"Come to my chamber"

by gothamalleyviper
Storyline Wonder Woman: Reign of the Rubber Queen
Characters Wonder Woman Batgirl III (Stephanie Brown) Lois Lane Jimmie Olsen
Category Change of clothes Corruption
Previous Chapter Diana chooses her destiny

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"Come to my chamber," the Rubber Queen said, "James, get to work, you can not be missed."

Lady Latex followed her Queen.  Her mouth watered at the thought of servicing the Queen.


The Office of Steven Trevor, 12:36PM

Diana walked in wearing dark pantyhose, a grey wool skirt, a white turtleneck, and a grey wool jacket.

"Sorry I'm late Colonel.  It was a long night," Diana said.

"So what have you found?" Steve asked.

"It is both worse and a lot better then we suspected.  This is a social network for perverts," Diana half smiled, "The members come from all levels, all walks of society.  They tend to share information, but it is people complaining about work and family and so on.  The owners run clubs for perverts in major cities, and in each club it is the same.  People looking for a place to meet up and dress like a porn star and hang out with other people dressed like porn stars."

"So they aren't running secret trading?" Steve asked.

"They are doing preferred trading," Diana shrugged, "But no more then any social club I have seen.  Announcing the intent of a company to open bidding for a contract a day before they tell everyone."


Gotham City

Steph was sitting in class, she would have to deal with meeting the Huntress tonight.  She didn't know what she would do or how to handle it.  She needed instructions, but she knew that was being watched.  The only thing making this lecture worse then these thoughts was the fact that she needed to pee, and she was wearing a latex surf suit without a crotch zip.  Soon she would be done and be able to go home.  Bruce must suspect something, he never trusts anyone.


Metropolis, Daily Planet

Lois walked into Perry's office.

"Chief, I need a budget or off this story," Lois said flatly.

"What?" Perry nearly spit out his pastrami sandwich.

"I spent all morning looking into this," Lois said, "And if I am going to infiltrate an event to get inside this I am going to need a new wordrobe."

"Won't Clark buy you these cloths?" Perry asked.

"Here look at these," Lois slapped the print outs on the desk.

"Dress on SALE for $365.25," Perry spit out the sandwich, "Catsuit for $265.05?  $274.55 for that?"

"Yeah, and those are the ones on sale.  Before you ask, no, I can't half ass it.  These places have strict dress codes," Lois folded her arms, "All latex, leather or heavy rubber.  Can't do a cheep vinyl top and a cheep rubber skirt."

"OK, If you are so hell bent on this, I'll get you an expense account," Perry said, "But you have to get Jimmie in too to get pictures!"


Lois was sure that Jimmie would need an ambulance, but in spite of the shock, he managed to keep up right after seeing Meg.  Today it was electric blue turtle neck with a tit flashing key hole, black knee length kilt, and riding boots.

"Is this your boyfriend?" Meg asked with a smile.

"No, my cousin," Lois said, "We are looking towards each other for support for our first event."

"Lois I might need a doctor," Jimmie said.

"Pull it together," Lois hissed at him.

"So are you going to Ivy Town this weekend?" Meg asked as she lead them back into the store, "The boss is giving a bunch of us overtime!  We are getting paid to go clubbing!"

"You don't say," Lois turned on her mental tape recorder.

"Yeah, we have to wear these," Meg held up a rubber tank top with the shop's name and website on the back, "But we are getting to go and party!  So Jimmie are you into boys, girls, or both?"

"Girls..." Jimmie stammered.

Jimmie looked up at the shirt Meg had grabbed, on the back the lettering spelled out 'daddy wanted,' and it had two bathroom male figures in the middle.  Jimmie's face turned red.

"Ok, so lets take a look at what I pull for my boyfriend then," Meg smiled, "Over here we have shirts, and pants, Bermuda shorts, and socks for guys, over there is the more flaming men's section."

Meg and Lois grabbed some things and sent Jimmie into the changing room.

"How do you get that stuff printed on there?" Lois asked.

"It's not printed," Meg smiled, "Each of these are cut out and glued on."

"My I?" Lois had to touch.

"Sure," Meg guided Lois' hand to the letters on her top.

There was the slightest seam.  Jimmie emerged from the changing room wearing a so called boiler suit.  It was full rubber, but it was lose as to leave his modesty in tact.

"The best part about this one," Meg went over to Jimmie, "You have a crotch zip in case you need to use a bathroom or bed room.  Ok Lois, time to try on the uniform!"

Lois went into the changing room and stripped, powdered her self, then pulled on the rubber capri pants, the jacket, and then the rubber officers cap.  Walking out she felt incredible.  Meg was standing with Jimmie next to the mirrors.

"Nice," She said.

"Lois!" Jimmie was speechless.

"Ok, Jimmie," Lois said with a smile, "Time for you to try on something tighter."

"Here use plenty of powder," Meg handed him a bundle of black rubber and fresh bottle of baby powder then sent him off with a swat on the butt, "That looks hot on you!"

"Thanks," Lois said enjoying the attention.

"Next you need an officer's catsuit!" Meg said. 

Both girls were speachless when Jimmie came out in a skin tight black rubber gimp suit.  Lois wasted no time and went in to try on the latex officers catsuit, and when she walked out, the latex did nothing to hide Jimmie erection at the sight of her.  That made her smile.


Jimmie and Lois walked out of there with enough latex for eight outfits.  Both were sure that they would have a good time at the party.

"Hello, Yes this is Meg in Metropolis," Meg made a call, "They are going to be in Ivy Town this weekend, Lois Lane and Jimmie Olsen.  They are posing as cousins that finally worked up the courage to go to a fetish event in person.  I already started Lois on the disk the witch sent over, and today they used about a case of the special powder."

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