Sif, blonde and still unfucked, can't take it any longer and surrenders

by marvelzombie
Storyline Battle of the Blondes
Characters Valkyrie Enchantress Lady Sif Lorelei
Category F/F Female Dom Marvel
Previous Chapter The battle continue because Amora´s Magic don´t work so well

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The fight between Brünnhilde and Sif continues, but both warriors show signs of fatigue, which Amora wants to take advantage of it, while Lorelei still not see it clearly.

While Amora and Lorelei discusses if they are able to stop the fight or not, Sif makes a decision after  start to notice a great excitement all over her body, throws  her sword and starts masturbating, wanting to be fucked at once. Sif has decided to surrender, something that otherwise she would never have done, but the excitement is so great and she is in heat that she don’t mind doing it with anyone knowing that more than one occasion her beloved Thor also has done with other women in the past.

Brunnhilde feels a little bad because she liked to fight Sif, but also had an enormous desire to have sex with her and declares that neither of both warriors has been the loser  so that they can have sex and mutual pleasuring each other.

Amora accepted the surrender of Sif because she was tired and somewhat disappointed that her magic hadn’t worked before, but it was a lie, because, Amora takes advantage that the fight between the two warriors is over, to use her magic again, and leaving unconscious them, ties them with some magical strings because she is in her bedchamber and has a lot of magical things to make sure it is her who enjoy Sif, at the sight of a startled Lorelei that knows she can choose from one of the two warriors to enjoy remembering how she enjoyed the juices of the Aesir before.

When Sif and Brunnhilde awakens,  they are tied at the mercy of Amora and Lorelei, Amora knows Sif needs to be fucked and Sif with a defiant look, says to Amora that she accepted having sex with them to calm their anxieties and desires, complaining of what Amora had do now.

Lady Sif: Amora, you never change, do you think that because I’m tied, you can do whatever you want with me?
Amora: These strings are magic, Sif, you cannot break even if you want, now you're at my mercy and I want to test every part of your body, we share many things, the love of Thor among them, we are not as different as you think.
Lady Sif: do you think so?
Amora: Yes, now I will be very difficult to stay with men and look at them as before after trying sex with women, I have enjoyed so much I want to repeat it as often as necessary, in my fantasies never I have imagined enjoy and feel a pleasure that I don´t know how describe, never the touch a woman, my old enemy the Valkyrie or my own sister made me feel so much and now I want you, to me, is special to do with a rival for I have always felt admiration and even envy to be always in the thoughts of the God of Thunder, my sister has done a great gift to you, Sif, if you can accept me as a sex partner, I untie you, if you don´t want it, I don´t care, I know how to please you being tied.

Sif began to panic but the words of Amora were quite right, she felt the same, although not blonde before, Sif was also affected by the power of one of the elders of the universe, the Pervert, at the time She recover her beautiful blonde hair, she fell completely under his control, her libido had been increased, her body trembled at the touch of her sensitive areas and did not mind having sex with women who accompanied her in the Amora´s bedchamber, after dropping a tear, Sif thinks on Thor.

Lady Sif: Thor, i´m Sorry, but I need someone to give me pleasure and Amora is the only one who can do it.

Brunnhilde that is a little dazed, open her eyes and sees Lorelei standing before her, sticking her fingers into her wet pussy, Brunnhilde feels betrayed again by Amora, but cannot untie because of the magic strings, meanwhile, Lorelei takes advantage of it. Brunnhilde wanted her, to be tied Brunnhilde began to consider it as something that excited her as the reddish blonde sorceress gave her an orgasm after another with her wonderful tongue.

Returning to Amora and Sif, Amora slides two fingers of her left hand towards Sif legs slowly upping the rhythm before touching the soft skin of her tied lover to get her wet and hot pussy, Sif moans of pleasure as she felt the touch of Amora´s fingers inside her cunt, meanwhile, Lorelei leaves a horny tied Brunnhilde and gets behind Sif and inserts a finger in Sif´s ass providing her with a double pleasure, the moans of Sif causes enormous excitation in Brunnhilde each time more, but being tied she cannot do anything but watch and gasp of pleasure watching this show. Amora continues to increase the rhythm of her fingers in Sif´s pussy while sucking and licking the before known brunette warrior's breasts, now blonde as Amora was remembering when she was a baby and sucked the milk from her mother. After whispering in Sif´s ears, Lorelei takes to kiss Sif on the lips and touching her tongue with her tongue to silence her while Sif was trying to complaining of what Amora was doing to her.  Sif was starting to arouse much and could not do anything against the advances of both sisters, cumming instantaneity.

Meanwhile, someone is getting closer and watched what was happening in the room.

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There's always the charm of turning heroic ladies into baby factories
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