She's been totally broken

by SteveO
Storyline Superman's NEW cousin
Characters Lois Lane Wonder Woman
Previous Chapter Karnn-El takes Wonder Woman to her own Fortress of Solitude on Earth

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"Karnn-El gave me pleasure that Clark could not give," moaned Lois.

"Hera...Karnn-El broke her..." whispered Wonder Woman.

"I like to say woke her up!" said Karnn-El.

Wonder Woman turned her head and saw Karnn-El walking into the dungeon.  The brutish Kryptonian was wearing black latex bra and a latex thong.  For the first time, Wonder Woman noticed a substantial amount of black pubic hair along Karnn-El's pussy.

Karnn-El walked over to Lois, who was now panting from the pleasure being brought to her body by the vibrators.  Lois instinctively stuck her tongue out and planted a passionate kiss on Karnn-El's mouth.  The two of them twisted tongues as Karnn-El twisted Lois's right nipple ring, causing the her to moan in pleasure.

"Yes!  Twist my titties!!" screamed Lois.

Karnn-El smiled and grabbed both of Lois's nipple rings and twisted them, causing Lois's nipples to scream in pain and pleasure.  Wonder Woman could not bare to watch and turned her head in disgust.

Karnn-El smiled and asked "Want to help me break this amazon slut?"

Lois smiled and said "Yes!  This fucking whore has been trying to steal Superman from me for years!  It's time for payback!"

"It's not true!  I never once tried to seduce Superman!" screamed Wonder Woman.

"Like hell you never tried!  Dressed up in that slutty outfit!  Prancing around like a two cent whore!" spat Lois.  "It's about time you got treated like the whore you are!"

Karnn-El smiled and unstrapped Lois from the metal X-frame.  The brunette power walked over to Wonder Woman and spat in the amazon's face, followed by slap across her left cheek.  Wonder Woman looked passionately in Lois's eyes and said "Lois, I'm sorry you felt that way.  I've never attempted to stand between you and Clark."

"Lying whore!" said Lois.  "You're not even fit to be an amazon princess!"

Lois grabbed Wonder Woman's tiara and tossed it on the stone floor.  Karnn-El unfastened the straps, causing Wonder Woman to fall to the ground.  Before Wonder Woman could pick herself up, Karnn-El grabbed her by her thin waist and slammed her chest first on top of a stone table.  Wonder Woman's large breasts were mashed to the stone table as Karnn-El held her in place.

"Get off me!" screamed Wonder Woman as she tried to push herself off the table.  As she tried to push herself off, Lois attached a shackle to Wonder Woman's wrists and secured the shackles to a chain anchored to the floor, preventing the amazon from moving her arms.  Soon Wonder Woman felt her red boots removed and her ankles were immediately chained to the floor, leaving her in a vulnerable position.

Karnn-El walked over to Wonder Woman and smiled fiendishly as she attached a 12 inch strap-on to her crouch.

"Hera...please...no..." whispered Wonder Woman.

"Not to worry Wonder Slut," said Karnn-El.  The Kryptonian grabbed Lois by the arm and pulled her to her chest.  The two of them look at each other, lovingly in the eyes and shared another passionate kiss.  As the two of the kissed, Lois took out the large vibrator out of ass and placed on the table, directly in front of Wonder Woman's face.  Wonder Woman looked in horror at the filth covered vibrator as it buzzed right before eyes.  Karnn-El turned Lois around, pushed her gently on the table, Lois's face just mere inches from Wonder Woman.  Karnn-El eased the strap-on dildo into Lois's gaping asshole.

"Ooooh," moaned Lois.

Karnn-El slowly began to pump Lois's ass with the large strap-on.  With each thrust, Lois panted harder and demanding her lover to fuck her more.

"Yes!  More" screamed Lois.  "Fuck my ass!  Fuuuuck!"

Wonder Woman couldn't believe her eyes as she watched her friend allow the evil lesbian full access to her body.  As Lois came, Wonder Woman tried valiantly to escape her bondage, but it was futile.

"Ooooh, it looks like Wonder Woman is getting restless," purred Lois.  "Let's entertain her!"

"Good idea my lover," smiled Karnn-El.

Karnn-El withdrew the strap-on out of Lois's ass, creating a large popping sound.  She slowly walked behind Wonder Woman and pressed the tip of the strap-on against the amazon's virgin asshole.

"Don't put that filthy thing in me!" screamed Wonder Woman.

"Don't be that way Wonder Woman!  Just imagine it's Clark's cock after he fucked my ass!" said Lois.

"Go to hell" spat Wonder Woman.

Karnn-El thrust her hips forward, impaling Wonder Woman's ass.

"Aaaagh!" screamed Wonder Woman.

Lois smiled and took the vibrator that was lying in front of Wonder Woman's face and pushed it into Wonder Woman's mouth, muffling the screaming.

"That oughta keep her quiet," said Lois.  "But there's something missing"

Lois pulled out the vibrator from her pussy and walked behind Wonder Woman shoved it into the amazon's unoccupied pussy.

"Much better!" smiled Lois.

Lois sat herself on top of the table and spread her legs in front of Wonder Woman's face.  Lois pressed her engorged clit against the base of the vibrator in Wonder Woman's mouth, to ensure that Wonder Woman would not spit the vibrator out.  The vibrations from the vibrator soon brought waves of pleasure to Lois as she began to enjoy Wonder Woman's humiliation.  Wonder Woman squirmed as the lesbians had their way with her.  Pleasure slowly began to build in Wonder Woman's pussy but Wonder Woman still had a lot of fight in her.

"Hopefully someone will rescue me soon," thought Wonder Woman.

"By the way Wonder Woman, this is just the beginning!" smirked Lois.

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