What is Peter doing while Amora is making changes

by C.King
Storyline Master PC 2.9
Characters Amora the Enchantress Spider-Man
Category Marvel Mind Control Transformation
Previous Chapter Amora makes her own changes.

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Peter was sipping his coffee, just hoping he could have this one luxury before some kind of villain decided to attack. He was also working over the idea of what he had done with Amora the Enchantress, changing her with the Master PC program into his lover.

 'Even if it was to make her a more moral persona at the same time, I'm having some trouble with my ethics over using the thing for mind modification. I should get back home and changed her back before...' Peter stopped for a minute as reality took a sidestep around him. It was like his mind had one set of memories one minute and a new set on the second memories.

 'I should be getting home soon. No telling how Amora and the rest of the girls have decided to help me relax, given all of the stress which the bad guys have given me all of the time. Hope my sexy goddess girlfriend is wearing something to make my spider-senses tingle, in a good way.' Peter mind had changed complete, as for example he was okay with using the Master PC to gain the rewards he deserved as long as nobody was hurt. A future added by his blonde lover to easy some of the level of guilt which Peter was likely to carry.

 In Peter's new memories, he had meet Amora a few months back when she was lonely and in a reflective mood. Fearful as she was alone, her greatest fears, when Peter met with her and began to talk to her. Discussion slowly bonded them as they met more over time, taking real dates until the point Amora had given him an elixir which had transformed into an Asgardian as a present so they could be together. The elixir had also transformed his spider powers to those similar to a counterpart spider from the Nine Realms. He had even managed to move into her apartment, he feel a little like he had a sugar mama but Amora had convinced him it was worth it. Then they had used the Master PC to build a harem, starting with his past lovers and building up. He even shared the reality shifting program with her.

 (Amora had made up this past, explaining how Peter was becoming an Asgardian while the computer explained the knowledge and experience in love he know had. The world now remember this past and had come to see things normal, with Amora keeping only a slight set of memories of the previous world. Her main memories would be of this world she created but in case of emergancy she would have information of the now vanished Midgard from before. She also added a few other things.)

 Peter also thought of how Amora had even decided to become a crimefighter with him, becoming the Spider Sorceress, even coming up with a costume.

 Her costume was a mix of one of her more common outfits with some spider designs. Her feet were covered by boots the shade of harlequin with symbols resembling those of 'Spider-man's spider' with the front four leg tips touching the rear four leg tips above it on her boots in the shade of yellow. Her heels were pointed to a fine tip which was metallic black in nature. The edge of the boots whent up to her upper thigh. Her body was covered in a leotard the same shade as her boots, cut low for the neckline which showed off the perfect curves of her bossum as well as leaving the arms to be free or covered with something else. Fine yellow threads running through it in a webbing form which matched the one on spider-man's costume. Around her waist was a thin jeweled belt which was made to look like weaving strings of webs with jeweled spiders on them. On her arms were handless gloved which moved up her arm to her bisceps, which matched her boots with the spider designs. It left out her hands which were well manicured with harlequin shade nails on them of medium length. On her forehead was a harlequin shade of fabric made of the same substance as her clothes like her traditional tiara head pieces. Save this one had an design with four downward pointing points highlighting her face while four more moved upwards like points on a crown. Her lips were painted the same shade as her nails, and her eyes were painted a similar green colour. Which was not apparent as she wore a domino mask of green over her eyes to 'hide' her identity.

 A costume it was sometime fun to role play with from time to time. Memories of sex with the goddess was haunting his mind, making the temptation to hurry back home for some loving harder and harder to resist.

 'Then again why am I resisting? I should go home and enjoy myself while I can. Not like New York is going to remain crimeless forever.' thought Peter as he paid for his coffee and headed out.

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There's always the charm of turning heroic ladies into baby factories
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