...Superman and Co

by Helen-Troy
Storyline DC Sexheroes
Characters Superman Lex Luthor
Category Gender Switch Transformation DC
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The transformation wave not only reached out into the darkest reaches of time, but also back into the days of yesterday...

Young Clark Kent knew something was different about him in puberty, when his cock simply grew and grew. His monster tool was big enough to earn him full respect in Smallville High's locker room, and the right to take any of the school's many sexy students as he wanted. Towards the end of his school career, his massive member was enough to intimidate even the establishment's teachers, enabling him to fuck any female teachers into easy submission, while the inadequate feeling male teachers simply ignored him,unwilling to confront the student stallion.

At the same time as Clark was growing up,other selected males found themselves undergoing similar changes; some through scientific accidents, such as Wally West, ordinary until an accident with chemicals and lightening gave him the speed faster than the fastest vibrator with a thick, erect flesh-pole to match, or Bruce Wayne, seemingly gifted with a prestigious fuck rod through exercise, determination and commitment.

All would eventually become known as SexHeroes – SuperStud, the most powerful man on Earth; VeloSexy the fastest man on Earth and Bat-Master, the Dominant Detective. But these three were only the first, there were so many others – The Green Lothario, who was powered by an alien power cock-ring; SexBorg, a teenager rebuilt as combination of flesh and mechanical sex-toys; HawkHunk, a flying warrior from another time and planet; and more, so many more.

The SexHeroes would serve man, stopping crime and saving lives, and being services by women in return. Not that anyone minded, ever since "the change" first began, society's attitude to sex began to change. Nothing seemed taboo any more. Nothing done in the name of pleasure shocked or insulted. Girls were born in a ratio of ten to one to boys. But people just accepted it – even later when random males began changing to females, nobody was alarmed or concerned, but overjoyed.The females ended up outnumbering the men ten to one, ensuring that any male could have his pick, while thankfully all females, those born that way or those transformed, were bi-sexual ensuring sexual frustrations didn't spark anger or violence.

Then came the SexHeroines, women of impossible stature, their whole bodies built for sex. Wonder Whore was the first, coming to Man's World to being the message of peace by offering all her body. Bat-Master took a side-kick, Robyn Big Breast – The Submissive Wonder. Other SexHeroines included "Slut Anna", the magical MILF and PowerTitties, another Kryptonian survivor.

SexHero and SexHeroines were treated as celebrities. The remaining men wanted to be a SexHero and take their pick ofthe various SexHeroines, and the abundant women wanted to be SexHeroines, ableto seduce the most desirable SexHeroes.

Crime went down, wars stopped. It was almost as if the Change was no accident, but an experiment by advanced minds, a method of shaping and controlling civilisation for the better.

But not everyone was so compliant…

Alexander Luthor used to be Clark Kent's best friend at school, until the Change began. Unable to reconcile his scrawny body with that of the expanding Clark's he was consumed by jealously. Hatred so deep, he was unable to let it go. Working out, medical procedures, nothing could make his body and cock worthy of even standing in the shadow of Clark. But the final insult came when the cosmic dice chose him and he began to change himself, from Alexander "Lex" Luthor  to Alexia "Lex" Luthor.

Unlike the joyous change experienced by others, his hatred had already poisoned his mind, made it unreceptive to joy and ecstasy. Despite possessing the enhanced libido of all females – which he now was – he was unable to find Men attractive, and took his frustrations out on females. No longer with cock, Alexia used the cruellest and most vile of"toys" to satisfy his/her need for control and power over women. The half male/half female mind of Alexia kept the drive that enabled her to become one of the Earth's most acclaimed scientists and business success.

But it was all a front. Behind the locked doors of LexCorp Towers, Alexia would try in vain to find a way to turn back into a man. The woman he kidnapped were used either to satisfy her perverse desires, as experiments to help her achieve her ultimate goal,or most often both. Alexia wanted nothing more than to become a male once more and destroy SuperStud, making the SexHero beg and cry for mercy at his feet…

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