a man before-woman named Loki transforms me from a day to another, it was an incredible day, -a bit aroused, I discovered what Loki do to me later thanks to the Young Avengers, with a zap, I ended up in New York thinking that I can fit between the super-heroic community, I call myself The Enchantress and I try to fake a lisp but sometimes is a thing that I can´t control, after hearing how the Asgardian spoke when you were in Broxton, that lisp, at times was tired and tiresome some people believe that I´m a type of retarded but I´m not retarded, I´m a simple normal woman that was chosen for something, but since Loki was gone I began to feel strange and thought I was become crazy. why i´m here before four naked asgardian goddesses? I do not know, I hear a strange voice that spoke directly to my head and suddenly I end up here, I never thought that Asgard was a beautiful place, is like a paradise.

Amora only understands the word Loki and says that girl talked in a nonsense way.

Amora: Loki? I don´t know why, but I´m not surprised about it, I'll talk with him when I have the opportunity and better that he will begin to worry about himself, he will pay for what he has done, nobody makes fun of me and gets away, but now, if you want to understand why are you here, I will help you, but I do not like that you look like so much to me, although I can change that if you accept to be my daughter, I had no problem doing with my sister before, you're a beautiful girl and I want to enjoy you as well.

Sylvie: What? Daughter? It's a joke right? Since I'm here I started to feel very strange, I feel a burning sensation throughout my body and I was never interested in women and I do not know what to do, looks like a tempting offer, but your sister, I imagine it is the redhead, has not finished what she started.

Amora: You don´t Have no problem with it, you're young, but as I see, you seem adult enough to avoid those type of problems, the inhibitions you might have are gone and you've gotten increasingly hotter as you looked, we, 4 beautiful goddesses in my room.

Me neither, I was not interested in women before, and here, I have had sex with 3 asgardians compatriots, including two hated rivals and my own sister, sex with women is fine, we, as women know how to give pleasure because we know our bodies and our sensitivities, I can be your teacher in that thing, I am fully recovered and you and I can start, Do you want to join me on a journey of passion, love and lust? I do not care if you're human, you are also very beautiful and the fact you look like me, now excite me and I'm excited, because it would be like if I started to have sex with my own daughter.

Sylvie: Daughter? uuhh, that scares me a bit, but I see you incredible, I can not stop looking at your beautiful body, that blonde hair so beautiful, that precious green eyes, like two diamonds, emeralds with a color so intense, those breasts so large and so well trained, that shaved pussy so tasty, that body so amazing and so well done, that most perfect ass, I think I'm excited. I accept your offer.

Amora: Hahaha, thanks for the compliments, I like the way you talk, I think I´m going to have a lot of fun with you and don´t worry Sylvie. that I´m not only continue what my sister had started, but you will feel a pleasure like never before felt in your life. Amora begins to caress Sylvie´s cheek so amorously

Meanwhile, Lorelei still enjoying Sif and apologizes to Brunnhilde for the bad words while it is listening the continuous moans and gasps from the three goddesses. Brunnhilde joins them and begins to try Sif's ass causing an orgasm with her fingers poking her ass, again and again, Sif seems very happy and want to kiss and taste her Brunnhilde´s blond pussy.

Meanwhile, in a distant part of space, The Pervert watches with great satisfaction to the 5 women and decide that he should talk to Amora to start the second act and make things more interesting.

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There's always the charm of turning heroic ladies into baby factories

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