Nico negotiates with The Pervert

by Wilder
Storyline Battle of the Blondes
Previous Chapter Nico casts a spell to take them all to confront The Pervert, not understanding just how powerful he is

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"That's it? Just those two choices? Can't we talk this over?"

The Pervert smirked.

"You may have noticed that I am holding all the cards, my dear, including your precious mystical Staff. What do you think there is left to talk about?"

"Well, the rules of this contest, for one. Why just blondes? Why can't I compete?"

The Pervert stroked his chin.

"You'd offer yourself up for the exact same contest you were trying to save your friend from? Doesn't that defeat the purpose of your little stunt, my dear?"

"Not if I sweeten the pot for you." Nico stammered, trying desperately to think her way out of this. "If you let me compete and I lose, you not only get me but all of my teammates. With power like yours, I think you can age them to be legal and change them into women. Am I right?"

The Pervert laughed.

"Certainly! So long as a transformation grants me sexual pleasure, I can perform it without any effort whatsoever. I doubt the men and young ladies on your team would be appreciative of this offer, however, hmm?"

"Well, here's a question for you - since you're so powerful, what exactly are you offering the winners anyways?"

The Pervert shrugged.

"A limited amount of my cosmic power for the rest of their natural lives. They will find themselves back to their old selves but with the added ability to reshape reality to their whims and seduce anyone, male or female. As an additional parting gift, they'll also find whatever meager powers they had before will be amplified tenfold after any sexual act for 24 hours. Oh! And any sexual acts they perform will always result in nearly mind-meltingly powerful orgasms for both parties, which is the best part, from my perspective."

Nico bit her lip. That kind of power could keep her and her friends safe and free for all time but was it worth the risk? She sighed, realizing she had only one card to play.

"So, if I become the sluttiest person on Earth, I get all that power but I have to be sluttier than all the other blondes?"

"Yes, my dear, but you aren't blonde." The Pervert sighed.

"And I'm not superpowerful like the others, living on some campus full of supertypes like Emma Frost or married to a supergenius like Invisible Woman either. I'm one hell of a dark horse candidate, aren't I?" Nico said with a smile.

"Ah," the goat-man grinned, "You're offering a long-shot wager! Intriguing. Tell me, what do you suggest?"

Nico stripped down to her underwear slowly, revealing her slim, teenaged curves and black lace underthings as she spoke, hoping this pleased the cosmically powerful being in front of her.

"All these blondes - you've removed their morals and inhibitions, made them bisexual and who knows what else. What if I agreed to let you make me Karolina's exact twin but with all my inhibitions and powers intact? I won't just be some pathetic teen runaway with no power base, I'll be behind all the other girls too in pure, um, sluttiness."

The Pervert sighed.

"That doesn't sound terribly appealing, my dear. What is in it for me?"

"You can obviously handle my Staff. How about you amp it up with your energy so I can turn every woman I meet into my, ah, love slave? And if I still fail after that, you not only get me and all my friends but you also get every woman I enslave?"

The Pervert chuckled.

"Interesting. I could just will you all into servitude but the sound of adding a- what do you Earthlings call it? A "wild card"? - into the mix may further my enjoyment later down the line. But what do you get if you win if I am enhancing your powers already, young lady?"

Nico gulped, glancing at The Pervert's monstrous cock. She sure hoped this worked.

"It's about what YOU get, actually. If I win . . . you will still get me as your loveslave for life but you have to give ALL the superhero blondes competing everything you said the winner would get. And Karolina gets more power than all of them combined."

The Pervert laughed.

"I like you, girl! You have bravery. I think . . ."


Meanwhile, in the Baxter Building, Reed awoke to his lovely blonde wife sucking him off. Sue had decided that if she was about to give Reed terrible news to get his help, she should at least get him off first . . . with a hidden video camera running to hedge her bets, of course.


A very happy Stature staggered topless out onto the New York City streets, her tits now as big as watermelons with aureolas the size of saucers and thick, pink nipples jutting out like stacks of bottlecaps. She only wore high heeled shoes, her mask and a pleated skirt. Cars came to a stop and people whipped out their cameraphones everywhere she went, men whistling and catcalling her as her unnaturally huge and perky boobs bounced and she swayed her tight little ass as she walked.

"Hey, everybody! My name is Stature and I wanna get fucked!" she announced loudly as she sauntered towards Times Square. "Who wants to pound my virginal superheroine snatch and play with my sexy new titties?"

If eagerly asking to get fucked by any and all takers in the middle of Time Square in broad daylight while people recorded it on their phones wasn't the sluttiest thing ever, Stature had no idea what was . . .

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