Husk helps Emma with her "special lesson"

by Fanfic Fetishist
Storyline Battle of the Blondes
Characters Emma Frost Dust X-Men
Category Marvel Mind Control Female Dom M/F F/F
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    Emma folded her legs, hmming thoughtfully.  The mind-froze Hellions stood impassively nearby, waiting for Emma's orders.  

    Finally, she said, "Very well.  I had originally intended to take everyone for myself.  But thanks to you reminding me of who I am, I've decided to bring all of my fellow blondes in on this."  She gave Husk a grateful look, before it was overtaken by her lustful one again, the White Queen persona asserting itself.  "Yeess... We'll all be the biggest sluts in the world by the time we're done."  

    Husk shivered softly.  Emma's words sent a thrill through her, to her constantly tingling pussy.  It was so wrong, and yet thanks to the Pervert, it felt soooo right.

    White Queen smirked.  "I'll send for the others later.  Right now, let's get started with my first little project," she said.  She looked at the Hellions, grinning savagely.  Hellion, Tag, Rockslide, Dust, Mercury, and X-23, who took the place of Wither after he ran away, all stood staring ahead, their minds blanked.  She snapped her fingers, and their thoughts resumed right where they left off.

    "S-Special lessons?" Mercury said, grinning nervously.  

    The three guys suddenly found themselves quite uncomfortable in their pants, as they stared at White Queen's gorgeous, nude body.  They became, impossibly, even more aroused with a butt naked Husk sidled up to her, idly caressing one of her teacher's immense breasts.  

    X-23 was confused.  She had scented Emma's arousal before coming in, and was on guard.  Despite herself, she felt a mating urge rising up in her, the animal part of her brain kicking in.  But why was Husk here as well?  And why did she smell just as aroused.

    "Miss Frost..." Dust managed to say after a moment, "What is going on?"

    White Queen licked her lips sultrily.  "We're going to do an intimate study of sex, boys and girls," she said.  "Husk and a few others will be assisting me.  And you lucky pups get to go first."  

    The Hellions started discreetly backing away, nervous smiles on their faces.  White Queen's rarely used telekinesis flared up, the door slamming shut and locking.  "Oh no no," she said.  "You're not leaving yet."  She stood up and began to walk around the Hellions.  They wanted to run, wanted to use their powers to try and escape, but they found themselves unable to move as the nude White Queen sauntered around them, looking them over with an almost predatory grin.  She then turned to Dust, the Muslim mutant staring up at her with a mix of fear and arousal.  The feelings swirling through her were so confused, so conflicted.  She tried to reconcile what she was feeling with her faith, but she could barely concentrate.  

    White Queen shook her head at how covered Dust was.  "This won't do at all," she said, and pulled off her niqab hood, revealing Dust's lovely face and long, raven hair.  She kissed her student passionately, the Arab letting out a half-frightened, half-aroused squeak, the other Hellions watching, wondering why they couldn't think straight, why they couldn't make their bodies move to stop her.  White Queen smiled, and said.  "Much better," she said.  "A beautiful body like yours deserves to be put on display."  She began to undress her further, removing her covering abaya, Dust blushing brightly.  

    Mercury started to move, her unique body having a greater resistance to White Queen's manipulations.  But as she did, Husk put her arm around her, another hand blatantly massaging her crotch.  Husk grinned as Mercury gulped nervously, the liquid metal mutant's mind clouding again.  "Ah've always wondered," Husk said, "What y'all can do with that body...  Y'see, I've been gettin' into them thar Japanese-type cartoons, and found some... 'interesting' stuff... Y'all ever heard of 'Futanari?'"

    Mercury's sudden blush told Husk that she did.  Husk grinned.  

    X-23's claws compulsively snapped out of their sheathes.  She still couldn't move, but her protective instincts were being aroused along with her libido.  White Queen glanced over to her, even as she caressed and undressed Dust, and smirked.  She knew how to deal with her.  X-23 possessed Wolverine's feral instincts.  Only in her case, they were feral FEMALE instincts.  Such as submitting to a stronger will when aroused. 

    Or at least, that's the instinct White Queen added to X-23's mind.  She then went to work on Hellion, increasing his desire for X-23 greatly.  He turned towards her, licking his lips.  X-23 found herself becoming weak in the knees as Hellion looked at her, desire overcoming her... 

And all the while both White Queen and Husk felt a great sense of approval coming from the Pervert...

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There's always the charm of turning heroic ladies into baby factories
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