She gets that and more besides

by SteveO
Storyline Superman's NEW cousin
Characters Lois Lane Wonder Woman
Previous Chapter Lois and Karrn-El have more nasty surprises for Wonder Woman

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Wonder Woman let out a muffled screamed as Karnn-El smiled and fired the ray gun at the amazon.  A pink energy beam enveloped Wonder Woman's body, causing the amazon to writhe in pain.  Like a thousand needles piercing her body, Wonder Woman howled in pain.

"Good thing we gagged her," smirked Lois.

Within a few moments, Wonder Woman passed out from the pain.  Karnn-El turned the ray gun at Lois and a pink energy enveloped the lovely reporter.  Lois screamed in pain as she felt her body start to grow.  Her 5' 6" frame grew a full 6 inches, her shoulder length hair grew down to her ass.  The most noticeable change was Lois's figure.  Her once petite frame transformed into a sexy female body builder, all her muscles bulged out with veins sticking out, her breasts ballooned to a full double D.  Karnn-El looked at changes to Lois's body and grinned fiendishly.  She placed a yellow crystal in the ray gun and a yellow energy beam hit Lois, causing the her to moan in pleasure.

"Oooh," cooed Lois as she felt pleasure building up in her pussy.  Lois instinctively spread her legs out and thrusted her hips up in the air, allowing Karnn-El to point the ray gun directly at her pussy.

"Yes!  Feels so fucking good!" screamed Lois.

"That's just the beginning," said Karnn-El as she unleashed a full blast of yellow energy on Lois's pussy.

"Fuuuuuck!  YESSSSS!!!!" panted Lois as she felt herself cum multiple times.  After each orgasm, Lois felt her clit grow.  After the 6th consecutive orgasm, Lois looked down and saw her that her clit sticking up a full 6 inches.  Lois licked her lips and moved her right hand down to her clit and gripped like a penis.  She slowly began to jerk her bitch clit while groping her new enhanced breasts.

"More," moaned Lois.

Karnn-El smiled and continued focus the yellow beam on Lois's crouch area, soon Lois's clit grew to a full 12 inches.  While Lois jerked her monstrous clit, Karnn-El placed a blue crystal in the ray gun, immediately changing the color of beam to green.  The effects of the beam soon became apparent as Lois's clit started thicken, black pubic hair began to grow above Lois's pussy, and a set of testicles slowly appeared right below Lois's clit.  Within minutes, Lois was jerking off to her new cock.

Wonder Woman slowly regained consciousness and looked in awe as she saw the new and improved Lois Lane.

"Hera," thought Wonder Woman.  "What has Karnn-El done to her?"

"FUCCCKK!!!  YESSS!!!" screamed Lois as she came, shooting yellow cum all over the place.

Wonder Woman stared at Lois's large cock and tennis ball size testicles and could not help but feel sick to her stomach.

"Look who's awake," said Karnn-El.

Lois looked at Wonder Woman and smiled devilishly, stroking her still erect cock.  Wonder Woman struggled to get out of bondage but the loss of her strength made the effort more futile.  Karnn-El walked over and broke the shackles with her bare hands, freeing Wonder Woman.  Wonder Woman removed the penis gag from her mouth as well as the vibrators from her pussy and ass, the vibrators made a loud popping sound as she pulled them out of her moist holes.  Wonder Woman looked at the alligator clips on her nipples and tried to take them off, but to her shock and horror, she was too weak to unclip them.

"Hera, it can not be..." whispered Wonder Woman.

"It's true Wonder Woman, your strength has been sapped away from you forever!" said Karnn-El. 

Lois Lane bent over and picked up Wonder Woman's tiara.

"Give that back!" demanded Wonder Woman.

Lois smiled and held the tiara in front of her cock and began to masturbate.  Wonder Woman lunged at Lois, but Lois grabbed Wonder Woman by the shoulder and shoved to the floor, causing the amazon princess to land flat on rear end.  Wonder Woman looked on in shame as Lois jizzed all over her tiara.

"Hahaha!  How fitting!  Let me put on the final touches!" said Karnn-El.  The super woman used her heat vision on the tiara, and within moments, the red star was melted off and a black hermaphrodite symbol was etched in.  Lois looked at it and smiled, "Perfect" she purred.

Taking the altered tiara, Lois placed it on top of Wonder Woman's head.  Wonder Woman noticed that the tiara weighed significantly heavier.  She quickly took it off and could not get over how heavy it felt, while she could hold it up, she started to feel her muscles feeling tired.

"Well Lois, shall we test out how functional your cock is on Wonder Woman?" asked Karnn-El.

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