Lorelei decides to help her sister mocking Brunnhilde

by marvelzombie
Storyline Battle of the Blondes
Characters Amora the Enchantress Lady Sif Lorelei Sylvie Lushton, Enchantress II Valkyrie
Category F/F Marvel Female Dom Masturbation
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Amora is on all fours while Brünnhilde's take her leg with a hand while the other puts her fingers in and out of Amora´s ass causing groans and gasps on the other hand, when Brünnhilde ends with her fingers so wet, does the same with her pussy, Amora is at her mercy and she know that deserves it, something that Brunnhilde tells her while giving several strokes in the ass leaving it red, Amora showed several tears of pain and pleasure, soon after, Amora gets up and hugs Brünnhilde, their confrontation becomes love and lust as it was at first before Lorelei interrupted and spying them.

Amora kisses Brünnhilde saying that the game is over and they don´t have to keep fighting against each other, that feels much what had happened and that she will not tie her as before. Brünnhilde who felt hurt by what Amora had to invoke Sif towards them when she had sent to search her. doesn´t know what to say now, the old proud warrior returns the kiss that Amora had given her and look to the eyes of her old enemy like she does when is fighting some enemies and caresses gently Amora´s cheek causing a blush to the blonde sorceress, Brünnhilde decides to forgive and give her another kiss, then begins to drop her hand down to her legs and up a bit to caress her lover's pussy while sucks her breasts.

Sif continuing tied, and a little upset that Lorelei did not stop playing with her hair, looked at Brünnhilde and Amora and thought that everything was weird, the behavior of these two was not normal and gave her a strange feeling in all her body, Lorelei whispers to Sif´s heard that what they were experiencing was caused by an entity of the universe called the Pervert that had chosen several blonde women among Goddesses and Humans for a strange competition, she had been affected less due to be only half blonde and still thought with some clarity, but her sister and Brünnhilde seemed to have lost all control of their bodies and personalities and seemed to have ceased to be the people who were before to become sluts that they wish each other and that what they felt for the men, now they felt for themselves and other women.

Sif is frightened by what she is hearing, including incest between Lorelei and her sister, something that Lorelei did not mind and says to Sif that she was willing to do whatever she wanted if she got back the blond hair she had before Loki cuts it to make fun of her and Thor some time ago. Sif remember the promise she made but she do not know if she should comply or not after hearing what is happening and the existence of this Pervert.

The fact that the blonde red-haired witch made Sif to be the blonde she is now, the Pervert takes total control of her and gradually she begins to lose control of herself looking and wishing Lorelei fucks her. Lorelei begins to get excited and start making fun of Brünnhilde opening her legs and looking back to feel her tongue and fingers in her ass and her pussy. Brünnhilde ignores her and works her tongue on Amora´s breasts and pussy, something that is reciprocal.

Lorelei who wants to receive pleasure and did not seem to feel like she has intentions to untie Sif. until her excitement is total and begin to despair, lying on the ground, Lorelei starts touching herself in different positions, always opening her legs and her open pussy, something that Sif don´t avoid to look at her and also for the young Sylvie Lushton that simply spies what they are doing, Sylvie wants Lorelei while she continue touching herself and begins to groan, Lorelei hear some gasps that are not hers or anyone else in the room and turns her head toward the entrance of Amora´s room and sees a blonde girl that seems half hidden having fun.

Lorelei looks at her with a mischievous smile and says

Lorelei: Well, we have a guest who likes to watch, like me, who are you milady? Do you like what you see?, Don´t you want to join us in our particular fun party?

Sylvie is shown and exposing her breasts and her wet pussy as a sign of affirmation, Lorelei goes to her and see that girl looks like a teenage version of her own sister.

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